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A Callow Knight's Memoir, about Knights, Orcs and Allies

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Thinkman, May 9, 2018.

  1. Thinkman

    Thinkman Apprentice

    Mar 27, 2018
    OOC: I am so glad to discover this part of the forums. It is a gold mine for me! Enjoyed many of the written, and plan to read all eventually. I have been scribbling small stories about my adventures with the Knights and I would like to archive them here.

    OOC: I wrote about real characters in game and I apologise if any definitons are inaccurate. Also I also apologise if there are offensive remarks (especially against orcs). These are written from the perspective of a close-minded, naive and virtuous young Knight. So PK orc clans from his perspective are the disgusting and absolute evil. FOr example Guu depicted as a lowly creature in the first story was actually very nice, packed all my stuff neatly in a bag after looting.
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  2. Thinkman

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    Mar 27, 2018
    A Very Green Knight's First Day at Orc Caves:

    It was a nice day at the valley of virtues. Birds chirping, dogs barking, a nice breeze finding it's way through pieces of my plate mail. There was absolutely no sign of anything evil. It is these kind of days that an adventurer itches for trouble. So I went down the orc caves.

    I felt a cold, damp chill with the first steps down to the caves. Mayhaps it was partly the blood curdling grunts of the orcs ahead. Before waiting my eyes to adjust the dark I casted a spell on myself to see better. These were only the common orcs, nothing my axe can't handle. I spilled their black blood and searched for valuables under their filthy armors. There it was, an edeptly drawn treasure map and two skill scrolls. One for carpentry and one for mining. Such dullards have no use for complicated items, Knights do however so I took them all.

    I inched down the wet depths. I expected to see more orcs and I did. I did not expect to see a blood elemental however. It was crimson red, smelling of iron and boiling with anger. Alarmed, I made a run back and started to cast a spell to distract the evil creature. I attacked it the second blade spirits were summoned. It was a well planned assault which could have succeeded, 'if' it was not for the orc appeared behind me, seemingly out of nowhere. This was not a simple orc, it was a little bit smarter and much faster and a great deal nastier.

    It started pouring down arrows at me and a multilayered chase started. Blade spirits chasing the blood elemental, Blood elemental chasing me, I am chasing the orc and every creature I see was adding to the tail. After landing a strong blow, almost cutting the vile orc in half, I told myself this was the day I deserved my Knighthood. I soon remembered talking to thyself is not an effective way of writing history.

    My health suddenly dropped so I attempted a tactical retreat by running back hundreds of yards without checking ahead. I started stepping on some traps, it was like walking on lava, each step hurting more. Before I can react I was dropped.

    It could have ended there but after choosing the plate and sword I was not alone anymore. The tale worth reading actually started afterwards.

    Word got around and Arctium Noctis showed up. Two strong mares were walking in front of her, hooves crushing the rocks. She was dressed in armor as dark as the tame beasts but her feets were as light as her hair. I led the way, though mares seemed to already smell the orcs. Their muscles twitched and nostrils flared. As we stepped down the wet and chilly caves, their immense backs started steaming with heat. It was not a long search as orcs got bold because of the weakness I showed. But this time around it was a lot different. The second they showed their filthy selves the mares launched and Arctium's bow started singing and whistling. One of them dropped down legs stretched in an unholy position. That was how Guu died, and it's death deserve no more words.

    The other one was more elusive. He slid down the narrow caves and vanished as we started a strong march towards the depths. Arctium was well connected and even her wish seemed to travel miles. Nym, a fairy like tracker, dressed in a baggy robe and oily mask of orcish kin showed up. She was good at concealing her beauty, yet she was better at detecting concealed disfigure. She caught the tracks left by bare feet of Gu'uk. After a while we located him. It was not a smart creature, yet it was quick to understand that it had no chance. Gru'uk did what it is best at and run away, flapping it's feet and grunting from it's throat. I didn't understand a word but I am sure it was no prayers. It was quite an ugly sight.

    It was a victory for us. And it was a heartening experience for me, too green a Knight to protect himself yet, but one with strong allies.
  3. Thinkman

    Thinkman Apprentice

    Mar 27, 2018
    The Day I fought a Fellow Knight;

    Hailstone seems to be starting point of many adventures. Hence, the day I fought a fellow Knight also started there. Each morning I open the windows of whatever building I slept in and take a deep breath. I had slept in the bedrooms of our academy the previous night. When I opened the shutters of the narrow window by the bed, and lean on the thick, cool stone walls I was well rested. That is when I heard a lively voice yelling "Hail Thinkman!". It was Yuhber in a shiny valorite armor, stylish vest and carrying a small, eastern style sword.

    Eating a loaf of bread with my mouth, dressing with my hands and running with my feet I rushed out of the door. There were orc sightings in and around the caves and we had to do a patrol. We went through the lower orcs like a breeze and reached Gruumsh's, that famed orc King's lair. We didn't proceed further, that was another day's adventure.

    Instead we turned back to Hailstone, and told each other how well we kept the orcs out of our land and how nice is the nature without them corrupting it. But actually we were a bit disappointed. So I asked Yuhber if he would like to duel with me. Needless to say he said "aye" and we ran into the training grounds of Hailstone energetically. Yet Yuhber has forgotten the keys to the dueling pit so we didn't have access there. "Never mind" he said, "just come at me when you are ready". I said "please a moment Ser, I must organize my things such as to collect them easily after I am dropped". You see how confident I was.

    After my belongings were neatly packed in seperate pouches I grabbed my heavy axe. I squized the handle hard and charged yelling. Yuhber unsheated his sword in a flash and easily blocked my blow. As I was putting all my weight after each swing, his sword was like a leaf caught in the wind. Suddenly I was cut badly all over. The cuts were not deep but I immediatly started feeling ill. I know enough magic to cure myself of such poison, and I ran back trying to cast the spell. But my opponent was too fast to allow such a feat to success. His sword kept finding gaps in my armor.

    Soon I was gathering my things from the ground in an unsightly underwear.

    Next time I stocked all kind of potions. Blessed myself before the fight. Yuhber stood and once agains said "whenever you are ready". Ready I was, so I charged. This time my axe connected with his body with a heavy thud. I saw the effect it made on him and I kept going. He was not just standing there, he was cutting me badly too but I didn't care. When I was poisoned again, I chugged the full bottle of cure potion and kept hitting.

    Yuhber was only using one hand since we started fighting and I had wondered why he didn't even carry a shield. I saw the reason soon enough. He reached his bag with nimble fingers and pulled a bottle. It was filled with a swirling purple liquid. With one finger he pushed the tap and the bottle started steaming. Although slightly worried, I kept doing what I thought was right, which was swinging an executioner's axe like a mad man on my fellow Knight. Just when the steaming potion was about to settle, Yuhber ran back and throw the bottle at me. It shattered on my armor and exploded, sending me across the room. When I was awake Yuhber was shifting feet in a bored fashion, saying "Ye know potions are really important". Hard to object if you put it that way.
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  4. Thinkman

    Thinkman Apprentice

    Mar 27, 2018
    The Day We Faced Gruumsh the Orc King;

    I had learned it is a custom of the Knights, so one day we patrolled the orc caves with Gideon. He was in golden armor, carrying a gold spear. Quite a flashy Knight is Gideon. By then I was getting used to orc's common kind. I had recently obtained a phylactery of resilience with generous help of my guildmates and our allies. Fittingly I was wielding a shield and a sword. I couldn't think of any orc matching my newly found strengths.

