WTS Double Max Storage-- No Spawn, No Blockage!


I am selling two MAX STORAGE plots right next to each other as a set—a 14x16 and a 15x18. Both are max storage!

This is located right smack in the middle of Fire Island, just a short run from fire temple, with NO NEIGHBORS AROUND for multiple screens in most directions. No spawn anywhere around you. Zero blockage. Also located just a screen away from water, with nobody in between!

NO neighbors, NO spawn, NO blockage, AND near water. If you’re looking for an incredible place to settle down for the long haul, you’re looking at it!

It’ll be hard to leave the place where I’ve lived for so long, but alas, we all must move on eventually. I am asking for ONLY 5 MILLION GOLD FOR BOTH PLOTS TOTAL. Yes, you heard that right. Crazy low price for such an awesome location. Buy today before someone else snatches this up!