Frequently Asked Questions

I understand that there is a limit of 3 accounts per household, however, I still must inquire if an exception is possible for a house with 2 people pl

Unfortunately we still only allow 3 accounts per household. We find that 3 accounts is enough for 2 people as you can only play one at a time anyways.

Every 2 minutes or so after I log into UOF, the "Connection Lost" notification pops up. How can I get this to stop?

This is most likely due to not negotiating your razor features with the server. In your razor assist program, goto the "Options" tab then right down at the bottom right ensure that "Negotiate features with server" box is checked. It needs to be checked.

What PvP bonuses does GM Poisoning give to a mage?

Your chance to resist the poison spell is now calculated as outside of a 5x duel:
0.5 + ((targets Resist - (casters magery + 10))/40) * (1.0 - (casters poisoning / 100)
If the chance to resist is calculated as 0, you will have an automatic 5% chance to resist.
In a 5x duel
0.5 + ((targets Resist - (casters magery + 10))/40) )
What this means is that the poison spell has a base resist chance of 25% (down from 36%). It then scales all the way to 5% when the caster has GM poisoning.
The range requirement for 0% poison resist has been removed.

Why can't players edit the WIKI?

We already moderate multiple people and groups over multiple platforms and applications. Moderating a Wikipedia hasn't been the highest on the list. But it may be possible in the future here.

I am banned from #uoforever IRC and I have no idea why. How do I rectify this?

What you would need to do is PM an admin / staff member on the forums here with your time of banning and mirc name.

How do you get runic bowcraft/fletch tools?

Those do not exist on Uo:Forever currently.

How would my friend play UOF on an iPad since downloads are not allowed

We currently do not offer support for iPADS specifically. Normally for Ultima Online Forever you need at the minimum a mouse and a keyboard to play. Once that is configured however, it should be pretty straight forward.

stuck at 84.6 taming and cant seem to get skill ups, what should i be taming??

Here is the wiki link for the taming skill :

How do I fix my screen flickering while playing here?

Screen flickering can be fixed very easily. To fix this issue you must go to your razor or steam and right click it. Then click properties. When in properties click the compatibility tab and change your settings to exactly as it appears in this screen shot.


To be more specific you must check off "run this program as administrator" and also check off "run this program in compatibility mode for: and select the Windows XP service pack 3. Make sure to click apply before closing this menu.

How do I become a Companion?

Whare do I go to patch on to the game as a first timer?

There are multiple ways you can get up to date version of Razor and UO here. One would be to download directly off of our main website.
This includes a UO client as well as the Razor Assitant program.

Another would be to go to this website and download the most recent version of the uo client.
It is important that you download the Classic client and not the enhanced.

You then would need to download Razor or UOsteam. This is a link to a Razor download with the most recent version on it

It is important however that you download our launcher. Our launcher can actually assist you with downloading Razor, Steam and the client. It also supplies you with any art files we had added to the shard. It will patch every time you open it that any new art file or something we add to the server will be automatically added to your client.

How do commodity Deeds work?

Commodity deeds are used to store large quantities of items onto one single deed. Only certain items can be commodity deeded. They are extremely useful because you can turn something that is extremely heavy in high quantities into a single stone by commodity deeding.

An example of this lets say you have 10,000 boards. Extremely heavy so you would not be able to transport them in high quantities however what you do is buy a commodity deed from a banker. You then must place the commodity deed into your bank and double click it. Then you select the boards. They will all go into the deed and the deed will read what is inside of it. You can then sell those 10k boards all at once or transport them somewhere very easily. To redeem the commodity deed you must double click it. It will then turn into the items it is storing immediately.

On UO:F We have a Commodity deed box which makes those deeds even more useful. A commodity deed box allows you to redeem a commodity deed at home or any location you wish with that box. You can buy the commodity deed box on the donation vendor currently. It works the same way as your bank does.

Some items that people typically commodity deed for sale and or for transport

These are just a few of the many items.

Have Kirin been added yet?

