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  1. Dale Winton

    The Cure 2.0 - Still broken?

    Timer on The Cure 2.0 is still broken FYI. Any chance of fixing it?
  2. Dale Winton

    WTS Old Dono Fountain

  3. Dale Winton

    Any news on Level 15 Berserker relic upgrade?

    Hey there. Would any staff be able to let the hordes of expectant dexxers know if there have been any developments with the relic upgrades that were on test centre? Not heard anything about this in quite some time. Much love xxx
  4. Dale Winton

    WTB Frozen Holiday Mittens

    Ahoy there, I would like to buy some ‘Frozen Holiday Mittens’. If you have some to sell, then please let me know. You can contact me here, or on Disco at Dale Winton(#7956). MUCH LOVE XXX
  5. Dale Winton

    Any news on Level 15 Berserker relic upgrade?

    Ahoy there, A few months ago I was happy to read about testing of new content, which allowed multiple relics to be applied to the berserker talisman, to allow new active abilities and a level cap of 15. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen any mention of this. Is this still in development...
  6. Dale Winton

    WTS Blaze Sandals

    Good day Sam Sam, I would like to propose an opening offer of 10 million gold pieces, and 50,000 donation coins. MUCH LOVE xxx
  7. Dale Winton

    Sale concluded

    Ahoy there! I am looking to buy two +3 Outer Torso Armour Patches. Please let me know if you have any for sale. You can reach me here, or at Dale Winton(#7956) on Disco. MUCH LOVE XXX
  8. Dale Winton

    WTS 172 Spider Molter Points (43x 120 power scrolls) <('-')>

    Are you guys just trolling me? If so, well played! :p As per my previous post, I have sold ALL of my 105, 110 and 115 powerscrolls. I only have 120 Tailoring Powerscrolls left (43).
  9. Dale Winton

    WTS 172 Spider Molter Points (43x 120 power scrolls) <('-')>

    Sold all of the 109 standard junk powerscrolls. I still have all of the 120 powerscrolls left. Give me a shout if you want to buy them :)
  10. Dale Winton

    WTS 172 Spider Molter Points (43x 120 power scrolls) <('-')>

    Ahoy there! I am selling 43 +20 Tailoring Powerscrolls (some of them might actually be blacksmithing, but I can't be bothered to check). Each 120 powerscroll will give you 4 Spider Molter points. I'm only looking to get 175k per scroll. That's pretty cheap right!? *I HAVE SOLD ALL 105, 110...
  11. Dale Winton

    Donation Flag Decorations

    Ahoy there! UOForever is a wonderfully multicultural online society. Would you consider making some sort of decorative item, with the flags of different countries? I would personally love a couple of Union Jack flags to put on the outside of my castle. Would be pretty cool to run around the...
  12. Dale Winton

    WTS 120 Spider Points (30x 120 powerscrolls) - 6 mil

    Ahoy there! I've got 30x +20 powerscrolls I need to sell. I'm only asking for 200k per scroll (6mil for the lot). Each +20 powerscroll is redeemable for 4 spider points towards the level 8 meta form. This is pretty cheap. Give me a tickle on Disco at Dale Winton(#7956) or feel free to contact...
  13. Dale Winton


    Ahoy there Colead88! Please could you post a pic of what these look like when placed? I can't remember! MUCH LOVE XXX :eek:
  14. Dale Winton

    WTS Bloody Deco! SOLD

    Ahoy there Xero! This is a bit unorthodox, but do you want to trade it for a Frost Tribal Mask, +20 Blacksmith and +20 Tailoring Powerscroll? I don't have any gold, as I instantly spend it on stupid stuff every time I get some. MUCH LOVE! XXX
  15. Dale Winton

    WTB Wooden Display Case x 16 - 180k each

    Is that a deed for a Wooden Display Case in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?
  16. Dale Winton

    Give People A Reason To Play UOF...

    You obviously put a lot of effort into that, and I hope it’s appreciated. Personally I just wish UOF could follow through on things that are promised. Meta crafter was announced absolutely ages ago, and nothing has ever materialised. To be honest, there are another 100 similar examples of...
  17. Dale Winton

    WTB Wooden Display Case x 16 - 180k each

    GOT WOOD!?
  18. Dale Winton

    WTB Wooden Display Case x 16 - 180k each

    Ahoy there sailor! I would like to buy 16 Wooden Display Cases (or any lesser amount). Please message me here or on Disco at Dale Winton #7956 . I'll pay you the princely sum of 180,000 gold pieces each! MUCH LOVE! xxx
  19. Dale Winton

    Getting BODs

    I totally agree with Kaching. Selling one item at time is needlessly annoying and time consuming. Please do us a favour and make it marginally less of a ballache. MUCH LOVE xxx