    Once again we had almost arrived to Gruumsh's lair. All of a sudden an orcish lord jumped in front of Gideon, cursing in it's language, voice muffled under an orcish helm. While it was busy waving it's axe intimidatingly, Captain hardly looked at it's direction. He just swang his spear like a flash and the orcish helm, still packing the orc's head, flew through the cave squirting dark blood. Sprayed with disgusting sticky blood, I stopped to wipe my face. That is when I noticed a chest laying beside the decapitated body. "Lucky!" I told Gideon, picking the chest up. Yet I remember wondering, the creature slain was common of the most common, why would a lowly creature such as this one would carry such an item.

    Later I learned this chest had it's own history. An ancient settler of Britania passed away and eventually his settlement collapsed. Many belongings of his were looted by scavengers of this kind and spreaded all over the land. And the chest actually contained many valuable items such as treasure maps and power scrolls.

    But that day we had other business. We didn't even pause to stash the chest in a safe place. We were in front of a dark entrance. Distant howls were echoing in it's depths and it was even colder and damper. Just before we took our first steps Pentagruel showed up, another Captain of the Knights. He was a Knight in a dark armor, which looked like it was dipped in blood so many times that it finally took a reddish color. It was scary. Yet more dreading was the bulge on the armor's front parts, protruding a considerable amount. I contemplated on it a while, wondering if the blacksmith made the armor that way, or Captain saw something he really liked while wearing it.

    No matter the answer, with such a formidable man, there was no way we were unready for the challenges ahead. So we walked past the entrance. The howls got louder and louder. We took a turn, side by side and than I faced the most sickening view I had seen. There were orcs, an innumerable amount of them. They were all sizes and shapes, leaning on each other, pushing each other, yelling at each other, and puking all over each other. Mayhaps it was a party of theirs. But for us it looked more like an overpopulated, unmanaged insane asylum. Of orcs.

    Much to my surprise we joined the party, wearing ugly green masks. Soon we were also being pushed, yelled and puked on. Shouldering our way through the smelly crowd we headed towards the sound of water. There was a waterfall inside the cave, water coming from invisible heights and filling a clear pool. "Come quick" said Gideon, "We should hide for a while". Without a second of doubt Him and Pentagruel jumped in the waterfall and vanished. Normally I don't act without thinking. I can't swim with my plate on and the current looked too strong. But the alternative was a sticky, filthy, nasty horde of disgusting creatures putting their arms on my shoulder in a friendly fashion, all the while punching me in the stomach. I also jumped into the waterfall.

    I almost washed down with tons of water bending my knees and neck. But a hand grabbed and pulled me into a dar place. It was a secret room behind the waterfall. There were nothing to mention in the room but more importantly, there were no orcs. Getting myself together I looked at my fellow Knights with questioning eyes. They looked back with eyes hinting nothing. We standed there, water dribbing all over our platemails. After standing still and looking each other silently for a long time "Now" said Gideon, without any particular sign. Once again we jumped in the waterfall and passed across. That is where I met Lady Jade.

    Lady Jade looked fragile, wearing no armor and holding nothing but a harp. Furthermore she was not disguised with an orc mask so an open target for orcs filling the cave. Yet she was the least person I would consider attacking if I were the vile creatures the orcs are. That was because of the enormous black spider standing two men high behind her, munching half an orc between huge fangs. "Good to go?" she said and we answered by drewing our weapons. The Huge spider turned its hairy fat back to us. It's legs spanning meters, moved quickly as a bug the size of a thumb. It sunk his fangs to the orc brute coming at her from behind. The giant orc started spasming and fell down.

    Our strategy was sound. Pentagruel and me moved forward and got the attention of some orcs hitting our shields with our swords. We moved back with many of them tailing us and pull them into our trap. Suddenly we turned back and Gideon with the golden spear and Lady Jade with the giant spider jumped on them. Doing this over and over again the party of the orcs started to get less crowded. Before they started wondering the reason of diminishing popularity of the party, a new group of orcs arrived. These must have been the popular sports players of their sort because they were fashionably late and huge. When I tried to take on one of them, it's blow bent my shield and almost crashed my arms. Yet we hold our ground.

    We started noticing other people of different sorts. Not the sort you would like to invite your home but here against a horde of prime evil, everyone was welcome. Tamers came with their animals, archers with bows and mages with colorful magic. For a long time it was all about dropping more orcs. We hit until our swords got dulled and blocked until our shields cracked.

    I noticed a wave of panic in the crowd, both the people and the orcs. Gasps and shrieks were audiable. The panic rised quickly as I have seen men in underwear running around, a dragon falling down, people trying to hide and orcs going wild. I thought I saw a large, bluish column standing in the middle of the cave, sustaining the huge and high ceiling. But then it started moving towards me. My knees started shaking but I held my shield up and waited. Luckily for me, another poor soul got it's attention and it smashed him with gigantic fists.

    Everyone holding a sword either died or retreated. It was time for spells and arrows. Gruumsh was strong beyond my imagination, but not the fastest I have seen. People unleashed on him from every direction. He yelled rocking the caves and walked stomping orcs and people the same. All the while I held my shield up and watched, too proud to run away and too fond of life to engage. Gruumsh didn't fall silently and it felt like an eternity but it eventually ended. While he was falling with blood curdling growls, people started running or hiding again. I thought it was the madness of victory since gold and gems started pouring down from the cracks at walls and ceiling.

    As I was moving my feet through gold, I noticed a strange feeling of quench, like I was drinking litres of water from a clear pool. Completely with blind luck, I had found a valuable relic. Out of all the adventurers, it somehow fell in my hands. But before I layed my eyes on it, a thief appeared right by me, and vanished with it. To this they, I am not sure how it all happened, but I will never trust a man in underwear again.

    Completely disoriented, I looked for my fellow Knights. I couldn't pick them in the crowd pocketing mountain of gold and valuable items. I took all I can carry too and tried to use a transportation spell but it didn't work. I tried again and again. I was stuck there loaded with treasure. Then a gorilla showed up beside me. I was at the limit of my bafflement capacity so I stared blankly. But then the gorilla said "I am Jade" with a lovely voice.

    Lady Jade, covered with fine fur, ran on all fours and the giant spider followed, eating something unspeakable. I followed them as it seemed to be the thing I was supposed to do. They went to a point close to a corner in the caves, where the walls were thinner. There I was able to teleport at my house. I spent the night sorting my treasures and thinking about the recent events. I still have a lot of thinking to do.
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  5. Thinkman

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    Mar 27, 2018
    The Invasion of Minoc and Fabled Defense of the Knights

    There were rumors of an unmeasurable evil closing up on Britania. Wherever you go to drink a pint of ale, buy a piece of armor, hire a Knight or behead an Orc, this was the main topic. And yet, 'where?' and 'what?' were the unanswered questions.

