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  1. Teto

    Overdrive's Future (2023)

    Hey everyone! First I want to say thank you to EVERYONE who has played Overdrive. Sphere style UO is a very niche game and you keep this style of UO alive. If you could tell 13 year old me that a sphere style UO shard would still be going over 20 years later I would have never believed you...
  2. Teto

    UO Overdrive Roadmap

    Hey guys! Here is Roadmap for the major upcoming changes for Overdrive. I will continue to add to this list when we're ready to reveal more information. June Rebuilding of Forever Client. This will lower ping and remove the visual bug of players skipping on screen. It will also improve speed...
  3. Teto

    Protecting Yourself From Getting Guard Whacked

    Hey Guys! Some of you have been surprised how quickly you can get guard whacked on Overdrive. I can assure you that your character is not bugged. You just are not used to how the system works here. I will update/edit this list as needed. Most of us are aware we'll turn criminal if we attack...
  4. Teto

    Mage & Mage/Melee Roadmap

    Hey guys! PvP on Overdrive is going to take time to settle as we’re monitoring and noting changes needed. A lot of things can get lost in Discord since its so active so I’m making this thread as a reference to you so you’re more aware of the upcoming and potential changes. This is thread is...
  5. Teto

    Dexxer Roadmap

    Hey guys! Sphere style has typically been known as a “mage focused” PvP. That will continue to be true for Overdrive; however, there are many things we can do to help the Dexxer community to make Overdrive a better shard overall for every play style. It’s a big challenge to accomplish but we...
  6. Teto

    Firsty first.

    Secondy second :)