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An empty throne

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Skye Wolfbane, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    Jan 22, 2013
    Skye Wolfbane, Lynnissia Leoden, Hunter Lorde, Calico Jack, Jade Nevaeh

    Skye sat with her feet up on her desk at the Town Hall, casually tossing a roll of yarn into the air and catching it.

    “Busy day, Governor?” Mordoc said walking into the Governor's Office. He chuckled and sat down across from Skye.

    “Oh, hush,” she said sitting up and tossing the yard at her lieutenant governor playfully. “You're as equally unbusy as I am these days.”

    “Not true,” he said. “I've been quite busy keeping the Keg and Anchor staff busy.”

    Skye smirked and ran her hand through her hair brushing the front back from her face.

    “Trinsic hardly needs me anymore,” she said. “The city is thriving. Citizens are happy. The streets are safe.”

    Mordoc nodded.

    “The rest of Sosaria is far from it; however,” Mordoc said. “The cities still under Britannia's rule are a mess. There's no leader. The King has been in hiding for years. He makes an appearance every couple of years and poofs away again. There's no order. It's chaos out there.”

    “Maybe you should take over and become Queen of the world,” he added, chuckling.

    Mordoc's use of the word “queen” was in jest. The Knights looked to Skye as Queen of Trinsic. No matter how she argued with Sir Rendleham he refused to call her anything else. Soon all the Knights referred to her as queen. It caught on, with Trinsic citizens soon greeting her using the term as well.

    “Good day My Queen.” “The Queen is here!”

    Skye stopped trying to correct them and eventually, she stopped blushing each time it was said. She was honored her people would bestow such a title to her despite it being only that – a title of honor.

    And yet..Why not? she thought.

    “You know....” she looked at Mordoc. “It's not a … terrible idea.”

    Mordoc raised a brow but didn't say anything. He knew that look. Skye was formulating a plan in her head.

    “People already call me queen,” she said. “The world is in chaos like you said. They need us. They need Trinsic rule. We could provide them the order they need. The cities could thrive like Trinsic. We could send word to our allies … Together, we fight for order, for honor, for freedom from Britain rule. As Trinsic became a free state, we can liberate the others. Clear the streets of murdering scum. Bring those clan to their knees that think they can kill relentlessly whenever and wherever they wish ...”

    Skye went on, pacing back and forth, rambling to Mordoc. Finally, she stopped and looked at him.

    “Well? Am I crazy”

    “Oh, for sure. But, maybe just crazy enough to do this,” he said.

    Skye looked at her long-time friend. She knew he would stand at her side no matter what crazy plan she came up with.

    “Call a meeting of the alliance,” she said.
  2. Luna Keiki

    Luna Keiki New Member

    Jan 11, 2018
    Tedra Dreagon; Sabyen Dreagon; Shay Dreagon; Astraea Delos; Scales Delphi

    “Ugh!”, Shay exclaims as she jumps off her mare, she doffed her helmet and strides towards the Northern Keep. She notices a healer at the edge of the keep, “Hail and well met healer, how goeth this fine eve?”

    The healer looks up at the weary knight, a smile across his visage, “Very well mistress. Not many hast pass the road the present day.”

    “Ah, it might not be but most wonderous a fine day then?”

    "Humph, aye, aye", the healer nods and dismisses the knight, muttering, “a fine day, a very fine day forsooth.”

    Shay shrugs and continues towards the keep. As the lady gets closer, her cousin Clotho steps out blocking the door, “Cousin” she said sharply, her arms crossed over her chest.

    Clotho hands her an envelope, "A messenger hath left this.” She points at the envelope, “It bears the seal of Trinsic? What do ye regard the Queen wants?”

    “Shush cousin, giveth me yet a moment…” as the lady tears the seal off the envelope. The lady’s eyes skim the missive, then looks up at Clotho, "A summons to the Queen’s City…” her words trail off as she continues to read.

    Clotho’s brows raise as her face shows a sign of understanding, yet still full of confusion. Her weight shifting between both feet and mouth agape, a soft “oh” escaped from her lips while she steps out of Shay’s way.

    Shay ponders as she steps into the Keep, "Hmmm, what hast happened…?"
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  3. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    Jan 22, 2013
    Skye Wolfbane, Lynnissia Leoden, Hunter Lorde, Calico Jack, Jade Nevaeh
    The leaders of the Alliance of the South gathered around the large stone table in the structure hidden deep in Paws. It appeared to be just a large home, as most were in Paws. It was a safe place to go for the council to meet since Trinsic proclaimed its intent to take the crown in Britannia.

