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I sent this to staff back in January in a word document and feel like someone should take over trying to help UOF. . I'm posting this so maybe some of you can tweak, change, edit, whatever and get any form of these implemented. When vetted through Discord back in January, these received really favorable feedback from players.

ANYTHING IS RED IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. I by no means analyzed the numbers, these are PLACEHOLDERS and should be discussed and analyzed in detail.


Problem: Relics and Powerscroll farming is getting boring. When asked, even the top PVM tamers on the server said they would like something new to spice it up. Most agree that new dungeons every season with nothing but house deco and no new mechanics are not enough.

Idea: Change tamer relics (and eventually mage/dexxer) to enable the use of 6 total relics, with only FOUR active at any given time. Only allow relics to be disabled/enabled once every xx hours or days. With this change, create 2 new relics to be used on tamers (Dexxer/Mages would follow suite eventually).
  • Healing Stream Relic - Every 60 seconds (down to 30 at level 10) this relic causes your pet to heal itself and the pet owner for (Level * 4) life. (Values are clearly subject to testing/change)
  • Healing Link Relic - Links Two Pets Together, Allowing the Healing Stream Relic from one pet to now heal both for 2x the normal amount healed. This relic ?does not level? however it is required to be on BOTH pets for it to work.
Problem: Relics currently just aren't that exciting. Some do not sell and are commonly just locked down in houses or used as currency.

All Relics should be removable and tradeable. A relic can be removed from your talisman, will retain all of the XP and can be traded to another player ONCE every 7 days per character. This would allow an entirely new objective for people to play as they actually level relics to sell them.

Problem: Everyone really wanted a summoner class, and thought we were getting it with rifts. They just don't work.

Idea: Tweak how the Vivify relic works to enable the summoned pets (all level 8 summons) to not only spawn tougher like they do with Vivify, but to continue to grow in strength and refreshed duration based on mobs they kill. Think "soul siphoning". Your demon kills mobs and gains power over time by collecting a soul fragment or something. Max the spawn timer up to 30 minutes, and have it refreshed through actively collecting fragments. Also have the summon scale in power up to be a viable solo farmer. Add some changes to summon creatures to allow summoners to play their own way. Demons = tanky, Air Elementals = glass cannons, Fire Eles = AOE Burn Dmg, ETC.

Problem: Rewards based PLAY.

Idea: Rewards, currency based system that rewards players, regardless of the content they participate in.
  • Killing xx of a mob gives xx points. (EXAMPLE)
  • Completing xx BODs gives xx points. (EXAMPLE)
  • Killing xx Champions gives xx points. (EXAMPLE)

These Points are used at a vendor (similar to gold sink) to purchase custom mount hues, title hues, 1 yard of special cloth hue, etc. These are NOT TRADEABLE and are ACCOUNT BOUND (if that’s doable). Something like 50 points per 1 Yard of cloth, 500-1000 points per mount hue. The intent is for some of these rewards to take months, but for it to be achievable to get 1 or 2 yards of SOME of the cloth or smaller rewards every (some of them should be more expensive) every week. Testing must be done to stop BOD farming and any type of abuse.

Problem: Reward Solo PVM / Make Dead Dungeons Usable

Look at scrapping 1 or 2 of these places that never see human interaction, and create a permanent themed dungeon with custom loot tables. When I say custom I do not mean simply flower boxes and house deco that only 25% of your player base cares about. I mean look at creating a dungeon where EVERY single mob in it has the chance (scaled based on HP) to drop a custom currency that can only be used to purchase items FROM THAT DUNGEON.

Example: Heaven/Hell inspired dungeon with two distinct types of mobs. Holy and Evil. Tough mobs (Balrons, Wyrms, Etc) have a 5% chance at dropping this currency while lesser mobs have a 1% chance. If you kill a holy mob you receive a holy token, evil mob an evil token. Have 50% of the dungeon as holy and 50% as evil. They ALSO drop the normal gold, and hell just for the sake of keeping people happy, have a chance to drop house deco. The kicker here is the coins can be used at a machine inside the dungeon to purchase more cool stuff like cloth hue ONLY obtainable from that dungeon, buffs that can be used to buff you or your pet INSIDE the dungeon for 2 hours, house deco that is colored to match these heaven/hell monsters. And of course, as usual have items that can be obtained REASONABLY within a week or two or farming, and items like the coveted Heaven or Hell sandals that would take something crazy like 2 months of farming to get. This currency is NON Tradeable but the items purchased can be sold/traded.

