How do you get runic bowcraft/fletch tools?

Those do not exist on Uo:Forever currently.

Are there Bulk order deeds here/How do I get them?

We have Bulk order deeds(BODs) on UOF. They are extremely popular. There are many guides in the crafting section of the forums which show the rewards of our bods based off of ones you have received. In order to get a bulk order deed you first must check if one is available to you. You must single click either a Blacksmith or a Tailor NPC and then click Bulk Order Info. If one is available to you it will say so. In order to get a BOD you must sell items to the NPC. The most popular method is to sell 1 item at a time. Eventually you will get a gump with the BOD and you must Accept. If you reject the order you can not get another BOD for 6 hours. If you are at 120 skill the wait is 5 hours for tailoring however still 6 hours for blacksmith.

What is Legendary Crafting?


What are Orange Petals?

Orange Petals, when eaten, provide a means to remove poison from your character without taking further action. Upon the first poison tick, the orange petal will cure a player of the poison they are afflicted with. This effect does not apply to lethal poison.

Each orange petal lasts for 5 minutes.

Where to Obtain:
Orange petals are grown on plants and are gathered from bright orange Bulrushes, Pampas Grass, and Poppies. They are often seen for sale on player owned vendors.

Are there slayers on this shard?

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