Housing related questions.

What are the requirements to place a house?

To place a house you must have a minimum of 1200 skill points Show Real on your account. That means you must have at least 1200 skill points across your entire account show real which requires you to have at least 2 chars on your account. You also must have a minimum of 24 hours IN GAME. We do not make exceptions to this rule all players must meet this requirement.

How do I add a co owner to a house?

To add a co owner to your house double click your sign. Click security and then click add a co owner.

What are the timers for the different stages of house decay?

We do not reveal timers on idocs directly as staff however many players have figured out our timers and you can ask them if they will tell you them.

How do I go about updating my house to a bigger one? Can I place a new one and just let the existing one decay?

To replace your house with a different one you must demolish the existing plot. You can do this via double clicking the house sign.


Then you must replace the house with the new house you wish to place. I highly suggest revealing the area and being very careful as any player can place a house on that location once the house drops. If you demolish a house all items need to be removed from the home. There is no guarantee a larger plot can fit in the location. It depends on the land mass surrounding the plot.

I placed a bed but would like to move it. How do I turn it into a deed again?

Double click an axe you are wielding and then click the addon.

Where can I buy house placement tool?

You can purchase a house placement tool from the arcitect npc typically found near a carpenter npc.

If I don't lock down a chest or an item inside the house it will disappear?

How do you refresh a house?

To refresh a house you can do a few things. If you have a door anytime you open said door the house will automatically refresh. All classic houses have doors however some custom houses do not. Stepping on a tele pad will NOT refresh your home. You must double click the house sign. When you double click the house sign it will refresh the house. This is necessary to do when you have no doors on your house. If you do not refresh your home it will decay and fall.

How do I lock my house?

On UO:F house keys are not necessary. Only classic houses receive a key however players do not need to keep these keys. A player can secure their door and set access level similar to securing a container. They simple must say "I wish to secure this" and then click the door. On a custom house you must single click the door and click the set access button to secure the doors. You can also do this with tele pads on custom homes.

How many houses can I place?

You can place 1 house per account. In total you can have 3 houses 1 for each account. It will not allow you to place another on an account with an existing house.

What kind of housing do you offer?

We offer customized housing with a placement tool, and also deed housing. All deeds and tools may be purchased from a towns architect. You can customize your own home or place one of the classic or renaissance style houses such as a tower or large brick. It is highly suggested to buy the house placement tool versus the house deeds. House deeds are NOT blessed on this shard. You can sell them back to the real estate npc via dropping on top of the NPC however you will get a much smaller amount then what you paid. The house placement tool is blessed however the classic houses cost more than a deed would. It is worth the extra cost to most player.

How do I lock down items in my house?

There are 2 different methods of locking down items in your home.
  1. The first will lock it down, and in the case of a container such as chests, it will subsequently lock down all items within.
    To perform this action, say "I wish to lock this down". Then click the item/container you wish to lock down for permanancy.
  2. The second will lock down standard items, but when you select containers, it will enable you to set the access requirements for usage. On top of this, you can also move items in and out freely without having to release them individually. To perform this action, say "I wish to secure this". In the case of classic house ownership, you can say "I wish to secure this" and target your door and set the access level, thus negating the requirement of a key.
To release any locked down or secured item, one must simply type "I wish to release this" then target the desired item.

Having trouble placing a house with the outline depicted.

Placing houses can be tricky at times. Due to the default client frame positioning, placing houses can be tricky as the outline of the home can be a tile or two out of where you actually intend to place it.

I'll use this picture to illustrate:


You'll notice that the border is not all the way up in the top left of the play window. When trying to place a house, this can cause the "ghost image" of the plot to actually be out by one tile in each direction.

All you need to do is click that border, and drag it up to the top left of your play window to look like this:


Doing so will synchronize your play window to properly place the house based on the "ghost image" of the plot you have selected.

What are some rules regarding house placement?

There are a few fundamentals that must be considered/taken into account when placing houses in relation to other nearby homes, which are as follows:
  • There must be a minimum of 5 tiles space between any house in behind, as well as in front of a house you try to place.
  • There must be a minimum of 1 tile space between any house beside/adjacent to a house you try to place.
  • In the case of world objects such as trees, when it is an object you can not pass through with your character, there must be a 1 tile space between your planned home and this object. This goes for in front, behind and alongside of the walls of the desired plot.
  • When selecting a house through the House Placement Tool (purchased in carpentry shops from NPC vendors) the displayed plot size is written in West -> East X South -> North. So a 7x8 house plot would be 7 tiles west -> east x 8 tiles south -> north. It's important to remember that when placing a house, the plot size does NOT take into account the steps. The steps abide by the first rule requiring a minimum of 5 tiles space between houses in behind and in front. For example, the above plot size, 7x8, would actually be placed occupying 8x8 tiles, as the steps would count in afterwards.
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