Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting a UO cliloc error, and how do I fix it?

This is a compatibility issue. Please see this to fix it :

Bought a new Macbook Pro laptop which runs Mac OS El Capitan; How do I download the client stuff so I can play on here? My PC Crashed and burned. :-/

WE do not fully support Macs. However people have been able to install pretty quickly with Wine or Bootcamp. Please see this:

How do i get to t2a?

The second age (T2A) is not active on Ultima Online Forever. This condenses the population a bit for the better. We have added Booty Island, and do plan on opening some new smaller area's in the future.

what is razor?

Razor is a third party assistant. It helps you with setting hot keys, macros and more. Included is a mini map screenshot assistant, and other general options to make your UO FOREVER experience much easier.

I am a returning user and I haven't play in 6 months I tryed to and forgot my psw and username any way I can recover my account.

Hey there, you can retrieve it by filling out the form at :

where can i find a list of monsters of the month

this invasion, what rank am i am, where do i check the scoreboard? ty

While in invasion events you may type "[invade" at any time during the invasion (without quotes) to check your event status.

I have donated $75 on 10-13. Today is 10-15 and I still have'nt received my donation coins. I cant get ahold of staff in game or the forums. what do I

Hello, your donation was a eCheck Payment. These donations can take up to 5-7 business days to actually go through and clear. Once it is cleared we then give you the donation.

where can i download razor?

The launcher can be downloaded and used from This will install the .net files, activeX files, the Ultima Online client, as well as Razor.

How do I update? Do I have to redownload the game because I cant find a patch. ty

The launcher can be downloaded and used from This will install the .net files, activeX files, the Ultima Online client, as well as Razor.

I hit alt and enter and my screen is full and my bottom tool bar isnt showing and my top regs bar is not on screen. I hit alt and enter again no succe

Alt and Enter should and will resize your screen once again. IF not, you can go into your options by pretting ALT + O and resolution and window mode can be found there!

I dont remember my login details i had an account couple months ago what should i do

You will need to directly contact an ADMIN or an OWNER to obtain it back. Be prepared to answer a slew of detailed questions.

How to message someone in game? Like private message function, is there a command for that?

There is unfortunately no way to do this aside from finding the person in game, joining their guild, or their alliance with your guild.

how do i change my password?

You can change your password in game by typing [password - Then simply fill out the popup gump.

where can i update my whole client? i cannnot see some stuffs in game

I would like to doate 50 USD but the only way i can is sending via Western Union can you accommodate this please. I don't use plastic credit cards.

We unfortunately do not to Western Union for amounts so small. What you can do though is buy a pre-paid credit card from many different stores and use that. Many people do this.

Can the paralyze spell override the protection spell? with protection I find quite amusing to keep hunting and frustrating the reds in the dungeons.

IF you have Grand Master inscription, protection can be quiet powerful. While having Magic Reflection casted on yourself, It can negate up to 2-6 spells before anything hits you.
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