WTT Completed



I have 2 tiki torches and 2 festival lights

I would like to have 4 festival lights

Tiki torches have traditionally sold for a bit more than festival lights have. I am willing to trade down in value to get the items I desire. I value the festival lights at 400kish and the tikis at 500kish give or take and I am willing to do a 1:1 trade, folks. This is how these things usually work in situations like this. Attempts to jerk me around will be met with mockery and ridicule.

I'll gladly buy 2 festival lights if you've no interest in my tiki torches (and who could blame you? https://www.scmp.com/news/world/uni.../tiki-torch-maker-says-product-should-enhance)

If the goal of 4 festival lights is met by purchase with gold pieces the tiki torches are moving to the for sale bin and I'll even throw in some Chinese made red hats at no cost. Incredible deal, and nobody knows deals like I know deals ok?


I believe I have arranged for the purchase of one festival light for gold piecez

Will complete trade tomorrow and report back I know y'all are dying to see this thing come to a close