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    Looking for guild

    i have been away for a while and have come back. I was lucky enough to remember my usernames and passwords and have my characters back. However, i was removed from my guild, which i totally understand. I am looking to get back to playing. I have 6 characters in all. USS Longshaft is my...
  2. J

    Dungeon Etiquette

    If you are attacking a monster is it appropriate for someone else to come running in and killing it and then you get nothing. Or if you see someone attacking you should pass by. This has happened to me several times. Being young you do not get to rade any bodies but the ones you kill. You...
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    Back in the saddle

    I played several years ago and have recently gotten back into the game. All my old characters are gone. So I have started new ones. At the moment I have a Grandmaster swordsman, a provo archer, and a mage. Looking to join a guild for experience and comradery. I usually am on during the...