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  1. Nasak

    WTB +10 armor clothing set

    Looking for armored pieces to make this set +3 clothings need 3 pieces
  2. Nasak

    WTS 115 Inscription - 120 Tailoring - 105 Tinker

    115 Scribe - 200k OBO 120 Tailoring 200k 105 Tinker - SOLD
  3. Nasak

    Cannot see MOTM hues -- ratman is just jetblack

    I am fully updated and cannot see these hues On my other PC which isnt updated i can see fine...
  4. Nasak

    WTS 7 x 11 Yew forest a few screens from gate

    No spawn -- nice water fountains out front
  5. Nasak

    WTS 7 x 11 Yew forest a few screens from gate

    200k No spawn not far from yew gate nice water fountains outside
  6. Nasak

    WTB Molten or Bloody Relic

    PM ME !
  7. Nasak

    WTS Vet Ethy Dye Deed -- HUE 691 (ANY ETHY TYPE) 2 SOLD @ 700k

    color is that llama
  8. Nasak

    Glacial cloth or dono wearables!

    I think this topic has slightly been discussed years ago!! Bump it up
  9. Nasak

    WTS Daily Stealable Rare sets - Checkers or Chess set

    Checker set comes with 1 red and 1 white with checker board - 150k (multiple sets available) Chess set comes with 1 black and 1 white with chess board - 150k ( ONLY ONE SET AVAILABLE - first come first serve)
  10. Nasak

    Event points

    Did i miss a wipe of event points or do they expire after a specific amount of time?
  11. Nasak

    WTS Veteran Ethy Dye 500k or Best Offer

  12. Nasak

    WTS Blood Bear Mask -- BLessed 750k (SOLD)

  13. Nasak

    WTS 2 taming SS - 500k (SOLD)

    Get em while they hot
  14. Nasak

    WTS Veteran Ethy Dye

    MAke offer please
  15. Nasak

    WTB Robe of Forever

    Trying to purchase an OG robe of forever plz PM Me
  16. Nasak

    WTS or WTT Phase shift relic -- SOLD - 1.8 mil

    Yup -- i was gonna eat it but not working my meta dexxer as much as I need to be.. need taming relics take gold - dono - wearables whatever offer !
  17. Nasak

    WTS Rare Delicate Origami Butterfly SOLD

    last one sold for 450k asking for 400k
  18. Nasak

    WTS Statues!

    Plague Beast Cow a wooly sheep headless skeleton polar bear lizardman hell hound stone harpy gazer PW lich Make offers
  19. Nasak

    WTS New Rare Saddle -- Great House Deco!!

    Starting Bid 1 mil