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    WTS 20X Verite Plate Helm SBOD Auction

    valid point
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    WTS Bulk BOD cloths & sandals

    600k on BOD cloth 1266
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    Looking to trade for or buy these BODs

    LBOB 10x & 15x Ex Valorite Ringmail SBOD 20x Ex Verite Ringmail Gloves SBOD 10x Ex Verite Ringmail Legs SBOD 15x Ex Agapite Chainmail Tunic SBOD 20x Ex Gold Platemail Legs SBOD 10x Ex Gold Platemail Helm, Arms & Legs SBOD 20x Ex Bronze Platemail Arms, Helm, Gorget & Gloves SBOD 15x Ex...
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    WTB Bulk Dragon Scales 30gp per

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    WTB Bulk Dragon Scales 30gp per

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    WTB Bulk Dragon Scales 30gp per

    WTB Bulk Dragon Scales Any Colour 30gp per, willing to negotiate depending on quantity. PM me here or on Discord (@Naranja#3368)
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    WTB 1175 Charcoal Cloth

    Thanks.. I try to keep well stocked and reasonably priced
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    WTB 1175 Charcoal Cloth

    check my vendor next door to eqms place on dagger isle should be gate on top of WBB
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    WTS Auctioning these 2 Smith LBOD's

    :eek: 280k on the 10x Agapite Plate LBOD 220k on the 20x Verite Plate LBOD
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    2.5m :D
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    WTS Mint Green Dragon Egg SOLD