Barbarian Horde (event)


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Barbarian Horde Event
August 13th - August 17th

Multi-Day, Multi-City and Dungeon attacks.

The chieftain sat in silence as the shaman chanted while sprinkling a mixture of herbs and crushed stone into the fire before them. He knew better than to interrupt. He would sit and nod and do what was expected out of tradition as was his people's way. The barbarian shaman was old and wise and knew the ancient ways to use the life force of the jungle to gather the forces of nature and the gods who would protect them during the upcoming battle. The chieftain didn't waste time believing in tales told to the barbarian children at night. He believed in one thing – his warriors. When the sun rose, he would lead them out of the jungle south of Trinsic. They had been planning this attack for years.

Tossed out of Paws by the gypsies more than a decade ago, his people sought refuge in Trinsic and Britain only to be called savages and cast out into the jungle. Those few who remained in the cities were little more than slaves, working for blacksmiths pounding out hot metal or loading ships at the docks or other tasks that required great strength. It was one of those barbarians who devised the plot for revenge. Working for a wealthy man at the Britain stable, it was Trikvik's job to feed the man's pet – a dragon he kept for sport and to show off to his wealthy friends. After a few weeks, the beast started to trust Trikvik and the barbarian took a chance and jumped onto the dragon's back. The beast attempted to throw the barbarian from its back but after some time, it settled down and seemed to accept Trikvik as its new master. Trikvik flew the dragon to his people's village near the coast beyond the jungle. It was then, he and the chieftain devised their plan.

He would teach their people how to tame the fire-breathing monsters, breed them, and when the time was right, fly them above the trees into the cities, unnoticed by the town guards. It would take years but it was a fight worth waiting for. Once inside the gates, they would unleash the dragons, brandish their weapons and show them what it truly meant to be a barbarian.

(Story by @Skye Wolfbane )

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The first attack was swift.
The warriors of Britain were able to fend off the first horde attack lead by the notable Conan the Barbarian.
His last words before retreating were "You haven't seen the last of thee".



More to come....