    The answer came as hordes of undead invading the mining city of Minoc. If people of Britania need protection, the Knights will be there, and we were. And we were also in numbers. First familiar faces I saw was Yuhber, the Knight taught me of potions and Failonis, the white dragon Knight. Here and there carrying their bows, riding their mares and ordering their dragons were the city Trinsic members and other members of alliance of the south.

    When the sky turned darker, the earth started rumbling slightly. Without sharing a word or a glance, Knights drew their weapons. My horse suddenly backed away and I saw a hand forcing it's way through the ground. It was decayed and partly covered in bandages. A second hand appeared beside it and a corpse covered with dirt cloths pulled itself out the earth. This was not a one-off occurance as many such corpse and skeletons started climbing up from the depths of underworld.

    The first of the undead were almost celebrated by the adventurers of Britania. We jumped on them with our silver weapons and swore to kill them as many times as necessary. Slowly though, things started to turn around. Hordes and hordes of undead arrived and unknown creatures joined their army. The first one I saw was a suspiciously proud mongbat. Mongbats are lowly creatures which are scared of their own shadow. But this one was walking shoulders and wings back, chest front and chin up. It came at me without a hint of doubt and I faced him likewise. But in an instant words no mongbat ever voiced started pouring from its little nasty mouth. It was casting spell after spell, almost killing me and my horse, the noble Hoarse.

    Ashamed of myself I ran away holding my cape up, out of it's reach. It was persistant and tried to grap my horse by the tail. I screamed in fear and tried to shoo it away while my horse was neighing and kicking consistantly. After cutting the poor Hoarse's tail, freeing us from it's grasp I looked around to see if anybody caught my inglorious acts. I was emberassed to the core when another Knight came to my rescue. It was none other than Sir Rendlesham, the commander of the Knights.

    This was the first time I met him in person and I wanted to curl up and die but he seemed to not care. "Huzzaaaah" he yelled and rode his armored steed rising clouds of dust. With a new burst of courage I followed him. The mongbat was making indecent gestures behind me, mocking but soon it's fate turned decisively. Commander calmly kept it oppressed and I attacked behind him, every hit repairing my shattered pride bit by bit.

    When it fell we noticed a giant creature walking towards us. It looked like an ettin and seemingly, it was discussing with itself, both heads turned to each other shouting and spitting. We charged and it turned its heads towards us. This 'ettin' had an air on him similar to the previous mongbat. I could have easily imagined him bossing around a titan or two. So we were cautious. We were healing each other yet still it was risky.

    But than the Knights who dispersed around started to show up one by one. I noticed Failonis running with a deadly war fork. He showed two points of the weapon into one head's eyes. Yuhber began cutting it around the flanks. Lady Shay appeared between the woods sending arrows flying with deadly precision. I noticed Sir Killer-Guitarman clearing the area of the lower undead.

    After clearing an area to the east of Minoc Square, we kept our ground. We slayed all the evil who got close and healed the wounded. One such aid seeker was Edwin Fox, a name I have heard to be initiated strongly with Cove. They welcomed each other warmly with Sir Rendlesham and soon Tahuk, an archer riding a wolf showed up to assist him to recollect his equipment.

    As the battle heated left and right I saw Nym, a little girl hugging the leg of her frightening dragon and sticking her tongue to throngs of undead facing them. Her questionable manners seemed to reflect on her pet, but when the dragon stuck out it's tongue, it burst flames, burning the undead to the ground. I noticed Nym was wounded so I dropped my sword and shield to cast a healing spell on her. At this split second of carelessness banging explosions started left and right. I didn't understand what was happening but I saw Knights charging to the shore. I followed them and soon was face to face with a surprising enemy.

    Pirates have arrived to the scene to make use of the weakness in City defenses. Waves created by their ships beated the shore and explosions from their cannons sent earth and grass flying. Commander pulled out an arrow and with Lady Shay they tried to intimidate them but it was no use. I heard them yelling, drinking and partying as we desperately cursed behind our shields and helms.

    After we retreated I lost the sight of commander for a while. The undead were even stronger by then, and it kept all of us busy. Wierd creatures were roaming minoc and every one of them needed slaying. But in a few minutes Commander showed up again, charging through skeletons as if they were thin wooden fences. He handed all the Knights hooks and ropes and ordered us to use these to pull the pirates and their ships to the shore.

    We rode our horses along the shore and I readied my hands, gripping the rope tightly. I saw a small boat, and a man standing on it. My eyes locked on my target, I swang the rope once and threw it wildly. With unbelievable beginners luck the hook caught the man, I gave it a wild yank, throw him overboard the boat and climbed up myself in a single movement. I stood proudly on the deck, and while all my audiance stared with shocked, wide eyes I calmly told "Now what Commander?".

    They were so shocked, I thought, that they forgot to take the hateful pirate down. But then much to my surprise Commander started talking to the pirate, saying "Oh I am so sorry good lad, are you okay?". As all other Knights started bursting with laughter I slowly recognised my mistake. In the heat of the moment I mistook an innocent sailor to a pirate. And worse, he was a dear friend of Sir Rendlesham. I gave my honest apologies and shaming my self twice the they I met our Commander, this time in front of the whole squad, I hoped I was dead and a ratman ate my face.

    I plan to die another time but that day Minoc still needed an extra sword and shield. Knights successfully hooked a pirate ship and climbed on board. It was us who were yelling and cheering when their ships sank down, burning, with them on board. Knights maybe warm people inside, but our plates are cold and hard (Have you met Pentagruel?).

    A gossip was carried from helmet to helmet. A burning portal was opened and no body who went in, came back. Content with our accomplishment, we rode to it's gossipped whereabouts. At once I saw the portal. It was like a gayser of flames rising as tall as a Balron. I saw an old and weak man yelling and swearing that it is safe to enter and it held many rewards. I should have remembered my oath to never trust a man covered by nothing but his undergarments, ever again. Unfortunately I did not.

    My blood was as hot as the mystic source of flames and unfitting to my name, I stepped in without much thinking. At once my horse threw me off from it's back. It was as crowded as the day of judgement and I was smashed between men, women, dragons, horses, armors and weapons. Even my armor started crunching in the pressure and I tried to breath without success. At this moment I noticed disgusting tentacles whipping the crowd and taking us down one by one. I tried to make my way back, drinking stamina potions and healing myself but it was to no avail. I was dropped there.

    When I came to myself I was outside of the portal and my equipment was lost. I saw a man riding a polar bear, trying to talk sense to me. He was holding a spell book and was wrapped in garments of unique texture and color. Maybe I haven't yet woken up I thought but later I learned that this person was Avalon Anduin, someone I sent letters using ravens once. It is interesting how advanced technology, for example ravens, makes us strangers to each other. One more thing to think about.

    Taking his advice I entered inside once again, after it really was safe. After lifting and rolling massive amounts of dead man and animals, I found my lost items and retrieved them. Whatever the rewards were inside this portal, I was happy to come out of the situation with only a little loss.

    That day the universe was adamant on making us miserable and it's last evil play came in the form of a troll. How so fitting. I had learned to not trust the shape of a thing earlier, so I was cautious. But no matter how cautious and prepared a Knight, when a troll paralyzes you, teleports on top of you, and than takes you down in one fist, you are a little surprised. I know for fact that this Knight was.

