WTS ETC Mega Mall Returns!!!


Thats right guys! I know you have missed us! We had to take a little break but we are back! We are getting all our malls back online and our Mega Mall will be having daily increases to our product range.

Sadly a senior member of our guild has had to take an extended break due to RL time constraints, so the right side of our mall will be mostly just our rune Lib for the time being.

We will still be carrying a full range of products for your shopping pleasure, just only on our left side.

Currently we carry:
-Val Barding Deeds
-Magic Weapons
-Magic Bows
-Premium Crafted Bows
-Plate Suits (Val & Shadow)
-Chain/Scale Suits (Val & Shadow)
-Barbed to Bone Suits
-Lumber (Normal to Frost)
-Metal (Iron to Valorite)
-Scribe Products
-Slayers of all types
-Premium Carp Weps
-Runic Weapons

We also want to say "Thank You!" To all our supporters out there that have been awaiting our return and have continued to remain faithful patrons. You are who we do this for! [emoji1][emoji106]

Again if there is any issues please PM Firecrest or Myself and we will try to take care of it asap.


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Dang I was thinking wonder when I will see the traffic again. My vendor is next door and I dont get nearly the revenue I had seen before.

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Come check us out guys! We have a gater going all day and have something for everyones needs!

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Come check out the ETC Mega Mall! We have all you need in one stop shop!!!

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