Frequently Asked Questions

What is the [templates system?

The Templates system is something extremely convenient to all players on UOF. It allows a player during a Battles Event and or during a PVP Tournament to adjust their template to whatever they want.
Please see this for more information on a Battles Event: Battles event info
Please see this for more information on PVP Tournaments: PVP Tournaments info

In order to use a different template from the current one your char has you need to enter into the Templates gump.
Type the word [templates in game to enter this.

As you can see the template manager pops up. Now you click the Options button on the top left.

This brings up more options. This is where you would click "Create Template". To exit out of any of this at any time just Right click the menus. This is what shows up when you Create a template.

This is where you create your template. You must add skills and up to 225 Stat points(STR, DEX, INT). You can adjust these to your preference. When you click Skills this pops up.

This is where you select up to 7 skills for your template. As you can see I picked a scribe stun mage template. You can do whatever you want within these options. Then you click okay.

This will now be on your main screen when you select this template. In order to use the template you have chosen you must click Apply. You can adjust this template if you want however you can just make more templates. You can make whatever template you want. In the battles such as CTF, FFA, and Battle of Wind you will be supplied with the necessary equipment based off of your template. You can also bring in your own gear. See question about [Battles to learn more about those. Also see How to join a pvp tournament to reference those.

** Special note - A Red in stat loss can not use the [templates and enter a [battles tournament or PVP tournament. Your skills will adjust however your stats will remain in stat loss currently.

Are there slayers on this shard?


How do I duel in the duel pits?

Be aware that you cannot be on a mount during or when joining a duel. You must get off of your mount in order for the duel to start otherwise it will just keep counting down to 0 and then restarting until you either yield or dismount.

In order to initiate a duel you must be in the duel pit area.


You then must say
I Wish To Duel in game. The following things occur. When you say i wish to duel this gump menu shows up on your screen.


This allows you to edit the duel you are going to participate in. You can change the rules and such.


Those are the rules. We have it set up for a standard mage 5x. Then you right click when done in order to return to the previous menu. and then you click Player 2:Empty to add a participant.

Where Bradley's name is, is where you click. When you click the it opens up a gump for you to click the person you wish to duel. They then get this prompt on their screen.


You can chose any of those. When this is done then you as the person who initiated the duel gets to "start" the duel. After you click start it brings you to this screen.


This is where you click okay. The other player also receives this screen. After you both click okay the rules are read out and there is another option to continue. Once that is okayed then you enter a Countdown of 3 seconds. Then you are shot into the available Duel Pit.


There is a short coundown to when the duel actually starts so stay on your toes and attack at will. When you die
NONE Of your loot is lost. You return on the outside of the duel pit and are able to rematch or cancel the duel. At any time you can say I Yield to yield in a duel. There is a banker available for all restocking.

What/where are the "Duel Pits"?

The duel pits are a huge part of UO:F. They are not only a place where pvpers can get together and fight but also a safe area to trade. No skills work inside the duel pits so you cannot be stolen from and cannot be attacked there. There is a banker there for your convenience as well. Here is how to get there.


As you can see The Duel pits are located in West Britain right near the bank. You must run to the docks and enter the gate I am standing next to. Once you enter the gate you essentially are "safe".


There are four duel pits, a banker, healer, signup sheets and leader boards. When PVP Tournaments are held this is where you can spectate or fight. This is a picture of the leaderboards/signup books.


There is a ranking system in the duels. The leader boards only show the top 150 however you can discover your rank by saying
Showladder in game.

This is noted multiple times in these sections but it is important to remember that you must dismount in order to enter a duel. There are no mounts allowed during duels. Once you dismount the only way to remount is to leave the duel pit area. You can Recall from the duel pits but you cannot gate. You can also hop the gate at the Northern corner in order to leave. You will be ejected on the docks near the gate from which you originally entered.

What is the bounty system (murderers/reds)?

Ultima Online Forever has possibly one of the most unique, balanced and fun bounty systems that has ever been seen in the game before. The bounty system does not only have balance, but it is implemented in such a way so that murderers cannot use or abuse the system to their personal advantage. While murdering players can be a quick way to wealth, bounty hunting and killing murderers can quickly become profitable too.

90% of adventurers who are being murdered at any given time are most likely at the total mercy of the player who is murdering(or PKing - Player-killing) them. It is only fair if a noble adventurer ever kills a murderer or player-killer, that the Murderer should be at the mercy of the adventurer for a change!