    “Tahuk, how did things go in Cove?” Skye asked the leader of LosBR.

    “Good. We had little resistance from the citizens there. Most know of us already and were happy to agree to fall under your reign,” he said. “A few said they were remaining loyal to Lord British.”

    “What did you do with them?” Skye asked.

    “We are holding them in custody,” Tahuk said.

    Skye nodded in approval. She stood and walked over to the serving table behind her and poured a glass of water.

    “Take them to Trinsic and have them work on the docks,” she said, taking a sip. “Maybe after spending some time there, they will see the good we have done and will eventually learn who should sit on the throne … Oh, and make sure their families receive their pay.”

    Across the table, Horseface scoffed. One of the leaders of the mercenary group Skye hired to help fill in gaps to their army, he was given nickname due to the deformity to his face caused by a drunken midwife when his mother gave birth to him in the backroom of a tavern.

    “Why do we take prisoners and keep their families fat on our coin?” he bellowed. “I say we kill anyone who refuses to bow down, including the women and children. Burn their homes too!” Behind him, his men raised their mugs and shouted various battle cries.

    “That's not how we will take Britannia,” she said, glaring at Horseface. “We fight when we need and use force when we need. But killing woman and children is not how we are going to win the respect of the other cities.”

    “We don't need their respect as long as they fear us,” said Mushroom Jesus, Horseface's right-hand man, taking a long hit of the hookah pipe in the middle of the room.

    “The cities will agree to follow me because they know I have their best interest at heart and I will rule with fairness and civility while ridding the world of people like...” She stopped herself after Blaine the Gypsy elbowed her none too lightly in the hip.

    “My men are paid to win, and we will do that the way we know how,” Horseface said, standing.

    Skye sat down slowly, brushing her azure hair away from her face. After taking another sip of water, she put the cup down, folded her hands in front of her and looked up at Horseface.

    “Then consider yourself fired,” she said. Horseface glared at the governor of Trinsic and then motioned for his men to follow him out of the door.

    The others turned to look at Skye, most with an almost relieved look on their faces.

    “We will do this the honorable way,” she said.

    “I think you've made some more enemies,” Tahuk said, grinning slightly.

    Skye shrugged. “Add them to the list,” she said. “Now, let's talk about Moonglow...”
  4. indika

    indika Neophyte

    May 27, 2017
    A petite figure, shrouded in a orange robe and draped in a purple cloak, walking alongside her trusted nightllama companion, allowing him to rest from carrying the burden of her weight, "Don't worry old friend, we are almost home. We will be there soon, where we can finally rest." Although she knew this was a lie, she was at least thankful that she could entertain an animal this way, and not her family. Her family was slaughtered long before she even had her own identity. She was an orphan, left wandering the streets of Trinsic. That was before she found her way into the conglomerate of the Southern Alliance. That was all before she was exiled from the only place that ever made her feel like she was at home.

    When she joined the Alliance, she felt like it was her duty to protect her new home. She was quick to pledge her allegiance to Mushroom Jesus, the True Leader and Defender of the City of Trinsic. Mushroom helped the girl control her anger and emotions, and she learned how to fight by the Virtue of Justice, not Deceit. Her newly-founded life mission was to protect her new home, and her new allies, friends, and family. That was very short-lived, however.

    The power-hungry politicians within the Alliance became wary of the rising popularity of Mushroom Jesus within their ranks. Perhaps they felt a coup was approaching, perhaps one still is. None of that matters now. Anyone and everyone who was even considered associated with Mushroom Jesus was forcibly removed from the City and the Alliance, without question or even a moment of opportunity for diplomacy. The girl was quickly castigated, and exiled from her new home, after finally feeling accepted, and welcomed somewhere in the world. As an orphan, it was important for her to have some sense of community. All of that was ruined by the people in power, deep within the ranks of the Southern Alliance. People she hadn't ever even heard of or seen anywhere in the city or world. Men who had never fought alongside her at the many raids, champions, and spawns that the girl was doing with the Alliance itself. The people who determined her fate were ghosts.

    The guards of the city apprehended her and threw her outside of the gates, without any sort of fair trial or judgement by her peers. She could see the fear in their eyes as she cursed them. She knew in a fair fight, none of them could do anything to touch her. But there were simply too many of them and she had to comply with their uncivil demands to leave the city of Trinsic, "Get out of here, there is no place for you here. You go with the rest of the exiles."

    "There's monsters out here, and murderers. How do you expect us to survive?" the girl exclaimed to them, trying to plead with her aggressors.

