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Cove - First Inspection

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Skjoldvard, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Skjoldvard

    Skjoldvard Member

    Jan 22, 2017

    By I's word, this strange occurrence been exciting and disappointing all the same...

    LoST be breaking public shortly. I's contracts to draft, contacts to make and recruits to draft. I's heard tell of a property in Cove. My ... Aeni just buyin' a bit of land there mentioned room for a shack beside. I's directed the procurement of such shack and needed to inspect I's property.

    Covetous! I's never did put it together until yesterday. Feel a fool--but when do I's not?

    I's heard her tell her tails of Ettin and Ogre infestation and knew the truth of it. Losing I's cherished Reanne to those beasts so many years ago...*shudders*

    From the counting room...when the counting room will have a door, I's hearing them roar with might and power. I's hearing the Ogres and Ettins attack any wayward soul. Yes, I's liking this location--I's liking this a lot! Was time to scout..

    I's slid into shadows, leaving behind the stone safety. Several beast corpses littered the ground and was snooping their their pockets when I's heard it...."Help a poor prisoner!"


    Checked around, I's did, to make sure I's still in the shadows. That poor fool of a man hadn't seen me! Was just calling blindly. Orcs! They'd captured some citizen, likely a Covian. But I's no ability to fight, so he was ...what's that?!

    A crate! These fool orcs brought a prisoner and loot to the open? Why not take them both to their fort not 2 minutes south on the peninsula? Nevermind that, fool, get the loot, I's sayed to I's. Leave no loot behind, eh?

    I's creep in, seeing the Orc Lord making his rounds. An Ettin and Ogre fumbling though the orc camp, ignoring the little devil spawn--likely out of fear of their mighty axe swings. I's slip my picks in the chest, expecting a huge trouble, being dat chest in'r open. But nay. A youngling with a spoon could have picked this box! Da trap? Laughable! I's believing is a mighty splinter trap! Stupid orcs.

    Pausing to check I's cloak, I's slowly lift the top. To I's disappointment, barely more than 250 gold in this'r box. I's tavern tab is larger on a Thursday night!


    I's can't help but wonder where these chests where in I's earlier days. The relatively low lock picking skills and nearly non-existent trap skills, with the wide open spaces to run should I's fuddle up....these would be great practice boxes, I's think.

    Transcribed by my hand for Skjoldvard

    Jewel the Scribe
    Ocllo Public Library


    So these little camps do not spawn often. I've seen 2 others. This is the first I've been able to pick. From a previous experience, once you kill all the associated orcs in the spawn, the hostage and box goes away. As you can see, the loot is not really worth the hassle if you're doing this for loot.

    Still, I'd like to see more of these, and in more places than Cove--I've only ever seen the spawn outside Cove. Varying degrees of difficulty, as well! Orc's are fun, but a Lich camp would be fun, or Dread Spider...bigger monsters = harder chests = more loot.

    Just a few more issues with the lockpick/remove trap game play. The availability or boxes...etc..


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  2. Sir.

    Sir. Well-Known Member

    Feb 1, 2016
    Sir Rendlesham
    Oh man, I totally thought these spawns were turned off here! Such nostalgic aspects of UO - almost reminds me back when you could own a tent instead of a house.. I'd totally love to see more loot in those chests, harder spawns and just more of them too! Maybe even enhance the prisoner loot or change it from gold to a neat little trinket of some kind? A colored key or somethin different eh?
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  3. Skjoldvard

    Skjoldvard Member

    Jan 22, 2017
    Maybe even turning the NPC into an escort NPC after?
  4. Sir Reginald

    Sir Reginald Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    Sir Reginald
    never come across these, i know reginald would find enjoyment from them!
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