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    Monster Contracts

    Introducing monster slaying contracts! To obtain a contract, find Heracles the hunter near West Britain bridge and double click him. Target a statue in your pack (it will consume the statue!) and he will present you with a contact to fulfill. There are no limits on contracts and you can get as...
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    Turkey Hunt

    Turkeys have begun appearing throughout felucca. When they die the corpse will contain a turkey carcass that you drag and drop onto the turkey butcher in front of West Britain bank. Each carcass is assigned a weight. When you turn it in, the turkey butcher will tell you "Now thats a contender!"...
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    //Clear Mobs unsetalias 'provoke1' unsetalias 'provoke2' //Get first mob if getenemy 'gray' 'criminal' 'enemy' 'nearest' @setalias 'provoke1' 'enemy' else sysmsg 'No Mobs within range to provoke' stop endif //Get Second mob - because 'nearest' is used, it will not select the same mob as above as...
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    Bone cutter with auto heal

    Great for farming bones at oaks or with zombies. Just loop this and kill and loot the bones and it will chop them and bandage you. if not listexists 'bones' createlist 'bones' pushlist 'bones' 0x1b0c pushlist 'bones' 0x1b17 pushlist 'bones' 0x1b0b pushlist 'bones' 0x1b09 pushlist 'bones'...
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    Corpse skinning and leather cut

    if @findtype 0x2006 'any' 'ground' 'any' 3 setalias 'corpse' 'found' usetype 0xf52 'any' 'backpack' waitfortarget 1200 target 'corpse' ignoreobject 'corpse' useobject 'corpse' endif if @findtype 0x1079 'any' 'ground' 'any' 3 usetype 0xf9f 'any' 'backpack' waitfortarget 1200 target 'found' endif...
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    Blacksmith Slayer Crafter

    // THIS USES TONGS if not findalias 'slayerbag' promptalias 'slayerbag' endif if not hidden 'self' useskill 'hiding' endif if listexists 'slayertype' clearlist 'slayertype' else createlist 'slayertype' endif //0xf5e broadsword //0x13ff katana //0xf4b double axe //0x1403 short spear //0xf49 axe...
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    Autoheal Pet

    if not findalias 'pet' promptalias 'pet' endif if not inrange 'pet' 1 headmsg 'Get closer.' unsetalias 'pet' stop endif if diffhits 'pet' <= 0 headmsg 'Pet full health.' unsetalias 'pet' stop endif if @findtype 0xe21 @useobject 'found' else headmsg 'out of bandages' stop endif clearjournal...
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    Halloween Revert

    Due to a coding issue, there was a roughly four hour revert required to fix a problem with a save. We will be doing a handout tomorrow in remembrance of the event.
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    One button weapon swapper

    if not listexists 'swapweapons' createlist 'swapweapons' endif if list 'swapweapons' < 1 pushlist 'swapweapons' 0x41cebcd4 //set serial here pushlist 'swapweapons' 0x41cebe3d //set serial here endif if findobject 'lefthand' clearhands 'both' pause 500 endif equipitem swapweapons[0] 1...
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    Enable chain exploding purple pots

    These were experimented with recently so let's talk about how it went and if they are worth having. I like the traps you can make with them for instance but the insta kill on stun and Para is a bit of a turnoff. So let's hash it out.
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    Whirlpools Ahoy!

    Whirlpools! To sign up for whirlpool announcements as they are spawned, visit Bearss near the poker tables. To start getting the announcements say "Tell me of the whirlpools" and to stop getting the announcements say "I no longer want to hear your tales". You will get a confirmation gump...
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    WTS Eppy's Slayer Vendor At Occlo Bank

    Located at Ocllo bank. Lots of exceptional slayer weapons for sale. Nothing over 8k, including repond and exorcism. Special orders available by request. Vendor name is "Barbed & Slayer"
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    WTB 20x Exceptional Shadow Plate LBOD

    Looking to buy the large.
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    Another Smith BOD Trading List

    Looking for the 20x shadow plate LBOD. Everything below is available for sell/trade. Small BODS (all 20x, exceptional) Agapite Plate Gloves Bronze Plate Arms Copper Plate Helm Copper Plate Legs Copper Ring Tunic Dull Chain Tunic Dull Plate Arms * 2 Dull Plate Gloves Dull...
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    WTB Green Nets

    Will buy all green nets you want to sell for 100gp each.
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    WTB Cheap White Wyrms, Dragon, Mares

    Dont really care about stats or colors. Clean out your stables. Edit: Got mares, still need wyrms.
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    Double Smelting Percentages

    I had a few minutes today and I have been wondering about my double smelt rate for a while. So, I smelted some ore. 115 Mining 74/102 attempts were doubled for a 72.5% rate. No food or drink, completely empty. 64/97 ~ 66% completely full of food and drink. 118 Mining 64/107 doublings for...
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    WTB Buying a cheap nightmare

    No special stats, dont care about color or anything. Just need a plain mare.
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    Slayer Crafter for Razor

    Does anyone have a slayer macro for razor before I start making one? Its the main thing I miss about steam. :(