    While being healed once more by Yuhber, I watched as masses of adventurers jump on the evil creature and perish. Man after man, horse after horse, dragon after dragon died. But one thing people don't lack in this world is numbers. Trolls don't know how to count but even if this one did, the people smashing it with whatever they had in hand was beyond counting. It walked towards west from the bank, leaving a trail of corpses, and died there smashing, grunting, biting till the last moment.

    What I got from that day is a wierd guitar which doesn't play any tunes, some wounds and scars and many many memories which I would take to the grave (Very fitting memories to share with other undead, maybe even some undead Knights).
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  6. Thinkman

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    Mar 27, 2018
    The House Which Belonged a Knight

    It was another morning in our barracks and I checked the raven cages to see if we had any messages. There it was, a tired old bird resting in the corner, pecking at the rolled paper tied to it's claw. I took it, untied, and read the following words:

    The Manor House which belonged to a Knight who long deserted our lands is about to collapse. As the rightful owner and protecter of the Cove territory we would like prevent unjust claimants of his land. This is our call to his fellow Knights.

    Tahuk of Los Chucros de Cove

    I looked around in panic. All the other Knights have woken up, weared their armors, wielded their swords and left. It was unthinkable that I, only a Knight so green, would take on such a huge responsibility. But I was Thinkman and more importantly I was the only one. So I rode my horse.

    In Britannia, the first to notice a collapsing building and the first to loot it's contents are always ettins. This is a mystery yet to be solved but a fact long proven right. So when I saw the hordes of ettins roaming about Cove, I understood I was too late. Pushing my way through ettins, I found Tahuk, a warrior riding an armored creature and wearing a helmet with great horns. He was fearsome and he was angry. Because there it was, a shapeless shack built on top of the collapsed manor. The person who's name I won't spell was standing inside it and yelling nonsense about being the owner of the place.

    Some other folk arrived, to hunt the ettins and steal the valuables they looted from our fellow Knight. I left the homesteader and Tahuk for a while and slayed some of the ettins. Ettins were carrying benches, chairs, armor, weapons, chests full to the brim with valuables. The stuff an ettin won't buy from the local marketplace. They won't be selling them in a marketplace either, since I slayed them and took these from their gross hands.

    When I turned back, unbelievably, Tahuk was negotiating with the madman, offering an amazing amount of gold to buy the land from him. While I sweated profusely inside my armor, thinking about swords and armor which can be bought with that kind of gold, I said nothing to honor their trade. But the murderer hiding close was less honorable. He came running from the woods swinging a large hammer. I parried the swing with little hassle but he started to run about, trying to lure me away. He was yelling, coming swinging, laughing, running back and coming again, like a complete lunatic. It was hard to keep my posture, but I tried. When he started throwing explosion potions, the condition became unignorable. Leaving the trade negotiations I ran after him, and not wanting to leave me in a fight with a lunatic murderer alone, Tahuk came after me as well.

    The murderer attacked Tahuk, but soon understood he was a tough one and he had no chance against the two of us. He started running away. But soon as we settled ourselves to talk some sense to the other madman who is trying to sell his shack for the price of a castle, murderer came back wreaking havoc. This time I'll take him down I thought, and run after him. Little did I know of the lich resting by the three, picking it's long decayed gums with a splinter he plucked from it's gnarled staff. The lich went forward and paralyez me, than cast a good spell combination you would expect from an old wizard. The murderer did not miss this opportunity, and took me down in an instant.

    When I came back, a little sad about my lost excorsim sword and shiny shield, I saw the man inside the shack asking for even more gold, accusing us of wasting his time. The price Tahuk proposed was already way more than any logical offer. So he was infuriated, riding his wierd armored mount back to Cove. At this moment we understood that the murderer and the man of the shack were actually working together, as they made a synchronised attack to Tahuk as he turned his back. Yet he wasn't born yesterday, and had long noticed the shady collaboration. He had drunk some strength potions earlier in preperation and was able to survive their lowly attempt.

    I took the news about the later events from another raven's claws. The loss we took was turned to a greater victory by a cunning (and rightful) plan, put in motion by Tahuk and Renan. They knew this mad man would not be able to make any good use of his claimed property, but will try to sell it again. They also knew that no man in their right mind would pay even close to what he is asking for. So they disguised themselves and impersonated two possible buyers and went to talk with him. One played a naive, rich buyer, giving the man false hopes of wealth while the other constantly talked the price down, messing with his mind successfully. The man seeing the shiny gold so close, but yet so far, took his price down again and again, desperate to have some of it at least. At the end he agreed to a price much less than his original offer. Serves him right, never take his sword from a Knight, and never try to take land from Los Chucros.
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  7. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    Jan 22, 2013
    Skye Wolfbane, Lynnissia Leoden, Hunter Lorde, Calico Jack, Jade Nevaeh
    Awww the first time my character Jade made it into an RP story! <3
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  8. Thinkman

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    Mar 27, 2018
    Dungeon Crystals and the Doctrine of Chances

    I, Thinkman, a mere young Knight, am having some monetary issues. So a seasoned mage, namely Avalon, suggested me to collect dungeon crystals.

    "What are those crystals, and why would anyone pay for them?" I asked.
    "Well young lad, nobody is going to pay for them" he said.
    "But Ser that is utterly unaccaptable! What I am in dire need of is nothing but shiny gold!" I said.
    "And why do you need the gold for?" he asked.
    "I have heard of relics which give you unmeasurable power. I counted my gold which is collected from orcs of all sizes and shapes (considering how shapeless those creatures are). Once I am finished, I figured I have an impressive amount, enough to buy myself a modest Manor House, fit for a Knight. If that is not a proof of wealth, I didn't know what is. So I approached Gideon, a Knight of ours who is also a skilled merchant." I was saying.
    "And he told you it is worth ten times a Manor" He said.
    "Aye!" I said: "All the richness in Britannia, the gap between the rich and the poor is so overwhelming!".
    "That is why you should try crystals, you see some dungeons have altars which draws power from these crystals. When enough crystals are placed on the altar, one can awaken the master of the dungeon and defeat him. Which MAY be rewarded by a relic." He said.
    "Well Ser, that looks exactly like the oportunity I am in need for, the adventure I am looking for and the challenge I am fit for" I said.

    I got right to the business. I put on my shiniest plate, took my sharpest blade and rode right in to Hytloth. And thusly massacre of vampire bats have started. When I successfully slayed the first one it dropped a whopping amount of 16 gold pieces. I don't come from gold, and I don't waste it. So I took it and added to my purse with gratitude. I must say with regret that my approach changed slightly after the first thousand vampire bats. That day I found a good 12 green shiny cystals and sacrificed them to the altar.


    In the evening, before retreating to my bed in Knights barracks, I stopped by the Tavern of the Knights, on the roof of our headquarters. While sipping an ale and resting my beaten body, I tried to figure out how probable getting a relic is. The chance is infinitessimaly small, yet I was dedicated.

