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Discussion in 'Player VS Player' started by Bobby123, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Liberty

    Liberty Well-Known Member

    I have to disagree. When I am having a bad day, I find peace knowing that at that very moment the same 6 people are arguing over cartoon pixels on the internet. Then the world is right again...
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  2. Coorhagen

    Coorhagen Well-Known Member

    I would be angry if someone PK'd me and looted my stuff.
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  3. Bromista

    Bromista Well-Known Member

    This pretty much sums it up.

    Also fun: being the seventh man coming off the bench from time to time.
  4. Bobby123

    Bobby123 Well-Known Member


    @Salsa :

    - such a paranoid person
    -Thinks too much
    - makes up own stories in his head
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  5. The Gandin

    The Gandin Well-Known Member

  6. Bromista

    Bromista Well-Known Member

    Does anyone remember all those times Barracoon cheated good players out of pixels because he couldn't play the game right?

    Logging out in RDAs, multi-client PvP, abusing exploits to kill dungeon bosses (well he did that on his own, wouldn't even tell his guildmates actually, but it still hurt the economy)

    Man those were good times.

    Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down Bobby you punk ass bitch (it seriously blows my mind that you are a fully grown adult male) You don't have any room to talk shit. Ever. How stupid do you have to make yourself look to insist on your own relevance? Is looking like a complete and total tard a necessary component?

    Really not surprising that fake $ and POWER hooked up...Like things with like things, the scuzzbuckets tend to find each other.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2017
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  7. Guwap

    Guwap Well-Known Member

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  8. coon slayer

    coon slayer Well-Known Member

    Relax your titties sunshine. It's just a game.
  9. Bromista

    Bromista Well-Known Member

    Which makes the aforementioned conduct all the more sad, no?

    Also please if you're going to parrot Barracoon at least format correctly I mean FFS what are you some kind of dumbshit?

    Take it easy buddy ! Just a video game !

    I'm sorry that I don't want to have spent my time being cheated in a video game (with truly no repercussions for the accused) and that all I have left is to name and shame.

    I'm so sorry for that.

    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2017
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  10. K A Z

    K A Z Well-Known Member

    IRL insults seem to be fine when they're targeted at @Bobby123. Not surprised!
  11. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    After trying to copy @Bobby123, now you're emulating @Silly Santa . You forgot to tag every single staff member tho. You still have a long way to go if you wanna win the #mostaffected title for 2017
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  12. Karl Sagan

    Karl Sagan Well-Known Member

    @Bobby123 is a dog IRL???

    No wonder @Hobajeba left $...
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  13. K A Z

    K A Z Well-Known Member

    do you ever contribute anything that is not toxic to any discussion? I remember that right before Christmas (that was when I was banned) Staff had a "stop negativity on the forums" campaign. And here we are, 4 weeks later, and people are defending cartoons that suggest that other members of these forums are mentally disabled. Thanks god you put a #affected behind your post so that it doesn't come across as the big pile of shit it is!
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  14. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    Omg man it's just a joke lol, you're really desperate to get people banned, that temp forum ban you got must've really hurt your feelings!

    Please post some italian racist meme and watch me not give two fucks. I'll start with this one:


    Like FFS, i can't believe how shitty this forum is becoming, as if silly santa tagging staff in every post wasn't enough
  15. Silly Santa

    Silly Santa Well-Known Member

    The fact that you tag me and/or say my name in the majority of your posts speaks volume...stay affected @lollo .

    Also is that meme an attempt to ask kaz to join eqms too ? Lolololol
  16. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    Deriz never joined EQMS fyi.

  17. Silly Santa

    Silly Santa Well-Known Member

    And that has what to do with my last post ?
  18. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    You asked if I wanted kaz to join EQMS too, most likely referring to deriz joining EQMS which you were the only one to believe it actually happened.
    Sorry to bust your bubble, you got trolled, but how would you know since you never leave brit bank roof
  19. Guwap

    Guwap Well-Known Member

    I didn't suggest he was mentally disabled.

    I stated that he was retarded.
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  20. girana

    girana Well-Known Member

    at this point i am pretty sure Deriz himself belives he did join eqms with clicking that red free bonus stone in brit.

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