Get rich fast through MIBs, here is how!


Before you start this process which can net you 500k-1m a day without really trying there are going to be some things you need first.

1. 3 accounts
a. 1 account with a gm fisher or better with magery and archery and/or provo, I use archery here.
b. 1 account with a tamer or dexxer, this is not 100% required but will save you tons of time if you have one.
c. 1 account with a gm lock smith and gm ID, only skills you really need on this guy
2. UOSTEAM with these 2 scripts for the ID guy
For Item ID
For sorting
3. UOAM(UO Auto Map) you will need this to plot out your MIBs
4. A house with at least 8 chests, 3 for ID'd weps and armor, 1 for sorting, 1 for dropping off gold, 1 for nets, the other 2 is for the MIBs
5. a boat(obviously) a galleon is preferred but if you don't have one, it's not a deal breaker, just makes it easier because of space and allows you to kill the mobs with just the fisher archer without ever being hit.
6. 29 bags, you will need 3 for the 3 ID chests each, 4 for the sort chest, 8 for each of the MIB chests.
7. Davy Jones Locker, this is not required but will make things safer for you. I will explain later.
8. A bonded pack beetle to your fisherman. You will see why once your chests are full with loot.

Ok, you got all the required stuff, let's hop to it.

First, you gotta go through the long process of adding all the MIBs you have to UOAM, this can take awhile depending on how fast you do it and how many you do, I tend to do anywhere from 50-200. 100 is preferred. But before you even add mibs, you may want to set up a filter for it, this will help you later and save a LOT of time.

You need to right click on the map on UOAM and go to the option "Edit or Goto Labels", Click on the Filter Tab and make one that says 'a mib' like in the picture, and make the color stand out, I use bright purple/pink. make sure everything matches in the picture.


Ok, now you can start adding MIBs, right click on the map and click on "Edit or Go To Labels" again. On the first tab labeled Places, click on Add and add the MIB.


I name them like I do in the picture, 1 mib, 2 mib, 3 mib, 4 mib. etc. You can do whatever you like, but by putting the number first you ensure the mibs are on the top of the places list.

Once the MIB is added you will need to put the extracted SOS in one of those bags I mentioned earlier, they should look like this and in two seperate chests to save space.bags1.png

How you determine which bag it goes into is by finding which one of these squares it goes into in the map below.


It is very important you line up the bags like you would THIS map.

Ok, so as you can see, the set up is the long part. But once you get the initial set up done and the mapping done, it will go by fast.

Ok, so get your boat and head to the first mib location by boat with your fisherman and have 3 or more bent rods with you, you can get bent rods from some player vendors for around 2k-3k each, these will keep you from pulling up garbage and will save A LOT of time. Recall to your house and grab the corresponding bag of mibs of the square you are in and recall back to boat.(if you have a Davey Jones Locker you would put all those SOS in the locker from that one bag so you could find the SOS fast and bring just the one you need, this takes a little longer but is safer, bringing a whole bag is risky as there are pirates and they will be very happy to sink you and get a bag of 14 SOSs).

you should be positioned similiarly to this

Once you pull up chest it will probably explode if it's light enough so you are going to take damage, drop the chest and run north west on the opposite side of tamer, or if you don't have tamer/dexxer run straight north until you stop, this should take you to just the range where you can't be hit by magic but can attack them with a bow(water dissapation preferred).

Next have tamer/dexxer take out the mobs, go back to chest on fisherman and loot the mobs, would be a good idea to be in party with tamer/dexxer and have allowing loot to be turned on so you don't go grey. Open chest and grab gold and net from there and a frag if its there as well. Recall to house, drop gold, and net in 2 different empty chests and frag in the gold chest if you got one. Recall back to boat, grab chest, recall back to house and drop chest off at the ID guy. You could just gate the chest there but I personally don't like gate hopping chests, this way you don't have to... unless your fishing up ancient mibs, then you don't have a choice.

Have your ID guy in the house and next to the other 6 chests I mentioned and a trash can. and set up your chests like in this picture below.


Before running the sort macro, make sure the chest is open and all 4 bags are open in that sort chest shown on the right. Run the Sort macro, it should prompt you to choose chest, then armor bag, then weapon, gem, scrolls, and regs, and garbage, point the scrolls and garbage to the garbage can. Once that stuff is set you shouldn't have to set it anymore unless you don't save the Steam profile.

While your guy is sorting, get back on your boat and start sailing to next spot, but keep paying attention to the sort, it will tend to stop a few times when its almost done so you have to keep starting it again to get everything. Before you start the next chest you will need to go on to steam and goto the steam client, Macro tab, click Active Objects on the bottom right, find the Alias labeled "chest" and right click on it and remove it. This needs to be done every time before starting a new chest.

Once the chest is full, open one of the 3 ID chests shown on the left up above. make sure ALL bags are open from both chests. If you don't, the script will crash your client dollars to donuts. Run the ID macro, and select the Sorted Armor on the right chest then pick the top left chest of the ID chest on the left and select to put awesome stuff in the bottom. It will ID every thing in the bag and seperate junk from good stuff.

The good stuff will be any Power, Vanq, Invuln, Slayer weps and armor, the rest is trash. Me personally I set the script to no keep Power weapons.