    The next day I went Hytloth again, this time less careful about my equipment. You wouldn't need a very fine sword for slaying vampire bats and hoppers after all. This proved to be a mistake the second I entered a room gargoyles installed theirselves in. Gargoyles were disgusting. There were various foul kinds: shimmering, blistering, sizzling, jizzling gargoyles, you name it. Their strengths were twofold, for once you didn't want to get close to this ultimate showcase of unholiness. Secondly from distance, they were unmatched casters of spells. Poisoned, cursed, wounded and dishonored, I made a run back through the narrow corridors of Hytloth, tripping on chests and stepping on traps. That day I collected a respectable amount of 22 crystals.

    top contributer22.jpg

    In the evening once more I stopped by the Tavern, and thought about the odds of me getting a relic repeating this exercise. Ale was soothing my aching muscles and scorching skin. The stool was much more comfortable than the back of a llama. Ale tasted much better than cure potions. The Innmaster, although just a fat and old man, was so much more beautiful than a gargoyle. And I was able to think. By talking to some and listening to many, I had learned that my chances of getting a relic for each crystal is one out of two hundred. I took a satisfying gulp from my ale and bitten a large chunk from my chicken leg. And I thought if I turn in two hundred crystals I should certainly get a relic. To prove my theory I asked for a pair of dices from the Innmaster. "Here you go lad" he said, probably wondering what use I have for dices when there are no folks around to gamble with. I throw one of the dices six times, and got a six two times. "Aha!" I yelled, seeing this as a sign of me getting not one, but two relics by the time I sacrifice two hundred crystals.

    excorcism sword.jpg

    The next day I was more prepared for the gargoyles with an excorcism sword and all kinds of potions. I slayed many of them, collecting glowing runes of a mysterious language and training my resistance to magic considerably. By the time I was wrapping it up, fed the altar almost enough to summon the evil, I noticed a friendly face. There was Nym, the playful kid, feeding her dragon gazers and elder gazers. I run there and yelled Hail!.

    "Thinkmaaan" she said, jumping around with energy.
    "My little princess, is this place fit for your taste?" I asked looking around the mold covered walls.
    "No its too damp, but my new Dragon likes eating gazers, he says they are soft dumplings" she said.
    "Ohh.." I said, eyeing the gulping beast cautiously.
    "Are you trying to find Crystals?" she asked.
    "Aye, but I am almost done, once the master of this dungeon awakens, I was planning to run" I said.
    "Ahh sounds exciting! Lets kill him!" She said.

    I looked at her with unbelieving eyes. At this moment Obec arrived, a formidable fencer and trustworthy ally. Soon after some other heroes, who's names are forgotten by myself but permanently recorded by history, had also joined our group. I dropped the last crystal inside the altar. Earth started shaking and evil symbols started appearing on the walls. Ceiling was in flames and I was shaken in my armor. I heard a gritty, echoing bellow, telling "I am Adramalech, which pathetic mortal has woken me up!".

    "I did" told Obec casually.
    "What! Why did you tell him that?" I whispered.
    "Yeah cause we are going to slay him" he said.


    After nearly passing out a couple of times I stabilised myself on the back of my llama and drunk some strength potions to build up my courage. We walked down the corridors and reached the deeper parts of the dungeon. We arrived a corridor marked by a suspicious symbol. Obec tried walking down the dark passage, but soon was reflected back by an invisible magic. I tried the same and it ended with the same result. Nym acted smartly and started teleporting across. The magic sensed movement but she was still, yet she was moving, in your ugly face Adramalech. She opened a gate to transfer us once she was at the other side. Soon we gathered at a shady entrance.

    The stairs going down were wet. Yet, a hot air stream running up was burning our faces. We walked cautiously. My excitement was built up to new hights. Being a part of such a heroic battle, fighting side by side with people I am honored to call friends, defeating the evilest of evils with our combined powers, that is why I became a Knight.

    And than I had to leave.

    This has happened to all settlers of Britannia. Sometimes you are summoned to another dimension. A dimension which is known by it's lack of creativity and overflow of errands. A dimension in which you lose your armor, your sword and your magic. A dimension so unfittingly called 'the real life'. When I opened my eyes in Britannia again in the evening, Adramalech was dead and I was awarded the title 'first contributor' by turning in an impressive amount of 26 crystals.

    26 cry.jpg

    To be continued...

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  9. Thinkman

    Thinkman Apprentice

    Mar 27, 2018

    As it was becaming a habit, I once again stopped by our tavern and ordered my ale. Still not being able to get a relic I was starting to think more and more about my chances of obtaining one. To further my dismay, I heard an adventurer collecting almost one thousand crystals and yet to get anything of value. Could my previous reasoning be wrong? Mayhaps I would not get a crystal even when I turn in two hundred crystals?


    This required some hard thinking on my part. No worries, I was Thinkman, although this was my surname, pronounced as Newman, it was still my name. Once again I asked for a dice. Having a sip between each attempt, I threw it six times. I got six once. I threw it six more times, I got six twice. I threw it six more times and this time I got no six. My good Sers and Ladies I got no six. I tried to calculate it in my head. Everytime I threw the dice, my chances of getting a six was one out of six. Getting two sixes in a row should be 1/6 of 1/6, so 1/36. But wait this is of no use. I should calculate my chances of not getting a six. I should get anything other than six every 5 times out of 6. Getting anything but six, six times in a row should happen 5/6 of 5/6 of 5/6 of 5/6 of 5/6 of 5/6 of the time. I was getting drunk and there was no way I could count those numbers.

    So I took a gold coin from my purse. And flipped it twice, hoping for heads. Reasonably it was one heads and one tails. I flipped it again and this time it was head twice. I flipped it once more and this time it was two tails. Aha!. This time it was simple. Evet though my chance of getting heads is 1/2 in each flip, my getting at least one heads in two flips was actually 3/4 as the four options were heads-tails, tails-heads, heads-heads and tails-tails. My reasoning was wrong to begin with. After turning 200 crystals, my chance of getting a relic was much smaller than %100, even though it's chance of happening was once out of 200 times. Mind boggling as it was, I slept good that night, probably thanks to good ale served in our tavern.

    Next day I was dedicated to work hard. At that point I was already familiar with the dangers Hytloth can throw on you. When I saw the vampire bats, I was seeing numbers. My eyes were probably the green of crystals. I have woken up the gargoyles from their nasty dreams or slayed them in their filthy beds. I slayed their slaves and masters alike. Driven crazy by numbers, drinking and a whirlpool of hopes and dreams I slayed whatever I saw. There were so many crystals that chests at my cabin were full and I had to store them elsewhere. There were other adventurers searching for crystals too but they had no choice but to retreat against my persistent, hungry, lunatic massacre. That day I sacrificed an unparalelled amount of 34 crystals.

    34 cry.jpg

    While waiting for the results, drinking my ale and chatting with the inn master, he brought the pair of dice, this time without me asking. "Why not" I figured and also asked for a piece of parchment and a pen. I started throwing them again and again and recording the result of each six throw. After many ales and even more numbers on a paper, I counted the results. I got 'at least one six in six throws' 68 times. I got 'no six in six throws' 32 times. These were not the numbers I hoped for. I cried myself to sleep and dreamed about drunk gargoyles throwing glowing runes at me. Runes were numbers.