    "That's none of our concern, now. Get out and do not return here, or you will be very sorry," they responded. The girl scoffed, knowing they couldn't be serious.

    "What about everything we did to help? I did everything I could as soon as I got here to protect this place. I wrote SO MANY scrolls and manuscripts for the city. Does none of that matter?" the girl continued to try and be diplomatic, but her efforts were in vain. The individuals who banished her, never even took the chance to get to know her before condemning her to exile, hell, they hadn't even been seen in out in broad daylight for months before now.

    She was banished and thrown out of the city, her home, with a group of individuals she assumed were found "guilty" of the same crime she was, true loyalty. These were the people she knew she could depend on. She saw Mushroom Jesus among them, and Horseface.

    She looked at Mushroom for further guidance, "Where do we go now? We have no home. Our friends and allies have exiled us. We are starving, and cold. What are we going to do?"

    "We will do whatever it is we have to do, now." Mushroom, with his wise and calm, collected mannerisms, responded back to the girl, The girls eyes misted over, she took the reins of her trusted, nightllama companion, "I trust you. I will follow you."
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  5. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    Jan 22, 2013
    Skye Wolfbane, Lynnissia Leoden, Hunter Lorde, Calico Jack, Jade Nevaeh
  6. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    Jan 22, 2013
    Skye Wolfbane, Lynnissia Leoden, Hunter Lorde, Calico Jack, Jade Nevaeh
    Governor Skye Wolfbane called her army back to Trinsic, putting her plans to take the throne in Brittania on hold.

    It was time to save Trinsic against the undead curse that plagued her city and several others - Minoc, Cove and Vesper.

    But home came first.

    “What are you doing?” Jade asked Skye who was strapping a knife to her belt and adjusting her armor.

    “What's it look like?” Skye said, not looking at her cousin and confidant. “I'm going to Papua with the Guard to help close the gate.”

    Jade gave Skye “that look.”

    Turning to her friend, Skye put her hand on Jade's shoulder.

    “I can't just sit here,” she said. “Trinsic is safe. You and the others have defended her well. I need you here with that...huge spider...to fight off the undead."

    “Besides..if we can pull this off, it only helps our cause.”

    Jade looked annoyed.

    “This cause will be the death of you!” She walked out of the room, her anger coming from her concern. Pausing, she turned around and ran to Skye, hugging her. “Don't die. I'll have a bottle of wine ready when you return.”



    Skye and the others stepped through the gate to Papua. The rancid smell immediately overtook her and she gagged.

    “Watch out!” someone yelled as a horde of zombies headed in their direction.

    “I got it!” Skye yelled back, drawing her short spear and plunging it into the heads of the undead.

    The group made their way through the streets of Papua, now covered with bodies.

    “To the mage shop!” Ztek shouted to the others.

    Skye made her way through the debris and uncovered the broken pentagram.


    “Over here!” she shouted.

    It took a good bit of time but the group managed to replace the broken pieces of the pentagram together while the mages worked on casting spells to close the portal. Once it was closed, the only way back would be the pentagram.

    “Let's hope this works,” Skye said.

    “You first My Queen,” Basket said. “Don't argue,” he added when he saw Skye's mouth open to protest.

    Raising a brow, Skye looked Basket a moment and then loudly said, “Recsu.'


    The remaining undead in Trinsic, Cove, Minoc and Vesper were eradicated shortly after the gate was closed. Word of the Alliance of the South's bravery spread quickly.

    It wasn't hard to get many of the other cities to bend their knee to Skye and pledge their support in her request; however, a few remained suspicious and fearful of the retribution from Britannia's guard.

    Skara Brae was one of those cities. Under the control of Jack Villeneuve of FLQ, Skye arranged for a meeting with him at the Town Hall in Trinsic.

    After hours of debate and discussion, FLQ pledged their support and joined the Alliance.

    “I look forward to a tour of Skara, Mr. Villeneuve,” she said as they she showed him around Trinsic. “Together, we can achieve much. I feel this strongly.”

    Villeneuve agreed and smiled at Skye.

    “I feel this as well,” he said nodding. “Skara will fight alongside Trinsic and our other allies and once you are on the throne, we will all be better off.”

    They spoke of the future and then parted ways. Their next hurdle was Buc's Den, an unruly place filled with pirates, cutthroats and murderers. It won't be an easy task. Any attempts of diplomacy have been ignored.

    Skye was sure the alliance was up for such a fight, but her army was tired and needed rest before heading to Skara. She left the Town Hall and headed to Jade's house for some wine.

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