....So that is what is implemented on UO Forever...

  • To open the negotiation gump, simply double click the severed head.
  • To see how many kills a murderer may have on a head you've severed, view the bounty board at the banks.
  • There are no longer long and short term counts, it is all justified by "kills" only.
  • To see your kills or stat loss type "I must consider my sins".
  • 1 KILL = 30 Minutes of Temporary Stat loss. There is no permanent stat loss.
  • You will get stat loss of any counts over 2. So if you have 2 counts, no stat loss, 3 counts is one and a half hour stat loss.
  • If you receive stat loss with kills greater than 50, your kills will be halved so that your next stat loss is not as severe.
  • Temporary Stat loss applied to BOTH Reds AND Blues!
  • 1 KILL Will decay EVERY 24 Hours.
  • If you are Player Killed you will have an option to give a kill or not to.
  • Severed heads WILL rot (turn green) after 10 HOURS making them useless to turn in for stat loss.
  • Stat/Skill loss percentage is 40%.
  • Players may track kills through the Bounty Board.
  • There is a maximum stat loss of 48 hours.
  • Stat loss is only implemented on a player when their severed head is dropped onto one of the bounty collectors
How our unique bounty system works is it basically lets the players who battled negotiate for gold and stat loss amount.
If you kill anyone with counts on them ONE kill equals THIRTY minutes of TEMPORARY STATLOSS. One kill will decay at the rate of every TWENTY-FOUR HOURS.

If the situation arises where you kill a player killer (PK) and sever their head the first thing you want to do is put the head in a secure place and then go to Britain Bank and look up how many kills that Player Killer has. In this situation let's say the Player Killer has 20 kills.. So In this situation when the player killer has 20 kills he is now at your absolute mercy as you control weather or not he gets 10 hours of temporary stat loss,
but heres the kicker:
You can negotiate with the player killer so they can buy back their head for an agreed upon price which will transfer the severed head to the player killers bank to dispose of, and the check of the agreed upon trade into your bank.

So at this point it is up to you weather or not you wish to simply hand in his head to the bounty head collector at the bank or negotiate with the player killer to sell them back their own head so you profit!
In this situation let's say you decide to negotiate to see what kind of coin he is willing to fess up instead of taking stat loss.

So to begin negotiations simply double click the severed head of the player killer / murderer you killed which will bring up the gump seen below to send him a message of an offer for his head on trade: You enter your price to offer, as well as a message if you so please


Upon okay-ing the offer, the Murderer will automatically get a scroll message at the top right hand of his screen for his review and consideration.
In this case, let's say the murderer does not think that what you offered which was 15,000 gold is worth it, he *spits*, he says "NAY!" and would rather take 10 hours of temporary stat loss than pay your offer of 15k gold! In which case he COUNTER-OFFER's you with a 5,000 gold offer which he thinks is much more reasonable:


Once he counter offers, an offer scroll will then appear at the top right hand corner of YOUR screen.
Here is where you again make a choice, you can:

  1. Counter offer his counter offer for a higher price than 5k but obviously lower than your original offer of 15k.
  2. Hand in his head to the bounty hunter near Britain Bank to give him 10 hours of temporary stat loss but receive no profits.
  3. Accept his counter offer of 5k gold to complete the negotiation.
In this case, let's say you accept his counter offer of 5k(5,000 GOLD) and so the gold is placed in your bank directly from his bank and the head you severed from his body previously is returned from your bank/backpack into his bank completing the negotiation and trade.


What Tamables(and requirements) are available on this shard?

This is a list of some of the most commonly used tameable monsters and animals as well as rare spawn tameables. The requirements are also listed on this post. Let it be known that bonding is possible on UO Forever!

A Ridable Wolf
Required Taming: 45ish
Location: Yew Orc Fort
Follower Slots: 1
Max Stats: ??


A Giant Beetle
Required Taming: ??
Location: Spider Cave
Follower Slots: 3
Max Stats: 300 STR, 300 hit points, 100 DEX, 500 INT


A Giant Beetle (Rare Color)
Required Taming: ??
Location: Fire inbetween Shadow Balron and Normal Balron
Follower Slots: 3

Spawns Monthly
Max Stats: 300 STR, 300 hit points, 100 DEX, 500 INT

A Pathaleo Drake
Required Taming: ??
Location: Destard
Follower Slots: 2
Max Stats: ??