    The next morning I didn't go to Hytloth. I put on my armor and hang my sword on my waist all the same. But this time I wen to our library. I asked for another piece of parchment and pen and concentrated on the mathematical art. Believe me or not, I calculated 5/6 of 5/6 of 5/6 of 5/6 of 5/6 of 5/6. The result was unbelievably 33/100. You could get 'a six in six throws' only 66 of 100 times. My chance of getting at least one six, when I throw a six sided dice six times, is actually much less than %100. So counter-intuitive, yet it was a true fact. I tried it with different numbers, different probabilities and the percentage was always close to this ratio. At this point I, Thinkman, can safely claim that if the chance of something happening is 1 out of X times, and you try it X times, the chance of it happening is something in between %60 and %66. I will call this thinking process 'the Doctrine of Chances' and record it here in my diary for the good citizens of Britannia.

    That morning the Doctrine of Chances was not the only thing I found out. I have also noticed that I have a serious drinking and gambling problem. The more crystals I return and get nothing, the more I became addicted, and the more I drunk. Those green crystals can make a green Knight crazy. Yet we Knights have a line of quests which reward you for your effort. It is stated clearly in our old manuscripts, detailing necessary achievements, documentation and the rewarding ceremony. Gods of chance and probability may have forsaken me, but my fellow Knights never would.
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  10. Thinkman

    Thinkman Apprentice

    Mar 27, 2018

    It has happened to many a Knight, many a mage, many a master of beasts. Thou struggle to achieve a goal, believing verily that your goal is nigh, but a few steps ahead. But after so many attempts thou are left with naught, thy body forworn, thy will broken. Don't give up fellow adventurer, this Knight did not.

    After sennights spent in dark, wet dungeons I cursed my wanion and nigh gave up. My sword dulled and my armor rusted. But eft last night I went to Hytloth. Not to find my fortune thither, but to not lose my trust in myself. I killed gargoyles not for green crystals but to prove I am not an otiose commoner, but a Knight. Last night I turned in a mere 10 crystals.

    Last night, I collected my guerdon.

    It came in the shape of a mysterious, dark green relic, fitting to many green crystalls I collected. A relic of a shadow disciple. Whilom I was a Knight with monetary problems, now meseems a Knight with considerable wealth. Certes mebelieves not more of a Knight nor less, but I am telling this story so mayhap it encourages goodly people of Britannia on their quests.

  11. Dellan

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    Aug 8, 2013
    This is a good reading.
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  12. Thinkman

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    Mar 27, 2018
    The Treasure Hunt

    This adventure started when I found a tattered map, crudely marking a spot in a remote Island of Sosaria. It was hardly readable for me and I didn't recognise the mountain line to the north nor the mass of water to the south. Could have been nothing of import but I had decided to take it to Minus, the go to lass of Knights when it comes to hidden treasures.

    Whenas I took it to her, she rolled up the sleeves of her yellow robe and anon got to working. She looked fain with the work. "Ah this map is ingenious" she said. Then she looked inly and said "Hold on, I have read about this place afore. It was in the library of our Hall of Legends. I can open a gate thither betimes. Howbeit we shall seek some assistance as such treasures are oftentimes guarded by monsters."

    "No worries m'lady, I am a Knight of Sir, of surety I am the assistance you seek" I said.
    "Well have you ever fought toe to toe with an ancient wyrm good lad?" she asked.
    "I shall call for assistance fortwith m'lady" I said.

    The assistance came in the form of a drunk bard Knight named Toolman. Drunk musicians are of essence for most Knightly activites like drinking, jousting, dueling, kicking up a dust of many kinds. Natheless not the kind I expected to be of great help for ancient wyrms. Parcel I was wrong, parcel spot on.

    Me and Ser Toolman went thro the gate of Lady Minus and stepped into a dense forest. Eft Lady Minus grabbed a shovel and started digging. To no avail I tried to take the command of the shovel and save m'lady from the dirty and tiresome work. She did not let go of the tool and belike she was faster than me in digging.

    Toolman, a noble Ser most of the time methinks, was drinking constantly, yelling, cursing, letting out gas from both ends and swoopstakingly shooting wandering animals with his crossbow. No wonder he felt crapulous the next morrow. But on that day, Ser Toolman was gladsome.

    "Aye, it is coming" Lady Minus said. And soon from the hole she had dug open, I saw eyne gazing the blue sky and green trees ripe enough to be conquered. The earth swelled like the belly of a dead whale. The beast rised out of the earth and shaked it's enormous wings. I shut my eyne with the strenght of the wind and mayhap with fear as well. Other smaller beasts started climbing up from the now enormous crater on the ground.

    That is whenas I learned why Lady Minus agreed bringing a drunk bard with the twain of us. Maugre being drunk Ser Toolman started playing an enchanting melody. The melody was so strange, beauteaus yet annoying. I felt the beast getting uneasy and confused. It didn't seem to pay attention to three small human beings and soon thought an ogre lord a better piece to chew.

    I was in yoicks as Ser Toolman played his melodies. One after the other beasts started fighting each other. I waited, sword in hand, and watched and enjoyed the apocalypse before my eyne. They bit each other, kicked each other, fisted each other, casted spells on each other and poisoned each other while we watched. When it was over Ser Toolman played one last tune and promptly said "Did ye like that song lad?".

    Under a pile of smelly carcasses we located our treasure chest. Lady Minus worked on the lock for a while. I heard a loud click as she sighed and stood gracefully. "Few steps back lads" she said and walked behind us herself. She casted a spell unknown to me and the chest banged open with an explosion. A shiny load of treasure appeared inside the chest like a sudden sunrise. It was a large chest and filled to the brim with gold and jewels and various artifacts.

    I, Thinkman, remember thinking I shall never underestimate a flute again. I remember Ser Toolman saying in a swizzled voice "Aye, forgot about the second wyrm". I don't remember the rest.
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  13. Thinkman

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    Mar 27, 2018
    The Tea Time Adventure

    We Knights recently had a tea time meeting. We did not sip fine Sosarian tea and bit crispy cookies of Nym, We did not dress up in fine silk garments and sat on soft velvet pillows. We did not discuss schooling of our moppets and neighbour's new yew wood deck. Instead we drunk some ale, dressed up steel armor, sat on the back of our steeds and rode for adventure yelling "Huzzah!".

    First we decided to go to Booty dungeon. This place comes up quite a lot in our old manuscripts and whosoever read them will know its not an ilke place. It is full of unnatural and evil creatures but it holds out what it is named after: booty. Eft hearing the word, younger lads and moppets may think about arse, which 'when fine' could be an invaluable gift as well, but that was not the booty we were looking for. For a Knight that kind of thing comes second after adventure, and depending on the Knight mayhap third, after adventure and ale.

    We were quite the lot with Ruxbi, a grandmaster in all bard skills, Serpenthelm in addition to being a bard, who is also a flawless archer, Zepherus a formidable Knight, Minus an invariable element of most Knightly activites and those whose name elude my memory. We walked in foul smelling narrow corridors, knee-deep in green swamp. Splashing acid from the elementals we faught melted the metal of our weapons, their poison set our blood and skin on fire. The rotten and ashy smell of the undead burnt our noses. Amazons (whom had both kind of booties in their disposal) pierced our shields with their spears and burst our ears with their shrieks. But it was worth it. The gold was so plenty that we still had to leave some behind despite drinking strength potion after strength potion.