Once you have done so many MIBs that ALL 3 of your ID chests are full, it's time to stop fishing for a bit. Get your fisherman on his Pack Beetle and grab all the gold you put in chests, should be around 150k by this time or something near it. Take the bags to the armory that is north of the north trinsic bank. Sell all the weps and armor labeled in picture to the NPC vendors there. after all 6 bags from the 3 chests are sold, you should have gotten around 70-120k depending on whether or not your selling power weapons and how much stuff wasn't complete junk. After you accumulate around 100 of each gem, go sell those, that will net around 80-100k as well.

You can also choose to sell your nets you get for around 2k a pop, there are people who buy them. Mibs have a chance at dropping a Portal Focus Fragment as well which sell for 200k minimum.

Once you have sold all the weapon and armor, repeat the process, fish, sort, ID, sell.
Each chest will have around 2k-7.5k each, the mobs will have about 1.4k from each MIB as well. You will get all the REGS you ever needed doing this as well.

I think that about wraps it up. It's not the funnest way to make money, but it works very well. I hope you all get something out of this.

Have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me on Discord D'Sparil#6766

Credit for the proboards steam scripts goes to Experience/Telemain of TFS.
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Mr Yuk

Automap still works? I have nothing but problems with it. Hmmm may have to try and install it again.


there are issues with it sometimes of only showing black. a quick google will show you how to fix it, I don't remember how I fixed it.


i do not know about getting rich 500k-1m a day Pesmergas now lets take a good look at this your lucky if you can net 30.000 or 25.000 in gold for one MIB now to make 500k to 1 mill you would have to do 100 mib to make 1 mill and 50 mib to make 500k the problem is now one out fishing up mib


You forgot to add in the time it takes to fish up all those MiBs:)
You can buy them in bulk(i have been doing this lately for 2k each) or use a macro on proboards that semi afks it. Will make a chime alert when it found one so you can loot the mib off serpent. You can do this with 2 or 3 fisherman at once and get them pretty fast.


i do not know about getting rich 500k-1m a day Pesmergas now lets take a good look at this your lucky if you can net 30.000 or 25.000 in gold for one MIB now to make 500k to 1 mill you would have to do 100 mib to make 1 mill and 50 mib to make 500k the problem is now one out fishing up mib
Like i told other guy, its easier than ya think to get the mibs.

I did 1 mib yesterday just to see to some math. It was the crappiest haul you can get, lvl 1 chest with just under 2k in it, mobs 1.4k, and after selling the gear and gems in the chest i had 7.5k at the end. I also have a net which can sell at 2k each. Thats 9.5k per the crappiest chest. Multiply that by 100 and you got 950k. Not to mention the chances of getting a portal frag which sell for 200k and im sure you will get atleast one in a 100 mibs if not 2 or 3. So you are looking at least 1.1m per 100 mibs assuming each mib is crap, which they wont be.

Most mibs yield an average 5k gold each not counting gear and gems and net. You can potentially make 2m if your lucky off 100 mibs.


Oh, and lets not forget the ophicisushsg thing that spawns around every 100 mibs that almost always drops a fisherman rare that can sell from 25-75k.


well here the head up mib are level 4 5 6 the number are good but to make 1mill you have to do over 100 mib and that will take all day that if Osriadon dose not kill you and the Pirates are not out i know all of this there only 10 top Pirate out bat sea now you know how i make my gold i been doing this for years now


well here the head up mib are level 4 5 6 the number are good but to make 1mill you have to do over 100 mib and that will take all day that if Osriadon dose not kill you and the Pirates are not out i know all of this there only 10 top Pirate out bat sea now you know how i make my gold i been doing this for years now
Youre not wrong about the all day thing, but a mil a day and getting good weapons and armor, all the regs you would ever need isnt something to thumb your nose at :)

I know how you make your money, were in same alliance lol. Ive been to your man cave. Just saying my system is very efficient and even with pirates, if you only bring 1 mib with you, the risk is minimal. Recall, or be sunk, it happens. Then just do mibs on another part of map.


so i know i don't play here any more, but i saw this and wanted to take a look as this is how i made my first mils on this shard. this was a great guide and is a great way for new players to safely make some easy cash.

couple pointers.

hide your fisher, you can either take a little hiding, or just open a gate from the boat had have him gate-hop hidden from your house. then run your fishing macro while hidden, and forget he is even there.

put your fisher at near his max weight. that way the chest will always drop and never go to your pack (this also covers the explosion issue, even though there are other ways around this.)

pull the gold out of each chest and keep a pile, then use [organizeme for quick sorting.

don't wait for the MOBS to die before sailing to your next mib, if you are a tamer just run a healing macro while you sail to the next location. (this will save you a ton of time. and is a great way to level up a meta)

spend the gold to get a 115 fisher at least, this will get you a chance at better rares.

anyways, cheers all


Howlong does it take to fish up each mib and 100? Once all have been added to auto map
Sorry, I don't check forums often, but last I timed it and I might be wrong here, getting the mibs especially a hundred can take awhile. You might pull up 4 mibs in an hour, you might pull up 20 in an hour. it's just random really, but the higher your fishing is past 100, the more likely you are to pull up a mib. To actually run 100 mibs, you can do it in about 6-10 hours depending on how fast you do all this. and the guy above had some good pointers. @l33tcon


How do I get MIBS in the first place? Is it a matter of location or method of fishing (net/pole)?

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Great post. And fishing up 100 mibs does not take even in the realm of a entire day. I typically fish up 100 mibs in about 1.5 hours and spend about a half hour breaking the chests down into my house.