Character auto-deletion?



I started playing on UOF when it was new, back in 2013. I played for a while and had a ton of fun, but life happened and I had to put it down.

I've been in the mood to play again lately and logged in earlier this week, only to find that my character was gone. Is it permanently purged?

I had 110 or 120 provo and probably a million gold or more, my custom house is obviously R.I.P. , but is it possible to get my character + bank contents back?


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You are allowed to spam your needed posts to get to PM ability, just reply here like 8 more times.


You guys were correct, I totally forgot how UOF just lets you create new accounts by typing in un-used account names with any password.

When I realized this from your posts, I found my actual account name and my 6x GM provo character was still there.

I have a second account that I don't even remember the account name for with a tamer, but I'll try my luck with the password recovery option and see if I can't get help that way.

Thanks again :]


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Is it possible to recover an old account? I have tried reseting my password but I'm not getting an email response.