Player commands

This is a list of commands players have available to them. These commands are made specifically for this shard by the developers.

Is there a central UOF gump?

On UO:Forever we have a central gump that Adam has created. You can access this gump by typing in the command [uof. A large menu should come up with multiple tabs. Please look through these tabs when you have the chance, it should also pop up on login if you have not changed the setting.

What is the [battles system?

The Battles system is one of the best parts of UOF. The following events are held through the battles system: Capture the Flag(CTF), Free for All (FFA), Team VS. Team(TVT) and Battle of Wind(BoW). These are held regularly on the shard and can also be held by initiating the Battle well.
Please this link in reference to the battle well: Info on Battle well

Also note that all Battles are related to [Templates. You can use [templates in all battles and PVP Tournaments. Please see [Templates question link here: Info on Templates

There are a few ways to enter the battles on UOF. Ex/ When a CTF starts this will come up on your screen.

From here you can click Okay and enter the battle however if you're in the middle of something then you do not have to. You can close this gump by clicking cancel or right clicking. If you close it and want to join you may. In order to do this you need to enter the Battles menu. To do that type in
[Battles in game. This will pop up.

This is the main battles menu. Whenever there is a battle initiated it will be on this list. If there is nothing on this list then a battle is not going on. To join the CTF from here you click the blue arrow near the "Capture the Flag" text. That will bring up this.

This is where you can join a CTF and view teams. In order to join the CTF you must click "Join Queue" arrow. Then this will come up.

This is the last gump that you will need to click. You click the arrow. The x will cancel and bring you back to previous menus. Once you click the arrow you will be shot into CTF on a team. There is a balancing system so the team with least amount of players should be the team you get put on.

Additional Notes:

  • You can use [templates in all battles however if you are in stat loss your stats will not regain so do not use a stat lossed player in a battles event.
  • You can join a CTF at any time during the CTF however during an FFA or TVT you can not join in the middle, you must join in allotted time prior to it starting.
  • You can quit any event by reopening the [battles menu and going through proper gumps.

What are Titles/Hues?

Titles are things that appear above your specified characters name. Titles can be received through Achievements/Conquests, dropped off of mobs, given out, etc. They typically come in the form of a rolled up scroll.


This scroll would yield the title of The Gatherer. To use a scroll you must double click it and it will lead you to this gump menu.


Once you click the arrow button the scroll absorbs into you but, you are not done yet. The title will not appear above your head until you turn it on. To do this you must type [Titles in game. That will open up this menu.


This is where the magic happens. All titles you have will be stored in this menu. It is independent to each char you have to chose who you use titles scrolls on wisely. You must now click through the gumps to find your title. I did not actually use the gatherer scroll however I do have a title and will use that as an example.


Once you find your title on the list you click the blue button and your title will appear on your "current title". You can remove that title by clicking the X. That will not delete your title just merely remove it from display.


Hues come in the same form and by the same means as the title scrolls. They appear as rolled up scrolls which say the hue #. The hue number description is the color of what the hue will actually be. These scrolls are purely for changing the color of your title. They are not useful without having a title.


You double click that scroll and get the same gump menu as you would the title scroll. Then once you absorb the scroll you check into [titles again.


You click the top right button To Hues: This list appears the exact same way as the titles list does. When you find your title you click the blue button the same as you would the titles and it changes the color.
You can turn them on and off as well as switch hues at any time.

ALL Titles and Hues stay on your char forever and are not vulnerable to loss once absorbed by the char.

What is the [templates system?

The Templates system is something extremely convenient to all players on UOF. It allows a player during a Battles Event and or during a PVP Tournament to adjust their template to whatever they want.
Please see this for more information on a Battles Event: Battles event info
Please see this for more information on PVP Tournaments: PVP Tournaments info

In order to use a different template from the current one your char has you need to enter into the Templates gump.
Type the word [templates in game to enter this.

As you can see the template manager pops up. Now you click the Options button on the top left.

This brings up more options. This is where you would click "Create Template". To exit out of any of this at any time just Right click the menus. This is what shows up when you Create a template.

This is where you create your template. You must add skills and up to 225 Stat points(STR, DEX, INT). You can adjust these to your preference. When you click Skills this pops up.

This is where you select up to 7 skills for your template. As you can see I picked a scribe stun mage template. You can do whatever you want within these options. Then you click okay.

This will now be on your main screen when you select this template. In order to use the template you have chosen you must click Apply. You can adjust this template if you want however you can just make more templates. You can make whatever template you want. In the battles such as CTF, FFA, and Battle of Wind you will be supplied with the necessary equipment based off of your template. You can also bring in your own gear. See question about [Battles to learn more about those. Also see How to join a pvp tournament to reference those.

** Special note - A Red in stat loss can not use the [templates and enter a [battles tournament or PVP tournament. Your skills will adjust however your stats will remain in stat loss currently.
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