    Erewhile I had already learned that for Knights this was but a warm up. Eftsoons we marched to assist a leader of Trin and head of family Alduin, Avalon Alduin. When meself, Serpenthelm and Minus arrived there he was fighting alone inside a gate of fire. A gate to an evil dungeon in which devourer of souls and tentacles of hell were lurking. While booty dungeon smelled bad, this place made me wish I was born without a nose. To this day I think it would have been a fair trade.

    The passage inside was blocked by tentacles whipping the life out of us. There was no way to go besides running thorugh it's beating. It's slashes cut deep in our armor and deeper in our flesh. We shot it from a distance and proceeded forward. A devourer of souls, a paragon of it's kind, came bellowing from the shadows. It's belly was open like a gutted animal and sharp teeth were protruding from it's sides. It was hitting so hard that my shield felt heavy as an ox. Yet I did my best to keep it up. Minus and Serpenthelm shooted arrows, and Avalon Anduin casted magic while all kept healing me. Walking the path of defense is such: thou get thy scitan beated out of thou and yet still feel pride afterwards. I recommend it.

    Beast after beast had fallen before us. Yet the evilest of all evils still walk on two legs, looks and talks like us. While we were getting nigh the end of our noble fight, murderers from Werkt guild showed up. By this time Lady Minus and Ser Avalon Alduin had been unable to fight anymore. Me and Serpenthelm were the only twain standing. At first they were one mage and one warrior. It was a battle of attrition. While we were not geared nor skilled for killing our own kind, we did not just keep them in their place, we took down the warrior and forced the mage to retreat. But in the process Serpenthelm, a man of strings be it bows or harps, was high strung with troubles beyond our realm, and had to leave.

    Upon his departure a man I thought lost has risen. Ser Avalon Anduin came as a hurricane of spells. Werkt kept coming rising their fallen and increasing in numbers. We faught, we healed each other, we resisted. I am a shieldfighter. I am tough to kill but also inapt to kill. Ser Avalon is a specialist in hunting beasts instead of man as well. Despite that we resisted for a long time. We were out of resources but not will. Will itself was not enough against their numbers and lust of blood. We have fallen and lost our rewards to those lowly creatures.

    Mayhap we have lost the gate of fire to those dastardly beings which I am doleful to call human. But one Knight arrived too late. One Knight gave them some needful schooling. Ser Mormont is one of our Dragon Knights.

    Thou may have met a Knight or two fighting a wandering Balrog back to it's lair or slaying a bunch of Gargoyles. They may seem people minding their own business and not prepared to fight back an ambush of murderers. This is scarcely true. But Knights have a special division which are called Dragon Knights. Distinguishable from their helmets tailored with dragon scales of each color. They walk a different path. They live a hard life, far from earthly possessions. Their business is with afterworld. Sending evil people to afterworld.

    It is said that once upon a time, in a hideout of murderers such was written on the wall with blood: "If you see a man fighting a beast, attack and kill. If you see a Knight fighting a beast, run and hide. If you see a Dragon Knight fighting anything, don't bother running and hiding, he will find you."

    Ser Mormont is a Dragon Knight. He was fought off from the gate with Werkt tamers flooding the place with their degenerated beasts. But maugre being alone he wreaked havoc in the woods around. Murderers swith ran before him, somedeal hurt and much more scared.

    I can not help thinking: if Ser Mormont arrived a tiny bit earlier, Lady Minus had left a tiny bit later or we had somedeal of good fortune, the balance may have shifted in our favor. But past is past and time moves fast. Our alliance have many strenghts in it's disposal. In addition to Alduin Family, there are other strong families. In addition to Dragon Knights, there are Trinsic Guards. In adition to Trinsic there are Paws and Los Chucros and more. I, Thinkman, am but one man in steel. But I am one of a family with immense depth and strength, bonded together with virtues extending beyond realms. Egad, I wish to keep recording my adventures with them all.
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  14. AreYouKidden

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    Mar 28, 2017
    Avalon Alduin, Achilles Alduin, Adams Alduin, Axgalor Alduin, Whisky Walt, Luke Thighwalker, AreYouKidden, Rusty Cleaver, The Mad Hatter
    Avalon pens a letter to his friend, and brethren the Knight Thinkman

    It was a grand fight indeed, and you accounted yourself well Thinkman. I thought we actually had them at one point, but alas - not having the skill & knowledge to do away with other humans, eventually the horde over took us. That was my first experience in a straight up RDA fight - it was interesting in many ways, but going toe to toe with a tamer on foot, we were definitely out of our element.. I also didn't realize that the magical forces won't let you escape the RDA if you are in combat.. A loss that day, was a gain in knowledge, and knowledge is power..

    We are stronger for it my friend.

    Yours Truly,

    Avalon Alduin
    Arch Magus, House Alduin
    Citizen Ambassador of TRIN
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  15. Thinkman

    Thinkman Apprentice

    Mar 27, 2018
    The Knight With a Box Full of Heads
    For us Knights Ratman Valley, or Valley of Virtues as we call it is a sacred place. We live there and feel obliged to protect it from evil of all sizes and shapes. If you ask our elders they will tell how Orcs took it from the Ratman and we took it from them, with war over war, one squaremeter at a time. Being the keeper of a place here, be it a shack, a manor or a whole castle, is an unparalled honour. That is why when a raven flew inside hailstone from an open tower window and started croaking “Rendlesham! Reginald, Rendlesham!”, I, Thinkman, was the person who got excited the most. The raven brought the news that Ser Reginald was finally visiting the valley and planning to transer the keys of our stables to my humble self.

    I was up early that day riding my llama with the first light, planning to arrive early to wait Ser Reginald’s arrival. However as soon as I got close, the double iron doors of the stables swung open with an amazing force, hinges creaking and rust raining. There was Ser Reginald, a man with a chest wide like a stone table and shoulders broad as the mast of a ship. His armor was encrusted with salt and rust but his heavy hammer was shining like the shimmering sea. “A clear sign of what is used more often” I remember thinking.

    “Come’ere lad” he yelled with a deep and booming voice. “Hail Ser” I answered, visibly intimidated. When I was stepping inside he hit my back in a friendly manner, causing me to take two steps more involuntarily. His horse was munching a sheaf of hay inside of the small stone building, and there were neatly organised crates and boxes around. He went on to digging in one of those and continued yelling inside the crate: “Sir told me you will be a suitable keper for this place, I have been on the sea for a while now and will sail again shortly. It’s been so long that I forgot what is inside most of those. Aye! This one is full of potions, probably went past their date of expiry”. He drunk one and told “Hmm good actually. And some bandages and herbs, move these to the headquarters”. With an easy motion he moved the crate to the side, leaving a trail of dust on the floor and opened the second one. “Oh aye! Look at tis full of armor, take what ye use and move the rest to the armory”. “…Aye here is a mote of rare cloth and some buckam”. “…Aye here is a pouch of gems, donate these”. “…Aye tis is full of weapons, take what ye need and move hammers to my personal chest.”

