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  1. Sarzois2
  2. King Dingaling
  3. Popcanc
    Hey how go's? Im 36 years and retired worth over a milion dollars
  4. Roland Dope
    Roland Dope
    Forums for badpanda 44 on Disc
  5. Maria
    Maria Xero
    if you havent sold those glasses i'd take them for 250k
  6. Popcanc
    Always striving for a higher level of perception
  7. Noemi
    Noemi Lolitah
    Recently got my hands on the gold cat statue and thinking of selling for 2 mil if you're interested
  8. gbitz
    Lurking on UFO.
  9. Ultima
  10. Hefty
    You give me a bow and 10 arrows and I will have a bow and 10 arrows
  11. Jesse Ballard
    Jesse Ballard Faytality
  12. Jesse Ballard
    Jesse Ballard Blair
  13. Jesse Ballard
    Jesse Ballard eppy
    Can you unban me from http://discord.uoforever.com please? It makes it super hard to buy or sell anything without it. I was banned like 6-7 months ago and I don't even know why so I quit. I just came back today and would very much like to use http://discord.uoforever.com. Thank you.
  14. Spacejam60
    Spacejam60 Maverick1980
    2.6 for dyable kasa if u want it
  15. feech l.m
  16. Cerebellum
    "Lots of things are possible, doesn't make them a good idea" --eppy 2.4.19
  17. Cerebellum
    Pollux on d.iscor.d
  18. ScarySPICE
    ScarySPICE vagelisv
    Hi there, I was trying to track down a owner of 2 lots and was wonder if it was you. The houses are by the Yew stable - name of signs are Frost is a Ten and Amfipolis. Any help would be great
  19. Drinian2
    Drinian2 SirLothar
    I cant find a house place.
  20. Sin Semilla
    Sin Semilla MistaBlista
    Thank you so much for posting this.

    If I wasn't claiming bankruptcy atm I would ask to donate some cash but, if you ever would want some gold in UOF I would throw some your way 100% just for this post.

    Appreciate it a lot.
    1. MistaBlista
      dude no way i will take cash for this! Always only UO Golds! that helps the most as i still need a TON of stuff haha
      Glad you like it!!
      Update coming this weekend ;)
      Jan 3, 2019
    2. Sin Semilla
      Sin Semilla
      I consider myself pretty knowledgeable for this type of stuff but, if you're already doing it I just leech.

      If possible to remove the ground clutter and allow a file to change the stalagmites to be changed that would rock.

      I will message you in http://discord.uoforever.com and meetup for a donation for what you've achieved so far for sure.
      Jan 3, 2019
    3. MistaBlista
      Yea lets talk later bout that in http://discord.uoforever.com, way better than this forum thingy ;)
      btw: i accidently reported you in the forums, as ive read "respond" instead of Report... lol well i already told shane haha
      Jan 3, 2019