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Differently coloured Skill Scrolls.


Skill Scrolls are consumable Items dropped by Monsters. Using a Skill Scroll yields a +1.0 increase in whatever skill the scroll is labeled for.

Take note that Skill Scrolls can raise a skill only by +1.0, no less, so make sure you have exactly 99.0 in any skill you want to GM for example (not 99.1).

There are skill scrolls for nearly every skill, ranging from the overpriced Animal Taming skill scrolls to the (almost) worthless Camping skill scroll.

How to Find

Skill scrolls drop on the following mobs:

  • Titans
  • Liches
  • Lich lords
  • Balrons
  • Ancient wyrms
  • Evil Mage lords
  • Blood elementals
  • Terathan matriarchs
  • Ophidian matriarchs
  • Ophidian zealots
  • Orc mages