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What is the options interface and how should I alter it?


You have entered Ultima Online Forever! You first begin at the Britain Inn which is located in the West side of the city very close to both the healer and the inn. Before we venture out, open your paperdoll by double clicking your char or by hitting Alt + P. Through your paper doll you are able to open up your skills tree, options, check your status, and see what items you have equipped. The first thing you should do is open up your options menu and take a look and what you can do to help make the game easier to play.


• Uncheck enable pathfinding with double-right-click. This feature tends to get in the way more then anything and you will often find yourself pathfinding when you don\\\'t really want to.
• Uncheck hold down tab-key for combat. This will make it easier for you to stay in war mode and keep attacking a monster, now you can just hit tab to turn war mod on or off instead of needing to hold it down.
• Check your character will always run. This will allow your char to always run when instead of walking when the mouse if closer to your char, helps a lot.


• Check use circle of transparency. Helps with seeing things behind walls, gives you a small area of transparency depending on the scale you use. Try 100 for now.
• Put inform me on skill gain slider to . Will update you on every .0.1 skill gain.
• Check inform me of strength ,dex ,int increase. Gives you a more accurate reading of your progression.

Razor Options

Razors a built in assistance tool that can further allow you to set up hotkeys and configure your interface and options. There are many a options that can be found in razor that will help you on your adventures. The one most sought after feature of Razor is the ability to configure your game size. Just use the force game size option and add in the resolution you would like to play with.


• Light levels. This will filter all light levels and will always keep your vision daytime even in dungeons.

• Check override all hues and target highlight. Spell hue override will make it much easier to keep track of beneficial and harmful spells by keeping the colors consistent..
• Check open new corpses within 5 tiles. This will make it so when you kill a monster the corpse will open up on your screen within a 5 tile range. Helps a bunch with looting.
• Check show incoming players. This makes it a lot easier to immeditely identify new threats or friends that may have arrived on your screen.

More Options
• Force Game Size is quite possibly one of the biggest changers in improving the interface. This will let you set your game size window to whatever resolution you like. Try using 1000x700 and adjusting accordingly.
• Auto open doors helps a lot with entering buildings, check that.
• Auto-unequip hands before casting makes it easier for you when you pre-cast a spell and arm a weapon, upon using the spell your wep immediately will drop.

What are some of the more "advanced" commands?

Auto-run can be activated by holding down the right mouse and clicking the left.
When dragging a stack of items holding down shift lets you drag the entire stack
Hold down Ctr+Shift to bring up all the items on your screen including player health bars allowing you to drag hp bars easier. Also helps with looting a corpse you may not otherwise see
Make a hotkey that records you saying vendor buy bank guards and vendor sell for faster interaction with important NPCs
Hitting ctrl + w and ctr + q will scroll up and down through the previous messages that you have sent
Heavy piles unable to be held in your backpack can still be held safely on your cursor
You can use this to move heavy piles by placing the stack on the ground, moving forward and dragging it to another spot in front of you
Active use skills (such as meditation) may be dragged from your skill scroll in order to create a gump for that skill on your screen. Left click the skill in the skill scroll and drag it into your screen.
You can organize the skills in your skill scroll as well as creating a new group for your skills.

What are some basic commands in UO?

Use the mouse for movement and right click on the screen towards wherever you want to move
Left click on an NPC to bring up- a list of interaction options such as Buy, Sell, and Train. • Hitting TAB will put you in war mode allowing you to attack monsters by double clicking on them
Left click and drag over a player or an npc to bring up its health bar
Hold down Left-click on an item in your back-pack or on a corpse to put it on your cursor, at that point you can drag the item into your bag or into the bank
Many items of the same type can be stacked together by placing the items on top of each-other

Is there a map I can reference outside of in game?

Please see this world map: All of these lands are applicable to us however some dungeon locations and other special things are not accurate to our shard and or on that map. Any custom additions are also not on that map.

Where am I safe in uo?

Ultima Online is a FFA PvP game meaning you can be attacked by any player. Inside town you are protected by guards and are safe but once you leave town anyone can attack you. Player killers will have a red name as opposed to a blue one. A criminal will have a gray name temporarily. When in warring guilds or factions you can fight anywhere in or out of guards with your opposing group.

How do I purchase large quanities from NPC Vendor?

When purchasing from an NPC you do not need gold in your bag it will take the gold from your bank. When buying bulk items such as reagents from an NPC the contents will go to your bank. Anything that costs a large amount will also shoot directly into your bank depending on the item. It is common to find players with buy agents through their razor. This is under the agents tab and is commonly used with buying reagents quickly in bulk.

Are there skill gain bonus's here?