A Young Dragon
Required Taming: 73.9
Location:Destard, Fire Temple & Temple Island
Follower Slots: 2
Max Stats: 550 STR, 550 Hit Points, 105 Dex, 475 Int - Armor Rating 30


A Drake
Required Taming: 84.3
Location: Destard, Fire Temple, & Temple Island
Follower Slots: 2
Max Stats: 430 STR, 430 hit points, 152 DEX, 140 INT - Armor Rating 46


A White Drake
Required Taming: ??
Location: Ice Dungeon
Follower Slots: 2
Max Stats: 387 STR, 378 hit points, 174 Dex, 103 INT, Armor Rating - 50


A Dragon
Required Taming: 93.9
Location: Destard, Fire Temple, & Temple Island
Follower Slots: 3
Max Stats: 825 STR, 825 hit points, 105 DEX, 475 INT - Armor Rating 75


A White Wyrm
Taming Required: 96.3
Location: Ice Dungeon
Follower Slots: 2
Max Stats: 760 STR, 760 hit points, 130 DEX, 425 INT, Armor Rating 64


A Chromatic Dragon
Taming Required: 116
Location: RDA's
Follower Slots: 3
Spawns in RDA's
Max Stats: ??

A Death Beetle

Taming Required: 115
Location: Ice Dungeon level 3
Follower Slots: 3

Spawns every 4 days
Max Stats: ??

A Nightmare
Required Taming: 95.1
Location: Fire dungeon, Star room, Destard, & Terathan Keep
Follower Slots: 2
Max Stats: 525 STR, 525 hit points, 105 DEX, 125 INT, Armor Rating 60


A Nightbear
Required Taming: 95.1
Location: Terathan Keep & Hyloth level 4
Follower Slots: 2

Spawns every 7 days
Max Stats: 525 STR, 525 hit points, 105 DEX, 125 INT

A Nightdragon
Required Taming: 120
Location: Cove 4
Follower Slots: 2

Spawns every 7-8 days
Max Stats: 525 STR, 525 hit points, 105 DEX, 125 INT

A Nightfrenzy
Required Taming: 120
Location: Jungle around Fire Temple
Follower Slots: 2

Spawns every 6-7 days
Max Stats: 525 STR, 525 hit points, 105 DEX, 125 INT

A Nightridge
Required Taming: 120
Location: Jungle near Serpent's Hold
Follower Slots: 2

Spawns every 7 days
Max Stats: 525 STR, 525 hit points, 105 DEX, 125 INT

A Nightwolf
Required Taming: 120
Location: South side of Occlo Island
Follower Slots: 2

Spawns every 7-8 days
Max Stats: 525 STR, 525 hit points, 105 DEX, 125 INT

A Rare White Horse
Required Taming: 100
Location: Ice Dungeon
Follower Slots: 3
Max Stats: 400 STR, 400 hit points, 125 DEX, 300 INT


A Skeletal Steed
Required Taming: 120
Location: Ice Dungeon level 3
Follower Slots: 1

Spawns every 7 days
Max Stats: ??

What Champion Spawns are on UOF?

General Information:
Champion spawns are on a 3-4 hour timer that starts from when the champion was last killed. To activate a champion spawn, 4 players must be standing on or near the altar. If the champion spawn is ready to be activated and there are 4 players near the altar, everyone in the champion spawn region will get a warning notifying them that spawn will begin. 30 seconds after the warning, the champion spawn will start. Champion spawns will release waves of Monsters that will get harder as you progress through the spawn and eventually leading to the champion. As Monsters are killed, white candles will appear in the middle of the altar. After 4 white candles, they will disappear and a red candle will appear on the outer edge of the altar. There are 4 sides of a champion spawn altar. Each side represents a different level and there are 4 levels. Once you have red candles surrounding the altar and 4 white candles in the middle of the altar, the champion will spawn. If you kill Monsters too slowly or leave the area, the progress will reverse and candles will disappear.

