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An empty throne

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Skye Wolfbane, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

    Jan 22, 2013
    Skye Wolfbane, Lynnissia Leoden, Hunter Lorde, Calico Jack, Jade Nevaeh

    Skye sat with her feet up on her desk at the Town Hall, casually tossing a roll of yarn into the air and catching it.

    “Busy day, Governor?” Mordoc said walking into the Governor's Office. He chuckled and sat down across from Skye.

    “Oh, hush,” she said sitting up and tossing the yard at her lieutenant governor playfully. “You're as equally unbusy as I am these days.”

    “Not true,” he said. “I've been quite busy keeping the Keg and Anchor staff busy.”

    Skye smirked and ran her hand through her hair brushing the front back from her face.

    “Trinsic hardly needs me anymore,” she said. “The city is thriving. Citizens are happy. The streets are safe.”

    Mordoc nodded.

    “The rest of Sosaria is far from it; however,” Mordoc said. “The cities still under Britannia's rule are a mess. There's no leader. The King has been in hiding for years. He makes an appearance every couple of years and poofs away again. There's no order. It's chaos out there.”

    “Maybe you should take over and become Queen of the world,” he added, chuckling.

    Mordoc's use of the word “queen” was in jest. The Knights looked to Skye as Queen of Trinsic. No matter how she argued with Sir Rendleham he refused to call her anything else. Soon all the Knights referred to her as queen. It caught on, with Trinsic citizens soon greeting her using the term as well.

    “Good day My Queen.” “The Queen is here!”

    Skye stopped trying to correct them and eventually, she stopped blushing each time it was said. She was honored her people would bestow such a title to her despite it being only that – a title of honor.

    And yet..Why not? she thought.

    “You know....” she looked at Mordoc. “It's not a … terrible idea.”

    Mordoc raised a brow but didn't say anything. He knew that look. Skye was formulating a plan in her head.

    “People already call me queen,” she said. “The world is in chaos like you said. They need us. They need Trinsic rule. We could provide them the order they need. The cities could thrive like Trinsic. We could send word to our allies … Together, we fight for order, for honor, for freedom from Britain rule. As Trinsic became a free state, we can liberate the others. Clear the streets of murdering scum. Bring those clan to their knees that think they can kill relentlessly whenever and wherever they wish ...”

    Skye went on, pacing back and forth, rambling to Mordoc. Finally, she stopped and looked at him.

    “Well? Am I crazy”

    “Oh, for sure. But, maybe just crazy enough to do this,” he said.

    Skye looked at her long-time friend. She knew he would stand at her side no matter what crazy plan she came up with.

    “Call a meeting of the alliance,” she said.
  2. Luna Keiki

    Luna Keiki New Member

    Jan 11, 2018
    Tedra Dreagon; Sabyen Dreagon; Shay Dreagon

    “Ugh!”, Shay exclaims as she jumps off her mare, she doffed her helmet and strides towards the Northern Keep. She notices a healer at the edge of the keep, “Hail and well met healer, how goeth this fine eve?”

    The healer looks up at the weary knight, a smile across his visage, “Very well mistress. Not many hast pass the road the present day.”

    “Ah, it might not be but most wonderous a fine day then?”

    "Humph, aye, aye", the healer nods and dismisses the knight, muttering, “a fine day, a very fine day forsooth.”

    Shay shrugs and continues towards the keep. As the lady gets closer, her cousin Clotho steps out blocking the door, “Cousin” she said sharply, her arms crossed over her chest.

    Clotho hands her an envelope, "A messenger hath left this.” She points at the envelope, “It bears the seal of Trinsic? What do ye regard the Queen wants?”

    “Shush cousin, giveth me yet a moment…” as the lady tears the seal off the envelope. The lady’s eyes skim the missive, then looks up at Clotho, "A summons to the Queen’s City…” her words trail off as she continues to read.

    Clotho’s brows raise as her face shows a sign of understanding, yet still full of confusion. Her weight shifting between both feet and mouth agape, a soft “oh” escaped from her lips while she steps out of Shay’s way.

    Shay ponders as she steps into the Keep, "Hmmm, what hast happened…?"
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