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Why won't the gargoyle race work?

We do not support the Gargoyle race here on Ultima Online Forever. The Gargoyle race was implemented much after the era that we are aiming for.

I created a second character why is it that he is not given the young status?

You are only given young status one time per account. You are allowed 3 accounts per ip so you get 3 youngs technically. No other chars on that account will be young or have young status.

What are the timers for the different stages of house decay?

We do not reveal timers on idocs directly as staff however many players have figured out our timers and you can ask them if they will tell you them.

How do you reset your password on IRC if you can't login because you forgot it?

I would suggest using this link in regards to this issue.

How to bless an item

You can only bless clothing and you do it with a Clothing Bless Deed that can be gotten by doing BODs, purchased from players or from the donation vendor.

How do you reset your password on IRC?

/msg NickServ SET PASSWORD new-password

after you login

Hello, I'm having trouble installing UOF. I open the installer and press "Install UO" nothing happens. Any help will be appreciated.

Make sure you go to and DL the classic UO. The Launcher seems to not be pointing on it lately for some reason. Once you DL UO, copy the folder direction into the launcher. The Steam and Razor will download but you will probably also have to copy and paste folder direction and Browse doesn't always work. Not sure if it depends on what version of Windows you use or not.

My template is all chopsued. If I drop taming and animal lore will it prevent me from riding the ones I already bonded with? I don't have Vet reserve

I do not think you can ride or control them if you drop taming and lore. They may remain bonded but you'd probably just have to keep them stabled or sell.

How do I make another character in my acount a co-owner of my house?

If you place a house on one account, all characters on that account are automatically OWNER.

How do I go about updating my house to a bigger one? Can I place a new one and just let the existing one decay?

To replace your house with a different one you must demolish the existing plot. You can do this via double clicking the house sign.


Then you must replace the house with the new house you wish to place. I highly suggest revealing the area and being very careful as any player can place a house on that location once the house drops. If you demolish a house all items need to be removed from the home. There is no guarantee a larger plot can fit in the location. It depends on the land mass surrounding the plot.

Will there be possibility to play using enhanced client?

No currently there will not be a possibility of using that client on this shard.

I placed a bed but would like to move it. How do I turn it into a deed again?

Double click an axe you are wielding and then click the addon.

Where can I buy house placement tool?

You can purchase a house placement tool from the arcitect npc typically found near a carpenter npc.

can i get my account names and password resets, i have been away for awhile and would like to come back

You need to contact an admin or above for this. You can do this by contacting them over the forums here.

how do i delete a thread

Non-moderators unfortunately do not have the ability to delete threads. Only Moderators may do so.

Where are the poker tables?

You can find the poker tables just south west of the West Britain Bank.

Where can I see all my login accounts? I made my 3rd account by misstyping and now I dont know what it is. Is there a place to see my accounts?

If you wish to see your accounts you can page in game and an administrator can give you your account names. You can also pm any in game admin on here they are as listed Shane, Adam, Eppy, and me(JoeB).

Could I change my forum name?

Unfortunately we do not allow for this option.
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