Account related questions.

Account related questions.

How do I create my first Ultima Online forever account?

Once you have downloaded and installed our client, run the Ultima Online Forever client. You will first be met with a login screen for your user name and password. We have auto-account creation so once you enter your account name and password click next and your account will be made. Please record what your account name and password is as you will need them to log back in. Every person is allowed up to three accounts. Join Ultima Online Forever and begin creating your character. Click to the next screen and Join Ultima Online Forever


Click New to begin creating your first character on Ultima Online Forever. The first screen will allow you to customize your looks and choose your gender type. You are not able to play as a Gargoyle or an Elf as these races were adding in a later era. Choose your name and click next when you are happy with your customization options. There is unique naming in place so you will have to choose a unique name and if you do not you will be renamed and promoted to again name your char in game.


There are many ways to start off on Ultima Online, It is recommended to either choose a mage a warrior, or select the advanced tab and select your skills as such. The other options are pre set templates that already distribute these attributes however we are goingt to use the advanced tab and do it ourselves more precisely.


Ultima Online is a game which is all about freedom and choices, there are more then 50+ skills to choose from and the options for starting out on the shard are endless. For the purpose of this guide we are going to be making a warrior-mage type character that focuses on early survivability and using a weapon with high dex and str. This char can be used to hunt the easy spawn in the game after a bit of training. Please distribute your stat and skill points accordingly for the guide. The 50 healing skill will allow bandages a much higher success rate early game, 50 resist spells will provide a reduction against spell damage and is one of the hardest skills to train, while selecting tailoring with a 0 skill point allocation will give you an extra bolt of cloth which you can cut with scissors to produce more bandages. Starting with high strength (50) will give you higher starting health points will 20 be a good starting point. You wont need much int early on as you will primarily be using meele weapons to start making early gold so leave that the default amount of 10. You can have 225 stats total allocated between str, dex, and int.


By this point Your char is ready to now be creating, click over to the next screen where you will be shown the map of the world. By default you are starting in Brit. Britain is the Hub of Ultima Online and bank and city will be your home base while you get accumulated to the game world. Please follow to the next section to learn more about the interface before you adventure out.

I have two accounts but I cannot find a way to reset the passwords. The link states I do not have permission.

You need to make an introduction post first. You need ONE post count to then submit in

Where can I find a list of the magery spells, and the effects they actually have on this shard?

UO:F uses a standard spell book with all of the standard circle spells. is accurate to our complete spell list. Their effects are all the same on this list however the damage calculators and such could vary from spell to spell.

I have downloaded the new client twice and both times it keeps giving me a "This Razor installation is corrupted" message. How can I fix this ??

This could be an issue if you not installing it in your C:\ drive. Ensure you are installing it in the C DRIVE. Here is a video of how to install and play:

how do i go to fullscreen

To set your screen into full screen, simply press ALT + ENTER.

i want to rename my forum nick. help me

Unfortunately we do not allow this.

Why am I getting a UO cliloc error, and how do I fix it?

This is a compatibility issue. Please see this to fix it :

Bought a new Macbook Pro laptop which runs Mac OS El Capitan; How do I download the client stuff so I can play on here? My PC Crashed and burned. :-/

WE do not fully support Macs. However people have been able to install pretty quickly with Wine or Bootcamp. Please see this:

what is razor?

Razor is a third party assistant. It helps you with setting hot keys, macros and more. Included is a mini map screenshot assistant, and other general options to make your UO FOREVER experience much easier.

I am a returning user and I haven't play in 6 months I tryed to and forgot my psw and username any way I can recover my account.

Hey there, you can retrieve it by filling out the form at :

where can i find a list of monsters of the month

where can i download razor?

The launcher can be downloaded and used from This will install the .net files, activeX files, the Ultima Online client, as well as Razor.

How do I update? Do I have to redownload the game because I cant find a patch. ty

The launcher can be downloaded and used from This will install the .net files, activeX files, the Ultima Online client, as well as Razor.

I hit alt and enter and my screen is full and my bottom tool bar isnt showing and my top regs bar is not on screen. I hit alt and enter again no succe

Alt and Enter should and will resize your screen once again. IF not, you can go into your options by pretting ALT + O and resolution and window mode can be found there!

I dont remember my login details i had an account couple months ago what should i do

You will need to directly contact an ADMIN or an OWNER to obtain it back. Be prepared to answer a slew of detailed questions.
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