Guilds out at sea and Who is out there


I like to Know who is all out Sea and what Guilds . there is so much to do and so much Fun. I have been seen a Decrease on Gild out at sea. I know my hours are weird as hell when i am on and when i am on i do not see no one out there is it that bad out at sea were there no one out there what is going on

Steezie E

Is that troll who has an archer turret on his boat still sail? I forgot his name, I think it was a misspelled Bible book. That guy was an a-hole. The other guy was frito fingers or something.

Steezie E

The frito guy could be cool. The other guy was straight tri-boxing pvp with archer turrets, knowing it was breaking the rules but knew staff wouldn't do anything about it because it was on the water.

Skye Wolfbane

Governor of Trinsic
Vcc, I was one of them. Me Brandon his girlfriend and Cheeto fingers. Cheeto came a little later
This post was from 2019. VCC is long gone.
RIS can still be spotted on the water now. Also have some BAD members and ToT members braving the waters of Sosaria as of late. And there's this really grumpy pirate, (US Boarder Patrol) out there.