Yes both unicorn and kirin are now in game.

How do you travel the world?

You will start out on foot however horses/llamas are optimal for traveling. You can run significantly faster on a mount than on foot. NPC animal trainers sell horses.


There are also Moongates located in most all towns in UO. Moongates allow you to travel to anothers towns moongate. This is a popular means of travel. Often moongates are surrounded by player vendors as well.


Recall spell: The recall spell allows you to travel immediately to a location marked on a recall rune. It is a low level spell but you will fizzle if you use a scroll without magery. You however will not fizzle if you place a scroll into a runebook and use book "charges".

Runbook: Runebooks allow you to place recall runes inside. You can palce multiple runes inside of a runbook. Typically runes placed in runebooks are places that you travel most often to such as "Britain" or "House". To place a rune into a book you simple drop the rune on top of the book. To add "charges" to a book you simply drop recall spells onto the runebook. Charges will never fizzle and are used by clicking the small blue button near the location you wish to travel.

Recall Rune: Recall runes give you the ability to mark locations that you wish to travel to in the future. When you use the mark spell you click the recall rune and it will mark the exact location you are standing in. This is extremely useful for traveling. Often players mark 50+ recall runes to places they travel to all the time

Gate Travel: Gate travel is a high level spell which allows you to open up a gate to a location. You simple click the recall rune or gate through the rune book. Any player can then enter your gate that you have opened so you can travel in groups.


How do you train skills from an NPC?

To train skills from an NPC you must approach an NPC. Single click that NPC to see what skills they have avaliable. You can either click in the menu or say "Train XXXXX" Training skills costs 1 gp per .1 skill. You can typically buy up to or close to 50.0 skill on this shard.


Is there a place to store items?

Yes all towns have a Bank or two. You must be near the NPC bankers to access the bank. The most popular bank is West Britain Bank. To access your bank you simply say the word Bank.

After you have your interface set up correctly and have become adjusted to basic commands in the world it is time to head to the bank. There are two banks in Britain one on the west side and one on the east. Most players use the west bank and this is where the entrance to the young player dungeon is so please head to the west bank..

Every new account will start with the following, 500gp, suit of leather armor, 50 of each reg, 100 bandages, and a check for 100gp. This is plenty of supplies to get you started early on. Put on the armor and put the rest of your supplies on your char for now.

How do you buy from an NPC?

You must approach the NPC and use a command. I will list some commands that are applicable to NPCs below

Vendor Buy
Vendor Sell
(NPC Name) Buy
(NPC Name) Sell
(NPC Name) Train < To train skills from an NPC. You may also single click the NPC to see what skills they have to offer.
(NPC Name) Join < To join an NPC Guild. Only one NPC has a guild worth joining currently and that is the Thieves guild.

How do I create hotkeys/macros for spells and other functions?

The key to success in Ultima Online is having a good set of hotkeys and macros that you can become comfortable with. There are 64 different spells available for use, as well as dozens different skills and other functions. The best thing you can do is start by looking at the hotkey options that are available in both razor and the in game options menu. There are a number of important hotkeys that should be set early on.

In Game Macro Options

By accessing your options menu (alt+o) you may then click on the macro options tab which allows you to create in game macros. You can hotkey your spells and different abilities through both in game and through razor. However, we are going to just use razor to set hotkeys for spells to keep things consistent. We are going to use the in-game macro options to set a hotkey in game that says the following \"vendor buy bank guards\" on F5 and \"vendor sell\" sell on F6. Make sure to hit apply, then okay. These keys to allow you to deal with NPCs easier.

Razor Hotkey Options

Razor will allow you to easily set hotkeys for all of your spells and other abilities in game. The first thing you should hotkey is \"Enable/Disable Razor HotKeys\". This function will allow you to turn razor hotkeys on and off so you can type in game. For example if you have bandage bound to B, when you hit B you will always use bandage, turn razor hotkeys on and off and when they are off hitting B will type a B in game instead of using your bandage.
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