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3 hours I'll never get back

Discussion in 'Player Screenshots & Videos' started by Cash is King, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Cash is King

    Cash is King Well-Known Member

    Spent all morning farming fafnir crystals and then solo'd fafnir for the most part (20+ deaths with all the damn dragon/drake halloween mobs). One guy came near end and helped finish him off. Didn't get a damn thing for all of this work

  2. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    Shit happens? I almost soloed coon once, had like 160k score, the 2nd had like 30k, didn't get shit.
    It's just the RNG and you got unlucky this time.
  3. Hunter-

    Hunter- Well-Known Member

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  4. Yoko Kurama

    Yoko Kurama Well-Known Member

    If you want a game where you get even a reasonable return on your time, don't play UOF. They really need to smarten up, this isn't 1999, people are going to come to server, fall in love with the classic UO game, then when they learn how hard it is to get loot or anything of value, they will go back to a modern game where you get rewards for your time...I am amazed UOF hasn't learned this yet. This server has so much potential, but it is just meh atm when it comes to end game loot system. Fuck nostalgia, that works for about 5 minutes of the first champ...
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  5. Young Star

    Young Star Well-Known Member

    Should have at least gotten a title scroll for top damage
  6. Cash is King

    Cash is King Well-Known Member

    I got a title scroll... already have lots though :) You want it?
  7. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    Good loot is only good if it's rare. I wouldn't give two shits about dropping a relic if it was worth 100k.
    Please tell me how happy you are when you drop that paralytic pos. Exactly.

    Loot is fine on UOF
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  8. Bromista

    Bromista Well-Known Member

    I get playing the woe is me card. Been there, done that, taken some really bad beats. Don't even wanna think of the hours I've wasted, but the good hours that offset those hours are mighty savory.

    Even though it wasn't all for naught (title still worth something + lootsplosion at the end) you basically gambled and lost. You did a boss and bosses weren't intended to be soloed or two-manned without taking a long time and a lot of work. We know that the potential rewards for doing a group activity solo are great, but you better go ahead and have that group unless you wanna spend a good chunk of your day trying to sneak one in.

    System working as intended, more or less.
  9. Easy Cheese

    Easy Cheese Well-Known Member

    3 years, and 0 relics, 120 anything, rares, etc... Maybe I am doing it wrong? But, I sure as hell love the fact that I could potentially get something rare one of these days. It will make it all worth it.

    To this day, I get gitty over taming SS. LOL
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  10. Woodsman

    Woodsman Well-Known Member

    Cannot say this is untrue hard work and time spent on champs/dungeon crystals here is 98.9% of the time not rewarding

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  11. lollo

    lollo Well-Known Member

    I can't believe this! Do you do champs and RDAs once in a while? Do you get a good score?
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  12. Easy Cheese

    Easy Cheese Well-Known Member

    Top 5 in RDA usually. I've been #1 on several Champs way back when. I've done very few this year though.
  13. Yoko Kurama

    Yoko Kurama Well-Known Member

    I feel like I am playing the wrong game, and go log into something else for a few weeks...honestly, I find it hard to even play UOF currently...either do pointless faction pvp where you line up to kill/die and then go back to your butler to do it for the 8 billionth time...it was fun back in the day, but now its just Ultima Macroprogram Online. I see 0 long term appeal on UOF, hence the most hardcore players are gone in 6 months for a break or forever.
    If you don't do boring faction pvp, your other choice is to do boring, tedious champs/rdas/bosses that are BORING, and FEEL LIKE I AM DOING WORK...I play MMO games to have fun, not to have a 2nd job...

    so choice is waste all my free time playing UOF for no reward, or find some other game where I get a reward for my time, AND it is fun to play. Here you either have to donate, or work for days to get some trivial loot. After killing about 25,000 ettins with no drop, I learned my lesson...don't give UOF any more chances, it will let you down every time.

    ps- not like I am quitting UOF, but I am not going to invest hours and hours trying to get relics for my talismans and tamers. I will just take most of my playtime and all my donations to another game where I know I am not just wasting my time. LoL and GW2 are not perfect, but even if you are losing over and over and have the WORST POSSIBLE LUCK...you still get reward tracks and you are never going to be in a position of farming MOTM, rda, champs for months on end for NOTHING.
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  14. Engelschmitt

    Engelschmitt Well-Known Member

    The reward system on UO:F is the worst I've ever seen. It has always baffled me how anyone can think the way it is right now is a good idea. It's a 100% gamble, you might as well do 100pts at a champ instead of 100k and you would still have the same chance of getting things. Again a system that only caters to the reds on the shard who let others do all the work and then zerg the champ 2 minutes before end and just take all the loot but whatever...

    Common things people say after champs:

    "I got first place and got... nothing???"
    "I fought for 2 hrs and got... nothing???"
    "Ten people worked this for an hour and in the end a single guy lured the boss away, nobody who worked the entire champ even saw the boss in the end so everyone got... nothing.."

    This really needs to give people who participate in these PVM events at least some sort of pity reward... make it some trash token that if you collect 200 of you can exchange for a PS or so. Just anything is better than giving people just plain nothing. Champs just take too much time for this. You never see posts like this about the Arch Daemon because that takes like 5 minutes to complete.
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  15. Bromista

    Bromista Well-Known Member

    Consistent better mid-tier loot would be good I guess, so it's a little less all-or-nothing. But at least it's never nothing.
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  16. Easy Cheese

    Easy Cheese Well-Known Member

    Both good ideas. I stopped Champs for just that reason. Not to bitch, but better mid lvl rewards would keep me going. Tokens or something...
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  17. Bromista

    Bromista Well-Known Member

    I know this will catch some shit but a while back I casually suggested something of a champ/boss progress bar for a roll at a relic. So even if you get stiffed on 100 solid shots at a relic you've filled your stone and you maybe don't have a guaranteed relic but something fairly useful instead. Hope you get a good roll!

    Could be for champs only since crystal turn-in for bosses giving a chance for a bank relic is already pretty gangster no need to double dip IMO.

    I think I even suggested like benchmarks. 50 charges on your trammy stone gives you a 50% chance for relic, 100 charges 75% chance, 200 charges 100% chance or something.

    Make those rewards account bound perhaps?

    I dunno. Just throwing crap out there.

    @eppy hate it or luv it?
  18. Xiulan

    Xiulan Well-Known Member

    I like the element of randomness, personally... guaranteed rewards wouldn't be as fun. But guaranteed no-reward is even less fun, and the drop rate we have now seems pretty close to that. Unless you're one of the 'lucky' few who can get two relics in an hour somehow.

    I know the rebuttal is always "you want rares to be less rare?" but honestly, what would it hurt if they were? The economy isn't gonna collapse if a double strike sells for 9 mil instead of 10. And more players feeling psyched and hopeful instead of bored and discouraged seems like a good thing.
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  19. clutchxo

    clutchxo Well-Known Member

    Damn, that blows man. :(
  20. King Dingaling

    King Dingaling Well-Known Member

    i guess u have a few decent points..but i believe ur dead wrong about this server. first of all...ive never played a non osi server, but from what ive heard..this is one of the longest running independent servers. main reason this 20 yr old is relevant is because of nostalgia. start adding dumb shit osi added and there goes the server. and..im not sure about everyone else...but i personally take brief leaves because im 32 with a family and kids and can't invest all day playing a game, lol. so i get away for a month or 2 and get right back in it. and as for pvp, well i can't comment..i don't pvp. but im sure ur right about improvement s with it, its always been a challenge to balance pvp

    that is all...

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