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  1. Nasak

    A Proposal for the Return of Stealable Rares

    This will bring me back. Damnit now I’m going to reinstall UO
  2. Nasak

    Rare Monster Drops

    It’s there in bottom right corner
  3. Nasak

    New Whirlpool Sistem

    Love this idea
  4. Nasak

    WTB +10 armor clothing set

    Looking for armored pieces to make this set +3 clothings need 3 pieces
  5. Nasak

    Rare Monster Drops

    bananakill said ive gotten 3 of these in 1 year rabbit on spit - ogre lord galleon wheel - deep water ele muck - amazon warrior in booty
  6. Nasak

    New rare monster drops, removing stealable rares. godsrage moved the thread here to make a list
  7. Nasak

    Rare Monster Drops

    Decoy said - I've heard of these: The covered chair from Balron. Tarot cards from lich. Minoc gravestone from skeletal mages. myself i heard that down face open red book comes from dragon arrows and feathers from cows..
  8. Nasak

    New rare monster drops, removing stealable rares.

    I know down faced open red book. Drops on dragons for a fact I
  9. Nasak

    Limited supply on some dono vendor items

    Some things on vendors now say limited quantity like the orange meta dye. But I agree they should have a quantity on some fo the stuff. Especially mount hues
  10. Nasak

    New rare monster drops, removing stealable rares.

    Let’s start a new thread. I haven’t gotten any but I haven’t been farming like that
  11. Nasak

    Like to know who vendor this is

    He found me before I posted
  12. Nasak

    Does any of the ncps here sell ingots i can not find any ?

    They can be bought on vendors again
  13. Nasak

    Like to know who vendor this is

    It is me!
  14. Nasak

    angel decoration, strange color

    Where is this from? xmas?>
  15. Nasak

    Donation Tier Rewards

    is this still a thing?
  16. Nasak

    WTB WTB 2x 110 fishing, Meta Egg

    did you get your 110 fishing? i got 110 & 115 for sale
  17. Nasak

    WTS 115 Inscription - 120 Tailoring - 105 Tinker

    115 Scribe - 200k OBO 120 Tailoring 200k 105 Tinker - SOLD
  18. Nasak

    Monster Hunter Series: Part I - Crystal Elemental

    Very nice - sucky prize but it gave u something to do for a bit!
  19. Nasak

    WTB [1160 - Torquose] 1x Sandals + 18x Cloth

    I got u covered, if u didnt find it already!