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    Is there a mount

    No, there is not.
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    archer relics

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    Potential new player with some questions

    Heya, I can answer a few of these for you. 1. Faster, for sure. Most skills are quick and easy to level, with the notable exception being Animal Taming. You can macro almost every other skill in no time. 2. Yes 3. Yes, small houses are available to place, even some decently sized 11x plots...
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    Hiding not going up

    Post a picture of your skills, so we can help.
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    Question, before I get in too deep here.

    You can place small to mid sized houses, yes. Also, you can find max storage houses for very reasonable prices, I've seen some for 400k.
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    UOF Most Beautiful Homes (2022 edition)

    Very nice. Always love Fay's work, she's incredible.
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    Swamp Dragons and Barding armor?

    About 1.5m
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    fay's occlo pond

    You have one, right?
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    fay's occlo pond

    Pretty sure I saw a few when I was looking for houses to post. There were a few items that came back, such as the Hot tub etc. that were previously removed.
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    House Issue

    My first guess, would be that perhaps they were refreshed on the test center, instead of live, by accident? I don't recall any revert in the last week.
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    UOF Most Beautiful Homes (2022 edition)

    House I designed for the last halloween decoration contest.
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    UOF Most Beautiful Homes (2022 edition)

    Really nice, where abouts is this located? Must have missed it.
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    UOF Most Beautiful Homes (2022 edition)

    Bellic- Sonuva- Trick Tickler- Tapecaster- Black Ice- Bromista- Frank- Your Hash Stinks- FluxLiner- Lesinda- Maura- Maverick- Olorin O Valinor- Ravad (designed by Fay?)-
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    UOF Most Beautiful Homes (2022 edition)

    Drager- Drust- Etheus- Ib Putin Itinya- Kyain- VRSIX (house design by Buttercup)- Optic Nerve- Orion-- Rio- Sativah- Betty Boobs- Noemi- Scarlett Rose- Seraf- Joe Montana- Cyain- Deakon- Ms Toughness- Whiskey Drunk- Atsidi-
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    UOF Most Beautiful Homes (2022 edition)

    Hey all. Wanted to do an updated list of a previous popular thread, showing off some of the best designed homes on UOF. This is all obviously just *my* personal opinion. If you feel like your house should be on here, add it to a post! I walked the entirety of the UOF map, taking pictures of...