Yes, the skill gain bonus works like this.

+50% in dungeons
0% in wilderness/town
-25% in house

What happens when I first join UO:F?

Upon entering the world you will have a (Young) status next to your name. As a young player, you will not lose any items that you hold but you can still die. This is to teach people about death before it counts. All mobs will aggro you and it is possible to be pk'd by players however they will be punished by being paralyzed temporarily.

A new account holds a welcome bag with 500gp, a suit of leather armor, 50 of each reg, and 100 bandages. You will be offered to join the "NEW" guild once you start out. If you choose no and wish to later page into a GM and they can add you.

The new player dungeon is location in West Britain. There is a quest inside if you wish to partake. Only young players may enter the young player dungeon.

This is the most commonly used entrance to the young player dungeon. Just walk into the sparkles.

What are the best means of information here?

It is highly recommended that new players use the resources that are available to them. This means hopping in our MIRC channel and asking questions or posting to our forums, we are here to help. The faqs are a huge resource as well as the wiki. The wiki is a more in depth look at mechanics of the shard.

Download Client:
Login Information: 2599
MIRC Chat: server - port - 6667 channel - #uoforever or join through the web client
Community Forums:
Uo:F Wiki:

The mechanics and time period of Ultima Online Forever most accurately represents the Renaissance (UO:R) time period which is around publish 15/16.

Are you still giving out bonus donation coins with a donation?

All donation coin prices have been permanently lowered to the Christmas special. They will be at the current price indefinitely. Any order above the max on the donation website should be arranged with Shane prior to donating.

If I don't lock down a chest or an item inside the house it will disappear?

What benefit does alchemy and inscription give in pvp and pvm?

In regards to inscription please see this link from our forums:

Alchemy allows you to craft potions which is benefitial in being able to supply your own kegs if you wanted to.

In PVP is allows you to do more damage with explosion potions. The damage bonus is significant in comparison to having 0 alchemy. It is often built into pvp templates for this reason.

In PVM alchemy is not very useful outside of the fact that you likely will want potions while out PVMing.

What are the skill requirements for weapon and wrestling special moves?

There are two special moves linked to wrestling.

Stun Punch: Requires GM anatomy and wrestling. To activate this ability you must set a hotkey. Each time you punch it will attempt to stun when activated however it will use stamina each time. It is based off of a percentage chance to land successfully .

Disarm Punch: Requires GM arms lore and wrestling. You activate this ability the same as you would stun. It is also based off of a percentage chance to land properly.

For weapons you do not activate the abilities they are built into the weapons. There is technically not a skill requirement however the higher the weapon skill the higher chance you have at landing a blow. Each blow landed has a percentage chance to land the weapons special ability. For example long spear has the ability to land a paralyzing blow with each landed swing.

Are there Bulk order deeds here/How do I get them?

We have Bulk order deeds(BODs) on UOF. They are extremely popular. There are many guides in the crafting section of the forums which show the rewards of our bods based off of ones you have received. In order to get a bulk order deed you first must check if one is available to you. You must single click either a Blacksmith or a Tailor NPC and then click Bulk Order Info. If one is available to you it will say so. In order to get a BOD you must sell items to the NPC. The most popular method is to sell 1 item at a time. Eventually you will get a gump with the BOD and you must Accept. If you reject the order you can not get another BOD for 6 hours. If you are at 120 skill the wait is 5 hours for tailoring however still 6 hours for blacksmith.

How do you refresh a house?

To refresh a house you can do a few things. If you have a door anytime you open said door the house will automatically refresh. All classic houses have doors however some custom houses do not. Stepping on a tele pad will NOT refresh your home. You must double click the house sign. When you double click the house sign it will refresh the house. This is necessary to do when you have no doors on your house. If you do not refresh your home it will decay and fall.

How do I lock my house?

On UO:F house keys are not necessary. Only classic houses receive a key however players do not need to keep these keys. A player can secure their door and set access level similar to securing a container. They simple must say "I wish to secure this" and then click the door. On a custom house you must single click the door and click the set access button to secure the doors. You can also do this with tele pads on custom homes.

Can you lockdown/secure items?

Yes, you can secure containers, and lock down items. This is required in a home if you do not your items will decay.

Do you use a custom map?

No we do not, we currently use the classic Brittania map with ONLY Felucca. We have many lands such as the Lost Lands, Malas, and other expansion areas we may introduce in the future.

What era is UOF?

We are based around, but not limited to the Ultima Online: Renaissance ERA.

Is there mount fatigue?

There is no mount fatigue for non-faction players, your movement on a horse is determined by the stamina of your character.

Faction players do have mount fatigue.
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