Champion Spawn Rewards:
  • 3 Power Scrolls (will appear in your backpack after the champion dies)
  • Chance of a clothing bless deed (will drop on the corpse of the champion)
  • A champion skull (will appear in your backpack after the champion dies)
  • Over 50,000 gold (will drop on the ground in the area of the champions death)
  • Title scroll: The Nibbler (The Corpse Devourer ONLY)
  • There is a chance for a 4th power scroll for faction characters only!
  • There is a chance of a rare Champion Artifact to be placed into your backpack. This works similarly to the powerscroll lottery.

Reward Mechanics:
Power Scrolls are awarded to players based on a weighted lottery system. Points are awarded according to the damage dealt by both the player and any controlled pets/summons. Direct melee damage is awarded the highest tier of points, while the damage done by pets and summons are the lowest tier. Ranged damage done by archers is only slightly penalized. Damage done to the champion itself is given a 2x bonus.

Given 4 players the lottery works as follows:
Player A receives 80/100 possible points and is granted an 80% chance of a scroll.
Player B has 10/100 would only have a 10% chance.
Player C has 9/100 would only have a 9% chance.
Player D has 1/100 would only have a 1% chance.

Player D can still get a scroll, but it should be unlikely.

Champion Spawns:
Barracoon - Skull of Greed

Location: Despise level 2 (Far Northeast corner)
Slayer: Repond
Level 1: Slimes & ratmen
Level 2: Rat archers & dire wolves
Level 3: Rat mages & hell hounds
Level 4: Silver serpents, titans, & ogre lords
--When Barracoon hits players or pets he has a chance to turn them into a Ratman (will also flag you as criminal)
--Casting spells or shooting Barracoon with arrows will also turn you into a Ratman (which will flag you as criminal). To avoid this, you should apply savage paint to your character, polymorph or incognito.
--When Barracoon is hit with melee weapons, he has a chance to spawn ratmen, rat archers, and rat mages
--Baracoon also teleports to random people in his area so watch out!

Semidar - Skull of Pain
Location: Abyss (there is a red portal on top of the temple at Fire Temple)
Slayer: Exorcism
Level 1: Imps & greater mongbats
Level 2: Gargoyles & harpies
Level 3: Stone gargoyles & scorched gargoyles
Level 4: Deamons & succubi
--Semidar has an AoE life leech
--Semidar will do more damage to male characters than female

Neira - Skull of Death
Location: Deciet level 3
Slayer: Undead
Level 1: Wraiths, shades, bogles & ghouls
Level 2: Bone mages, skeletal mages, & mummies
Level 3: Bone knights & liches
Level 4: Lich lords & rotting corpses
--Neira throws bones at players when hit with weapons and spells
--Neira will spawn random undead when damaged

Mephitis - Skull of Venom
Location: Terathan Keep
Slayer: Arachnid
Level 1: Scorpions & spiders
Level 2: Terathan drones & terathan warriors
Level 3: Dread spiders & terathan matriarchs
Level 4: Poison elementals & terathan avengers
--Mephitis will pull random people to him with webs

Rikktor - Skull of Power
Location: Destard level 1
Slayer: Reptile
Level 1: Giant serpents & lizardmen
Level 2: Lava lizards & ophidian warriors
Level 3: Drakes & ophidian mages
Level 4: Dragons & ophidian avengers
--Rikktor casts earthquake which is an AoE

Lord Oaks - Skull of Enlightenment
[​IMG] [​IMG]
Location: Just outside of the dungeon Wrong
Slayer: Fey
Level 1: Pixies & shadow wisps
Level 2: Kirins & wisps
Level 3: Unicorns & centaurs
Level 4: Ethereal warriors & serpentine dragons
--After Lord Oaks is damaged, he will spawn his queen, Silvani. Silvani will heal Lord Oaks as well as significantly reduce the damage Lord Oaks takes
--Silvani will need to be killed before Lord Oaks but she will summon pixies on her attackers
--When damaging Lord Oaks, your health, mana, and stamina will be drained so it is best to kill him with a mage.

