Skills And Character Development

Skills And Character Development

Common questions regarding character development.

How can i raise my taming skill? Is there a good place to train?

There are tons of Guides on the Forums in regards to players gming taming on this shard. It is important to use the veterans of this shard as a resource as well as the forums and their contributions to them.

stuck at 84.6 taming and cant seem to get skill ups, what should i be taming??

Here is the wiki link for the taming skill :

What benefit does alchemy and inscription give in pvp and pvm?

In regards to inscription please see this link from our forums:

Alchemy allows you to craft potions which is benefitial in being able to supply your own kegs if you wanted to.

In PVP is allows you to do more damage with explosion potions. The damage bonus is significant in comparison to having 0 alchemy. It is often built into pvp templates for this reason.

In PVM alchemy is not very useful outside of the fact that you likely will want potions while out PVMing.

What are the skill requirements for weapon and wrestling special moves?

There are two special moves linked to wrestling.

Stun Punch: Requires GM anatomy and wrestling. To activate this ability you must set a hotkey. Each time you punch it will attempt to stun when activated however it will use stamina each time. It is based off of a percentage chance to land successfully .

Disarm Punch: Requires GM arms lore and wrestling. You activate this ability the same as you would stun. It is also based off of a percentage chance to land properly.

For weapons you do not activate the abilities they are built into the weapons. There is technically not a skill requirement however the higher the weapon skill the higher chance you have at landing a blow. Each blow landed has a percentage chance to land the weapons special ability. For example long spear has the ability to land a paralyzing blow with each landed swing.

What are some templates used on UOF?


Is arm lores useful on blacksmith?

Arms lore on UOF is mainly used in connection with the wrestling skill. Wrestling and Arms lore allows you to use the special skill Disarm. It supplies no blacksmithy buffs however it does allow you to see the "details" of a weapon or armor including durability condition, etc. It is a skill typically not used unless for the disarm ability on UO:Forever.

How do you heal with Spirit Speak. I click on the spirit speak button in the skills near a corpse and no healing occurs. Does the skill not work?

Spirit speak corpse healing is an AoS addition. It does not have corpse channeling here. Here is currently only allows you to speak with ghosts.

My skills won't raise, how do I get rid of unwanted ones?

In your skills pane through your paperdoll (Alt-P by default), you have 3 options for each skill. To raise, to lower, or to lock skills in place.
It's important to remember that skillcaps, without the consumption of powerscrolls are 700.0 real skill. If you wish to raise one skill and are at your cap, you will need to lower another skill.


I have 105 [insert skill here] how come I can't use this other 105 powerscroll?

This is a very common question, and I'll try my best to simplify this question.

The standard skillcap for players is 700.0 real skill.

When you have reached 100.0 skill in a specific skill, you may then use a powerscroll to push that skill beyond to 105. Once you reach 105 of that skill, only then may you consume a 110 powerscroll, and so on all the way up to 120 skill. You may not use higher powerscrolls until you have reached the cap of the pre-requisite skill level and scroll consumed.

When consuming a powerscroll of a certain skill to 105, your overall skillcap will be 705.0. When you consume a 110 powerscroll of that same skill, your cap will raise to 710.0 all the way up to 720.0 overall skillcap.

Below are two examples to illustrate how this works:

Example #1 How to sucessfully consume powerscrolls through training and consumption.

  1. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 100.0 through training.
  2. Consume a 105 blacksmithing powerscroll
  3. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 105.0 through training.
  4. Consume a 110 blacksmithing powerscroll
  5. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 110.0 through training.
  6. Consume a 115 blacksmithing powerscroll
  7. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 115.0 through training.
  8. Consume a 120 blacksmithing powerscroll
  9. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 120.0 through training.

Example #2 To illustrate a problem that can arise

  1. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 100.0 through training.
  2. Consume a 105 blacksmithing powerscroll
  3. Raise your blacksmithing skill to 105.0 through training.
  4. Raise your tailoring skill to 100.0 through training.
  5. Consume a 105 tailoring powerscroll This is where the problem will occur!!!!!
You will NOT be able to use the tailoring powerscroll because in order to raise your overall skill cap to 710, you MUST consume a powerscroll of 110 skill value. You may NOT simply consume 4 different 105 powerscrolls to raise your cap to 720. The only means in which to do so are to go in order, 105, 110, 115, 120.

This is a very common question. It's paramount to remember that it is ONLY through consumption of "105", "110", "115", "120" powerscrolls that the skill cap will be lifted to the ultimate value of 720.0.

Additional Reference:

Which skills can one get powerscrolls for?

The following skills have powerscrolls available:
  • Carpentry
  • Tailoring
  • Blacksmithing
  • Animal Taming
  • Animal Lore
  • Peacemaking
  • Tinkering
  • Mining
  • Provocation
  • Lumberjacking
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