That's it for now. There was more in the word document, it was 5 pages, but these were the main points.
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These are good suggestions but I think even simpler ones could go a long way. For instance they added the level 8 form for the Dragon with the promise of having an exclusive relic that can only be applied to that form. But nothing was ever done with it. The current system is completely broken in that there is zero incentive to use a level 8 dragon. The level 7 dragon does the exact same thing except it will generate dragon fruits which you can sell for profit. So I have never seen anyone using a level 8 dragon in the actual game because you would be losing out on profit. At the very least they could make it so the level 8 dragon still generates dragon fruits, therefore incentivizing the veterans with level 8 dragons to keep playing.


I dig it man. Especially your little nudge mention of completing xx BODs. Seems any time I bring up anything crafting related, more towards the mentioned and forgotten meta crafter, I get ignored. There's a handful of us where it's the only thing we do and those of us know exactly how nerfed the crafting system is. BODs are a pain in the ass to obtain and half the rewards are useless (mostly the barbed runic kit which is the top tier tailoring reward).

As a suggestion I would love to see BOD flipping implemented. For anyone unfamiliar; it's a system in which if you don't like the bod you receive after waiting your 5-6 hour period of time between bods you simply fill that bod quickly and turn it in for a new BOD. To keep it from being abused you can limit flips to a certain amount of time. I've seen it set to be 4 flips in a 24 hour period.

Even without the meta crafter some of us have looked forward to (whether time consuming to complete and implement, or just not in the plans at all) it would give us trammy crafter types a bit of change from the monotony of BODing and crafting.


Great post. I like the content suggestions a lot. Like the previous poster, I think the BOD system could use an overhaul. I think the system that was eventually implemented on OSI made the low tier BODs useful because you could fill them for points or combine them somehow to equal a better BOD. That might be worth looking into too.


So I'd like to dig in further on the summoner idea there. I think it would be a great idea that a vivified summon (any level 8 spell) could generate a resource to feed your summons (think dragon fruit/plasma). Just like the fruit system only a vivified summon could generate a soul food to feed the summoned pet. Then just like the rift groot system it could add additional stats, SPECIAL MOVE, and extended duration. I think that would add alot of versatility to a meta mage and different option especially if each summon is give a different job. Think like fire elly AOE, water elly healing/meditation, earth elly taunt/damage reflect. Different things like that since the groot already has this very similar concept.

Dale Winton

You obviously put a lot of effort into that, and I hope it’s appreciated.

Personally I just wish UOF could follow through on things that are promised. Meta crafter was announced absolutely ages ago, and nothing has ever materialised. To be honest, there are another 100 similar examples of this happening. Don’t write cheques that your ass can’t cash ;). Under promise, over deliver.



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Hey guys, if you missed it, i did update everyone on the reason things weren't getting done. We simply just didn't have the developer to do it for awhile. We couldn't just throw some random developer in there either, this had to be done properly. It hasn't even been a week yet since i announced that and we are making some pretty good progress imo.

You can understand how overwhelming it is to be put into a situation where many developers have worked on over the years and you basically have to go through each file yourself (thousands). Tony thinks he can salvage what we were left high and dry with on the Meta Crafter. He also is salvaging a lot of other "half completed" scripts and systems that never got released. It took me awhile to find a decent person to develop for UOF as i wanted someone IRL and with this i will be giving up a large chunk of UOF completely to ensure that whatever Tony puts in, he gets out of it as we enter a partnership. So when this works out, it's win/win/win for everyone.

Also the new site is coming along..

Over all, these are good suggestions, but we can't get everything done in 1 single week since we've had the new developer, but in time we sure will. I hope this clears some things up, but like you guys said we aren't promising anything right now and are just going to release things. I'm not a developer and i take the blunt end of most of the shit when it comes to things not getting released, so i hear you in your frustrations over the last awhile and i've worked hard to find someone who i can work with irl to fix these issues at hand.
Thank you
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Bump because I am discord banned and contrary to what Shane believes I actually want UOF to succeed.

Press these ideas and others like it, and you will see players return.


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Bump because I am http:// banned and contrary to what Shane believes I actually want UOF to succeed.

Press these ideas and others like it, and you will see players return.

Now that we have a solid developer, you will see not only some of these suggestions, but many others from other documents i have received being implemented. This is exactly why i asked for documents instead of just posting your suggestion in discord etc. Now that we have a good working developer in place, the documents make it very easy and organized for him to work on these changes.
Thank you