    I was standing behind him, trying to be helpful but utterly helpless. I had made up my mind to look honorable with my better armor and sword, reminded meself of my accomplishments as a Knight if it comes to sharing those and prepared good words to sound noble. Ser Reginald was more interested with boxes full of dust (and a considerable amount of treasure I admit, especially those skill scrolls). With his quick and heavy body he moved to another corner, opened a wooden box and put is head half inside, in one swift motion. Head still inside the big box he yelled “Come’ere lad”. I ran eager to help and he opened the lid wide, exposing the filtiest scitan hole of hell. “…Aye, these are the heads of those hugger-mugger thief scum I have killed over the years.” He told with the most genuine joy on his wide grin. My breakfast was pushing its way up as I examined the shriveled heads which looked like rotten melons. “Aye Ser, will move these to yer personal chest” I said. He nodded firmly with a smile and fortunately closed the lid, protecting sosaria from an evil invasion of horrible stink.

    While Ser Reginald was opening a new hallway of memories with each box, a table with dice and a book catched my attention. “What about these Ser?” I asked, shuffling the pages casually. It looked like a report of many gambling sessions, with notable names mentioned. “Pentagruel 500 gold coins, Rick, 700 gold coins” and such. “thou want to try some dice Ser? I am quite lucky” I said. I felt like he looked at me the first time since my arrival, making me nervous. “Aye, mayhap we will do that in a bit” he said. And we did, after he showed me another two floors full of boxes and memories and informed me of what to do with them all.

    When I was trying to calculate how many pack horses will I need “And withal we are done” he said: “Now come to the roof”. My nostrils clogged with dust flared with the fresh air. I watched the top of trees and surrounding mountains. “Com’ere lad threw a pair” he boomed. “Aye Ser!” I said and threw the wooden cubes with eagerness. It was a 6,5. “Thou were not lying about yer luck” he said: “But we are looking for snake’s eyes”. “Pardon me Ser?” I said. “Snake’s eyes, double 1s. Let us set an amount, 10 gold pieces are fine” he told. At first I thought tis was too humble of an amount but soon I changed my mind. The game went like this: thou roll the dice, if its not snake’s eyes add 10 gold to the stack, I roll the dice if no 1,1s I add another 10. Soon as someone rolls snake’s eyes he takes all the stack.

    First 50 rolls or so went causally, but then the stack started to get large enough to buy a good set of armor or a fine sword. And we started to get frustrated. I rolled, got a 6,6, “Gah!” I yelled with disappointment. Ser Reginald laughed. It was like a barrel of rocks shaking. He threw and it was 1,2. He yelled and smashed both of his fists on the table testing the strength of the wood. The dice jumped and turned to become a 1,1 and he started yelling and smashing with a new found intensity. I tried a different approach by taking of my plate gloves and throwing the dice more delicately. It was a 3,3 this time, worthless. This seemed to cheer Ser Reginald up. He reached his bag to provide a scissor. He rubbed it and placed on the table with great care. “Lets try these lucky scissor” he told rubbing and blowing the dice. He threw and it was a 2,2. He roared with anger and threw the scissor off the roof. I showed the courage of smirking a little and took the dice and threw another 3,3. I groaned with disappointment as he was reaching for the dice again. This went for a while. A long-long while.

    All the while Ser Reginald decorated our game with amazing stories from the past. Like their hunts, outdoor tournements before even Hailstone castle was built and pet fights. Aye thou heard me right, pet fights, with pets of all kinds and sizes from rats to gorillas. He told me about the squirrel Captain Pentagruel brought to a fight. A real killer, who ripped apart Ser Reginalds beloved dog. The dice were not in my favor, nor Ser Reginald’s but I was not protesting. Then all of a sudden he rolled snake’s eyes. I looked at the dice with one line each with unbelieving eyes. Ser Reginald laughed and laughed, smashing and making a mess of the surroundings and collected the gold with great joy. “But-but-but, I never lose at gambling!” I said. I seriously don’t. “Ye met Reginald lad” he told. He stood up and looked toward the horizon mysteriously. His eyes seemed to search for something invisible. “Well did ye see where did the damn scissor land now” he said.
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  16. Thinkman

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    Mar 27, 2018
    The Worn Out Shield
    Gushing winds flowing in from a shattered window of our headquarters. I am sitting in a corner wrapped in my heavy cape. Cold is passing through the stone wall, the iron armor crafted by a Knight, my cotton shirt and still chilling my back. Blue evening light is pouring in as cold as the wind. It is time to accept summer is over. There are wooden tables and benches, all empty. The bar seems wiped clean, and there is nothing on it but a half-full bottle of wine. It is mine. Our tavern is empty.

    It is a good time to think.

    I look at my shield which is quite worn and my mind drifts back as naturally as an armored warrior sinking in the sea. I arrived in Sosaria more than two hundred days ago. Right in front of this building I joined the Knights with a ceremony. Warden Talmanes was there, and Captain Failonis and Sergeant Dox. I believe Ser Rick was there, as who else would celebrate a new recruit by firing cannons on him? If the hits on my helm didn’t alter the my memory we delved right in the action from the first day with a training session organised by our Warden. I took a lot of hits on the head during that event.

    Knights are an outstanding bunch. They are tough. Most of them have walked the path of resilliance with great success. I have chosen the same path. I needed shields and our General donated me dozens of them. I wondered what to do with so much shields at the time. By now I worn out almost all of them. How the hell did I worn out so many shields?

    That is a long and colorful story.

    Many times I was the part of our shield wall in the orc champion. I blocked many of their warlord’s arrows when they were infesting our lands as well. We fended off invasions in major cities. We went to many dungeon adventures. I held balrons and titans on bay at treasure hunts. I worn my shields out by fighting gargoyles in Hytloth, a craze I shared with many Knights. I blocked mace and axe hits of murderers with those huge pieces of steel. Can’t forget ogre lords, as they trashed many of my beautiful gifts. Combat training with Ser Yuhber, Captain Faillonis, Warden and others wasted my shields pretty quickly as well. Those shields were the only thing between a callow Knight and Dragons in Destard, Elementals in Shame, Undead in Booty, Demons in Abyss, creatures of cold in Ice and countless more evil.

    Today I am holding the last of them and it is quite worn.

    I no longer find it appropriate to call meself a callow Knight. Even though compared to our elders, by all means I am too green, I still don’t. Because I have been deemed worthy of the noblest of all titles, a Knight Council Member. All it took was an enormous amount of shields and a yet larger amount of fun. Wondering if this new title will take me away from the field and force me to sit on a stone chair more often, I dive deeper in my thoughts and drift off to sleep. I dreamed an amazon trusting her spear in my kidney again and again with no success.

    I am being poked awake by an armored finger. “Hey Think, tired already lad?” says captain Pentagruel. Now the tavern of Knights is lit by warm lights and noisy with chatter and laughter. Smell of Ale and roasted meat is filling the room, topping the smell of wet iron and capes. Ser Mormont is hitting his table again and again with his fist, laughing in tears. Warden, a mountain of a man with a snowy top of long hair and beard looks at him all serious. And mutters one word with a serious face. Ser Mormont now is laughing so much, he is on the verge of suffocating. Captain Faillonis, Baron Sesshemaru and Ser Rick are busy discussing on a map. General Minus, always a lady of few words, enters the room unannounced. She is not the kind to sit around much, but comes to my table. “A merchant is looking for thee” she says and walks away, probably to throw some daggers and destroy our dart board.

    I know who the merchant is. He is from LosBR. He brought me shields. Hopefully enough for another two hundred days.

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