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  1. Blair

    Sallos users

    I have updated the Sallos map files to include all the existing cave houses. I have also included an update to being unable to see some booty dungeon bosses, and also miscellaneous monsters that I can't remember. This is the Bodyconv.def file. Thanks to @drasked I have included the fix for...
  2. Blair

    Cave houses + Sallos

    We have fixed the Sallos map files to include all the donation cave houses. I have updated the new files into my fixes (can be found in my signature). If you already have the fixes installed, and only want to update the map files, use the following link...
  3. Blair

    New house ban mechanic

    Today we've changed how the mechanic works when you are banned from a house. You no longer get sent to the leave house tile when walking onto a house you are banned from. Instead you can't walk onto the house at all, it will act like like you are trying to walk over a foot stool or empty keg...
  4. Blair

    Sallos Fixes compiled

    I have compiled all the Sallos fixes to date into one file so new Sallos users will not have to go through multiple threads to find the required fixes. I have also added a new fix for galleons so they will no longer crash Sallos users. Once again thank you @Sanchen for your help with...
  5. Blair

    Trinsic fix for Sallos users

    I have fixed the issues regarding Sallos and the city of Trinsic. I have posted the fix here:
  6. Blair

    Trinsic Sallos fix

    This is a fix for the city of Trinsic causing Sallos users to 'blackhole' This fix also includes the Minotaur RDA fix The file is 37.4 MB and contains 6 files: map0.mul map0LegacyMUL.uop radarcol.mul staidx0.mul statics0.mul tiledata.mul To install these files simply open the RAR file and...
  7. Blair

    The devious Captain Berlusconi

  8. Blair

    Sallos fix list

    Please post any Sallos issues you'd like to see fixed. Hopefully we will be able to start doing some updates to bring it up to par with Razor and Steam but I would like to know the specific things that need to be fixed in case there are some I am not aware of. To be clear, I am only looking for...
  9. Blair

    Sallos users

    I have worked for awhile on a graphics fix for invisible monsters for those who use Sallos, Enjoy!:
  10. Blair

    Sallos: invisible monster fix & Minotaur RDA fix

    This is a fix for monsters that are currently not being drawn by the Sallos client. The following monsters will now be seen: werewolves phoenix bird Fafnir/Akor/Dragon RDA boss Warlock The Monkey Queen rock beetle reptalon dream wraith blistering/blazing gargoyles * I have not been able to fix...
  11. Blair

    All your regs/bandies...

    ... are belong to me.
  12. Blair

    WTS Leech & Gold relics

    Leech relic - s/b 1mil Gold relic -s/b 1mil Will sell 24 hours after last bid.
  13. Blair

    WTS Hue 900 dragon egg

    Hue 900 dragon egg 1 mil
  14. Blair

    the box

  15. Blair

    WTS Dragon egg hue 811

    S/B 1 mil Ends 24 hours after last bid.
  16. Blair

    Cauldron event

    Here's how it works: Cauldrons will spawn in random locations in a town. Monsters spawned by the cauldron have a chance to drop some event loot. Monsters with titles have a chance to drop more types of event loot. Event monsters have a chance of dropping body parts, throwing a body part at a...