Corpse Devourer - Random champion skull
Location: Covetous level 4 (far Southeast corner)
Slayer: Undead
Level 1: Wraiths, shades, & infernal creepers
Level 2: Skeletal mages & damned souls
Level 3: Skeletal knights & liches
Level 4: Lich lords & rotting corpses
--When the Corpse Devourer is poisoned, all damage he receives is converted to health. So, do NOT attack him while he is poisoned! Wait for him to cure himself or have someone cure him
--If the Corpse Devourer kills you, he will eat your corpse, devouring all of your loot (minus blessed/newbied items)
--The Corpse Devourer will change his AI switching from magery to archery to melee as he loots players corpses
--Has several AoE abilites. One looks like a green cloud moving outward from him. If this cloud touches you, you will be paralyzed. Another AoE ability is a fire spell that also shoots outward from the champion

Whats Next!?
The Harrower

After all 6 champions have been defeated and all of the champion skulls have been obtained players can spawn The Harrower! To spawn The Harrower, a player must take the 6 champion skulls to the Star Room and place them on the altar.
After all 6 champion skulls are placed on the altar, The Harrower will spawn in a random dungeon on a random level. When you first encounter The Harrower he will look like this:
When The Harrower is about to die, he will transform into his true form.
Once The Harrower is in his true form, he will be unable to move. He will also spawn several Tentacles of the Harrower around him. These tentacles do an area AoE life leech that will heal themselves and The Harrower but they are easily taken out with archers. After all of the tentacles have been killed, The Harrower is vulnerable to attack! The Harrower will also pull in random people and attack them!
Location: Random dungeon
Slayer: None

Rewards From Killing The Harrower:
  • 6 Power Scrolls (appears in your backpack after The Harrower is killed)
  • Over 100,000 gold (drops on the ground after The Harrower is defeated)
  • Skull of Death
  • There is a chance for a 7th power scroll for faction characters only!

My screen is really dark, how can I improve this?

If you are experiencing a dark screen, it is likely due to the illumination built into the game to reflect different times of the day.

To bypass this, you will want to change a setting in your Razor Assistant to always display the brightest times of the day.

In the General tab, navigate to the box on the left labelled Filters.

Scroll down to "Light Levels" and make sure that you CHECK the box beside it.

My character is physically stuck and the "Help stuck" option is down.

You may purchase a Ring of Forgiveness from the Gold Sink Vendor located southwest of West Britain Bank, in Britain.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

If you find yourself dead, and a ghost, you may use this ring once every 12 hours for a direct teleport to the healers to get resurrected.

The command for this is "
I seek forgiveness". Remember, spelling counts!

My skills won't raise, how do I get rid of unwanted ones?

In your skills pane through your paperdoll (Alt-P by default), you have 3 options for each skill. To raise, to lower, or to lock skills in place.
It's important to remember that skillcaps, without the consumption of powerscrolls are 700.0 real skill. If you wish to raise one skill and are at your cap, you will need to lower another skill.


I have 105 [insert skill here] how come I can't use this other 105 powerscroll?

This is a very common question, and I'll try my best to simplify this question.

The standard skillcap for players is 700.0 real skill.

When you have reached 100.0 skill in a specific skill, you may then use a powerscroll to push that skill beyond to 105. Once you reach 105 of that skill, only then may you consume a 110 powerscroll, and so on all the way up to 120 skill. You may not use higher powerscrolls until you have reached the cap of the pre-requisite skill level and scroll consumed.

When consuming a powerscroll of a certain skill to 105, your overall skillcap will be 705.0. When you consume a 110 powerscroll of that same skill, your cap will raise to 710.0 all the way up to 720.0 overall skillcap.

Below are two examples to illustrate how this works:

Example #1 How to sucessfully consume powerscrolls through training and consumption.

  1. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 100.0 through training.
  2. Consume a 105 blacksmithing powerscroll
  3. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 105.0 through training.
  4. Consume a 110 blacksmithing powerscroll
  5. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 110.0 through training.
  6. Consume a 115 blacksmithing powerscroll
  7. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 115.0 through training.
  8. Consume a 120 blacksmithing powerscroll
  9. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 120.0 through training.

Example #2 To illustrate a problem that can arise

  1. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 100.0 through training.
  2. Consume a 105 blacksmithing powerscroll
  3. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 105.0 through training.
  4. Raise your tailoring skill to 100.0 through training.
  5. Consume a 105 tailoring powerscroll This is where the problem will occur!!!!!
You will NOT be able to use the tailoring powerscroll because in order to raise your overall skill cap to 710, you MUST consume a powerscroll of 110 skill value. You may NOT simply consume 4 different 105 powerscrolls to raise your cap to 720. The only means in which to do so are to go in order, 105, 110, 115, 120.

