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- Militia Ascensions - Map update at the sanctums.
- Fixed the message when you lack the Magery to cast a spell.
- VPN Protection - Removed restriction when dragging items onto NPCs. This should allow players to complete the new player quest and train skills.
- Magery will no longer skill gain on spells which fail to cast, other than spells which fail the skill check.
- Reagents will now be consumed when you fail the skill check and fizzle.
- Added compatibility for the new vendor system to be able to dispense containers (in preparation for upcoming rewards)
- Fixed the crafting menu item preview
- Removed scrolls being consumed when the spell fails, but no longer will grant skill gain.
- Fixed the buff information while using cultist paint
- Fixed the bug which allowed you to throw an entire stack of explosion pots in the pit
- Teleport will now reveal you when you complete casting it.
- Travel restrictions for casting recall when not the aggressor have been removed.
- Wall of stone size reduced to 3 tiles total.
- Stamina and Greater Stamina potions are now on their own cooldown and the cooldown is 1 second.

Healing update:

- Bandages now do a heal over time.
- Bandaging yourself will cause each heal tick to be applied once every second
- Bandaging others will cause each heal tick to be applied once every 0.6 seconds
- Each Heal will apply from 2 + (anatomy or animal lore * 0.06) + (if monster or animal 1% of max hp) - (slips * 4)
- Slips will be reset upon each heal tick
- The amount of heal ticks will be 4 + (healing or veterinary * 0.04)
- Resurrection will always take the max amount of healing ticks.
- Cure will take 2 healing ticks.
- Range of healing others is reduced to 1 from 2.

Stealing change:

- Stealing an item will mark it as a stolen item for several minutes. Holding the stolen item will automatically flag you criminal if the victim is innocent (blue) to you.
Base values:
- Stolen Item Time - 3.5 minutes.
- Grace period when you steal an item and are uncaught before criminal flagging is applied: 25 seconds
- (Eyes) Stolen Item Effect every - 8 seconds
- Stolen Item Effect Guild threshold - 3 members.
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