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    Items not stacking when dropped onto a bag

    Is there some setting I'm missing? They autostack when dropped into a secure container but not when it's a bag in my inventory.
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    Treasure Hunter Rune Library?

    Anyone know where one is? All the old places I found on the forums seem to be gone.
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    UOF Launcher crashes - Will not load

    Just reformatted my win7 machine. Clean install. Only installed chipset and nvidia drivers. Getting the following error. I've already installed the C++ 2015 distributable install that the wiki suggests. Didn't fix the error. Any ideas? Faulting application name: MyUOF Central.exe, version...
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    Not actually new

    Not new. Been on the server for years. Having an issue getting the launcher to run. I just reformatted my windows 7 machine because of errors. Was playing fine for a long time, and just stopped working. Going to post it in the errors area.