How do I lock down items in my house?

There are 2 different methods of locking down items in your home.
  1. The first will lock it down, and in the case of a container such as chests, it will subsequently lock down all items within.
    To perform this action, say "I wish to lock this down". Then click the item/container you wish to lock down for permanancy.
  2. The second will lock down standard items, but when you select containers, it will enable you to set the access requirements for usage. On top of this, you can also move items in and out freely without having to release them individually. To perform this action, say "I wish to secure this". In the case of classic house ownership, you can say "I wish to secure this" and target your door and set the access level, thus negating the requirement of a key.
To release any locked down or secured item, one must simply type "I wish to release this" then target the desired item.
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Aug 16, 2014
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