This is a very common question. It's paramount to remember that it is ONLY through consumption of "105", "110", "115", "120" powerscrolls that the skill cap will be lifted to the ultimate value of 720.0.

Additional Reference:

I would like to donate, how may I do so, and which methods of payment are accepted?

Donations can be made by going to the following link

Upon arrival, it's important to fill out all the required fields and criteria.

How many accounts am I allowed to have?

Each IP/household is allowed a maximum of 3 accounts.

I've forgotten the password to my account, help!

In the case of forgotten passwords, you will need to send a private message to Shane through the forums or IRC and he'll be happy to get you back in action.

How do I lock down items in my house?

There are 2 different methods of locking down items in your home.
  1. The first will lock it down, and in the case of a container such as chests, it will subsequently lock down all items within.
    To perform this action, say "I wish to lock this down". Then click the item/container you wish to lock down for permanancy.
  2. The second will lock down standard items, but when you select containers, it will enable you to set the access requirements for usage. On top of this, you can also move items in and out freely without having to release them individually. To perform this action, say "I wish to secure this". In the case of classic house ownership, you can say "I wish to secure this" and target your door and set the access level, thus negating the requirement of a key.
To release any locked down or secured item, one must simply type "I wish to release this" then target the desired item.

Which skills can one get powerscrolls for?

The following skills have powerscrolls available:
  • Carpentry
  • Tailoring
  • Blacksmithing
  • Animal Taming
  • Animal Lore
  • Peacemaking
  • Tinkering
  • Mining
  • Provocation
  • Lumberjacking

I've donated, but haven't yet received my coins? How long?

Upon successful process of a donation, it can take up to 24 hours to receive "thank you" gift coins.

While you may page in while in the game with regards to donations, it's important to remember the following:

  • Owner Shane, and Shane alone handles ALL donation, and donation-related transactions.
  • Shane alone handles all donations because it's far easier for one person to keep track of donations, tiers, and payments so as to avoid ambiguity, duplicate gifting, missed gifting, and any other complications that cound potentially arise. While it may take a few hours longer to receive gifted coins depending on Shane's availability, the overall result is a far less potential for margin of error to ensure more of a quality assurance and player satisfaction.
  • The first thing Shane does upon availability is that he checks any potential donations to handle them with utmost priority for the satisfaction of the donor.
  • Private messaging any staff other than Shane with regards to donations will likely be disregarded, and will not speed up the process.

Who is in charge of account-related issues?

Shane is 100% in charge of all account-related questions/issues/discrepancies. It is important to remember that Shane is often doing many things at once, so if an issue isn't resolved immediately, please be patient, as he will get to it at his earliest convenience, which is generally pretty fast. It's important to remember that if Shane isn't able to handle the issue immediately, please do not attempt to contact any other staff, as Shane is the one and only account manager.

Having trouble placing a house with the outline depicted.

Placing houses can be tricky at times. Due to the default client frame positioning, placing houses can be tricky as the outline of the home can be a tile or two out of where you actually intend to place it.

I'll use this picture to illustrate:


You'll notice that the border is not all the way up in the top left of the play window. When trying to place a house, this can cause the "ghost image" of the plot to actually be out by one tile in each direction.

All you need to do is click that border, and drag it up to the top left of your play window to look like this:


Doing so will synchronize your play window to properly place the house based on the "ghost image" of the plot you have selected.

What are some rules regarding house placement?

There are a few fundamentals that must be considered/taken into account when placing houses in relation to other nearby homes, which are as follows:
  • There must be a minimum of 5 tiles space between any house in behind, as well as in front of a house you try to place.
  • There must be a minimum of 1 tile space between any house beside/adjacent to a house you try to place.
  • In the case of world objects such as trees, when it is an object you can not pass through with your character, there must be a 1 tile space between your planned home and this object. This goes for in front, behind and alongside of the walls of the desired plot.
  • When selecting a house through the House Placement Tool (purchased in carpentry shops from NPC vendors) the displayed plot size is written in West -> East X South -> North. So a 7x8 house plot would be 7 tiles west -> east x 8 tiles south -> north. It's important to remember that when placing a house, the plot size does NOT take into account the steps. The steps abide by the first rule requiring a minimum of 5 tiles space between houses in behind and in front. For example, the above plot size, 7x8, would actually be placed occupying 8x8 tiles, as the steps would count in afterwards.
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