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Connecting to UOF Discord

Discussion in 'News' started by halygon, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. halygon

    halygon Moderator Staff Member

    Discord is a cloud-based communication service similar to IRC, except allows voice interactions via VOIP. It has persistent rooms and other features we see within IRC & similar services.

    To connect to the UOF discord chat, use the following link: http://discord.uoforever.com

    You will be brought to the acceptance screen. Click the Accept Invite button to begin.


    From here, you will need to create a free account and verify it via email. Once logged in, you will be brought directly to the general chat room. Enjoy!


    Rules of DISCORD are STRICT - We can not monitor the chat 24/7 but all lobby chat is logged. If you see people breaking these rules please send us a pm and when we get to it we will handle it.

    RULES FOR UOFOREVER Discord Channel

    Scamming players through the use of DISCORD is bannable both in game and DISCORD!

    DISCORD is NOT your personal soapbox keep the drama in a Private Message

    Do not use this channel to produce negative attitudes towards the server/staff/players if you have an issue with the server contact the staff.

    No advertising any other server of any kind this includes script websites.

    Racial slurs is an instant ban.

    Constant Trolling, FLAMING or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Keep your childish name calling to yourself.

    Implying that you are staff or Impersonating staff will result in a ban from DISCORD and could result in a ban from the shard itself.

    Failure to follow these rules will result in banned from DISCORD.

    DISCORD is a privilege.
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  2. Soul Mate

    Soul Mate Well-Known Member

    Thank you
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  3. Alucard

    Alucard Well-Known Member

    very good solution!
    for trade, will not have to explain how to install irc client ;)
  4. Kael

    Kael Well-Known Member

    Is discord going to be moderated like the forums here? I have seen some really toxic people on it. Might not be the best reflection of the UOF community for a new player joining the shard.
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  5. tankian

    tankian Well-Known Member

    are you using the desktop app or the webpage version, i dont see any lag at all using the desktop app, been using it for 3 months now
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  6. Soul Mate

    Soul Mate Well-Known Member

    Kael, although that may be true...the plain fact is they will eventually see it anyway...why sugarcoat the truth,since there is no point in it. People will show you who they are . then you just deal with it. So far I have not seen anything too bad. and it is way better than IRC in my opinion.
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  7. tankian

    tankian Well-Known Member

    dont see much difference. both have the middle column that everyone chats in. both have right side colum with users online, both have channels to the left.
    you can turn off link images in the settings
    here is a link you can download different skins


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  8. Deadpool

    Deadpool Well-Known Member

    I think discord is a way better alternative, honestly. IRC is very out of date in a lot of respects.
  9. Kael

    Kael Well-Known Member

    When a few peoples whole conversation target is making fun of someone's wife passing away it certainly is not the reflection you want to provide of the shard. Whether it is true or not, this type of behavior just shouldn't happen. Don't get me wrong, I think guilds fighting back and forth on the forums (or discord) about fights is great entertainment and is one of the main reasons I actively follow them. An active forum to me means an active shard. Some level of taste still needs to be adhered to though.
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  10. halygon

    halygon Moderator Staff Member

    Actually, I like IRC through irccloud the best, but IRC is no where near as simple for the average person to setup due to client configuration and registering of nicks.
  11. Soul Mate

    Soul Mate Well-Known Member

    God, I am so sorry this happened ,you are right of course. I suppose some gamers need babysitters.this should have been addressed by staff,
  12. Kael

    Kael Well-Known Member

    It wasn't directed at me. Just think personal attacks of that nature just shouldn't happen. Keep it about the game that's all.
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  13. Soul Mate

    Soul Mate Well-Known Member

    You are absolutely right...If it is NOT game related, It should never be used to attack someone never.
  14. Skinch

    Skinch Active Member

    i would prefer slack, having not tried discord.

  15. halygon

    halygon Moderator Staff Member

    Slack isn't really ideal for what we need this for. Slack is more of a office/team communication tool. I used it shortly at my job, but we quickly got rid of it.
  16. Mr. Bo-Jangles

    Mr. Bo-Jangles Well-Known Member

    "The instant invite is invalid or has expired."

    Any ideas?
  17. vennis

    vennis Member

    cant join web cant find server open invite The instant invite is invalid or has expired
  18. icemanihi

    icemanihi Well-Known Member

    Halygon, the link you posted to join wont even load in my browser. help?
  19. tankian

    tankian Well-Known Member

    just download discord from discord.com and use this link for an invite https://discord.gg/XBeuy
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  20. vennis

    vennis Member

    i alredy have it installed

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