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Discussion in 'Player VS Player' started by Tonycakes, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Tonycakes

    Tonycakes Well-Known Member

    Some say the legend drunkin love throws fireballs, while others say she can bench press 420lbs!

    No one has even came close to a score like this, best PVM player in game also in the best PVP/PVM guild on the sharD!


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  2. Derwolf

    Derwolf Well-Known Member

    oh wow great stuff here, what else ya got, OP?
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  3. toddyboi

    toddyboi Well-Known Member

    pvm channel that way buddy ------>
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  4. ton loc

    ton loc Well-Known Member


    Wrecked by a guildie
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  5. Lithium149

    Lithium149 Well-Known Member

    So how long did you farm that before you let your guild know it was active?

    Asking for a friend.
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  6. RyuDesync

    RyuDesync Well-Known Member

    Drunkin actually res'd me and stuff during that too. Good guy!
  7. Silly Santa

    Silly Santa Well-Known Member

    nice score ...lol .. how long did it take? 6 hours? How long did you work it before you told your guild?
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  8. GluttonySDS

    GluttonySDS Well-Known Member

    Is it weird when when you goto tell your guild something and realize you are the only member left?

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  9. Silly Santa

    Silly Santa Well-Known Member

    is it weird that EQMS doesn't want a FACTION CAP?

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  10. GluttonySDS

    GluttonySDS Well-Known Member

    Ive asked for our own faction for some time... everyone vs EQMS is in fulfillment of the scriptures.
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  11. girana

    girana Well-Known Member

    noo its pretty fast and easy to do just need to abuse smt.
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  12. Young Star

    Young Star Well-Known Member

    Ive camped riktor lvl 1 on my dexer plenty of times and gotten scores like that before people started waking up to advance it. Funny thing is even with that huge of a lead i didnt always get a PS. I am sure the weighting of the scores is capped at some point.

    The real question I have is how many crystals did you collect while you were doing this?
  13. Tonycakes

    Tonycakes Well-Known Member

    45 minutes
  14. Bobby123

    Bobby123 Well-Known Member

    @Tonycakes is just a frog in the well .

    Obviously people have gotten higher scores . Cant blame him though

    lawl ! wat a joke player !
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  15. Young Star

    Young Star Well-Known Member

    So how many crystals did you collect?
  16. toddyboi

    toddyboi Well-Known Member

    hahaha wrecked you 1v2 shhhh
  17. ton loc

    ton loc Well-Known Member

    Lol not I. Try again, trash can.
  18. BEN!

    BEN! Well-Known Member

  19. ton loc

    ton loc Well-Known Member

    Wasn't 2v1. Lol
    Explains why he felt the need to crop the ss though
  20. BEN!

    BEN! Well-Known Member

    doesn't look cropped to me?

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