Dragon Lord (Event)


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One of the few last remaining of his kind, the Dragon Lord hid in the dark shadows deep inside the Destard caves.
After the fall of Lord Blackthorn in the Abys, the dragoons went into hiding. Most went to live in the swamps, however, the Dragon Lord, an elite amongst his kind, had other plans.
As Blackthorn's student, he was skilled with the dark arts. The dragoon spent years hovered over his desk, mixing potions and casting spells. Mixing the blood of several species of dragons – from the ancient wyrm to the lowly swamp dragon, he created a new breed of dragon.
Smaller than the large masters of Destard, but more deadly, the Dragon Lord created an army of the smaller reptiles. Together, with the larger dragons he controlled with ease, it was soon time to unleash the beasts in Sosaria.
Where Lord Blackthorn failed, he would succeed. The world would bow down to him, or find itself burning. The dragoon believed Blackthorn had erred in thinking he would save the world by using the Words of Power to release the dragons into the world to be used as peacekeepers.
He was no savior, not for humans.
He called forth the last remaining dragoons to join him at the entrance of Destard. Chanting his dark spells, a powerful blast came from his hands, starting as a small ball of lightning and the quickly growing until it covered the entire dungeon.
The Dragon Lord called out the Word of Power to unseal Destard.
The dungeon quaked and the stones sealing the dungeon moved away, giving way to the hordes of dragons at the entrance standing before the Dragon Lord and the other dragoons perched on their swamp dragons.
The Dragon Lord raised his arms and muttered one simple command.
All kill.

- Story line by @Skye Wolfbane

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  • A multi-week event.
  • New dragon creatures and tameables w/new loot & abilities.
  • New Dragon Lord end boss.
  • Multiple city invasions.
  • Unique rares/drops.
  • What to expect: Event will start with smaller, lesser dragons/serpents. As the event grows the dragons and treasures will also grow with it ultimately ending in new unique dragons and finally- The Dragon Lord.

Alara Wyrm
Phoenix Wyrm
Hellkite Wyrm
Grimswind Wyrm
Vampiric Wyrm
Shroud Wyrm

The rares and drops will change as the event goes on.
Here is what items will be dropping at the start of the event:


( More information will be posted as the event goes on. Please note you will need to be updated via our launcher to view new creatures.)
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I'll go ahead and ask the obvious question:

tameable new wyrms??

Yes, at the start all those new dragons won't all be tameable but as the event goes on some will be, some won't. When the Dragon Lord is defeated each one of the new unique dragons will be tameable across the lands and each one will have its own unique ability.


Harder, you will have to see what their capabilities are!

Their new home will be Destard right? It would be weird if it wasn't since Destard is home of the dragons! And right now I own destard...so maybe they're coming to try to rid the world of Mad Dog!