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  1. lollo

    PC Vesper clothing

  2. lollo

    WTS 15x12 prime no cut house. Really close to bridge

    As title says, 15x12 house in billionaire's row, right at the best spot in the no cut area. Right behind the ageless 18x18 SB 15m
  3. lollo

    WTB Blessed long spear or warhammer

    Paying good, hmu if you have one
  4. lollo

    WTS One of the best Nightdragons on the server

    This hasn't been spawning in ages and both stats and skills (99.7 magery!) are great! Get rid of your boring nightmare! SB 3m BO 6m
  5. lollo

    WTS Amazing location 9x7 no cut house

    The picture speaks for itself. Exremely close to brit west bridge and with some wonderful neighbours. This is where all the pvp happens and even if you don't like pvp, it's a 20 second horse ride to brit bank. SB: 1.5m BO: 2.5m
  6. lollo

    WTS (SOLD) 26x taming SS

    for all you lazy mofos Sb 7m
  7. lollo


    5x lvl 6 24k each 20x lvl 5 14k each 14x lvl 4 6k each 51x lvl 3 2.5k each 33x lvl 2 2k each
  8. lollo

    WTS *** Unique *** Wind Tunnel House

    Putting this up for sale as i'm not using it much, definitely the top housing spot on the server. This is now a 11x11 custom taking offers
  9. lollo

    WTS Barnacle clothing set

    Taking serious offers. All items are obviously blessed
  10. lollo

    WTB Item Bless Deed

    Whoever won it, i'm paying mega millz
  11. lollo

    WTB Dimensional Archway

    pm if you wanna sell one
  12. lollo

    WTS Plague Beast statue/container

    Haven't seen one of these for sale in quite a while. This hasn't spawned for the last 4 years. Taking offers.
  13. lollo

    WTS Blaze Spider statue

    Pretty sure it's one of a kind atm and it's among the biggest statues you can get. Will sell for a good offer
  14. lollo

    WTB 40x exceptional barbed leather sets

    pm me if you can craft them for me
  15. lollo

    WTS Castle mini house deed

    not obtainable any more. Sb: 500k bo: 1m
  16. lollo


    Some really rare stuff for sale, some not so rare but still awesome Fallon Water Elemental Statue: There's 3-4 around, but it's still one of the best looking fallon statues. SB 1m BO 2m (Price is doubled for @baseball dad or anyone that i suspect is buying on his behalf) Extremely rare...
  17. lollo

    WTS [SOLD] Battleborne Color lvl 7 Meta Dragon

    3 rollovers, all the good relics at level 10 except bloody which is at level 9 (really close to lvl 10, it'll be maxed in a couple hours of farming) Amazing color from battles event. SB 21m BO 25m
  18. lollo

    WTS Very rare Bloodstained Robe

    Selling this one on behalf of a friend who doesn't have a forum account. Only 2 of these exist on the server, and the cost to craft one now is about 5m per yard. You do the maths. It also has a +3 armor patch which is unobtainable since they removed vet rewards. SB will be 20m, end 24h after...
  19. lollo

    WTS For true ballers only: Blaze Sand Vortex statue

    So i keep seeing really ugly, small and not even that rare statues going for mega millions. I guess people really don't have anything to spend their easily earned gold on and the statue market is at an all time high. So here is another chance to own probably the best statue on the server. It's...
  20. lollo

    WTB Barnacle Wiz Hat and Gloves

    Paying mega millz