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Introduce yourself (2015) (Archived)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Shane, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. K A Z

    K A Z Well-Known Member

    Snap from D.C on Defiance ?
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  2. CarpeNoctem

    CarpeNoctem Member

    Hey -- Carpe Diem here (Someone stole my O.G. NAME! fuckin turd!!!) Anyways -- SUP UOF. Back after a long break.

    See ya in the fields... or dungeons.. XX
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  3. Silly Santa

    Silly Santa Well-Known Member

    welcomeeee :)
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  4. CreamofWheat

    CreamofWheat New Member

    Hi I am CreamofWheat I am a Legend from about 13 years ago. I hope some of you remember me maybe not maybe infamously.
    Anyways hope to start playing again soon
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  5. Deadpool

    Deadpool Well-Known Member

    You are a legend since you taste fucking terrible!
  6. mickem

    mickem New Member

    Heya guys =) I havent played for afew years now and is currently returning, looking for a vendor spot around the empath bank, used to sell tons of runebooks at Tess' Books ^^ I cant help but coming back to UO time after time.
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  7. Loofa

    Loofa New Member

    Howdy I'm Loofa, been on and off but hoping to get more active. Used to be hardcore back in 1997-2000 on Catskills. Sure to enjoy the community. Im not huge on forum types as I prefer to be in game interacting! =)
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  8. Dig'em

    Dig'em Well-Known Member

    Hi I'm Digem and I like to party
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  9. Jah Knows

    Jah Knows New Member

    Ya Mon!!
    Greetings UOF . Just found this shard Mon. Been a week and mi loving it. Ya! Mon!

    Used to play on the Napa shard lotta years back Mon.

    If you see me out there stop an burn one wit mi mon..

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  10. Deebo

    Deebo Well-Known Member

    Guess I should reintroduce myself since I've been gone for quite a while.

    My name is Deebo and I have a gigantic micro-penis and I'm better than you at this game.
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  11. Jibreel_kills

    Jibreel_kills Well-Known Member

    You cut or uncut?
  12. Deebo

    Deebo Well-Known Member

    Uncut. It's basically just foreskin.
  13. Jibreel_kills

    Jibreel_kills Well-Known Member

    dang nadda to nibble on eh...
    Well, I guess welcome back fine man!
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  14. Ayeeeelol

    Ayeeeelol New Member

    Hello everyone, my name is Ryan, but I normally answer to Ayeeeeeee audibly in your best Fonzi impression. I am new to the world of Ultima, I've done some research into it(minimal at best) after hearing about it in an Albion Online forum. So far the retro graphics is pulling me into playing Ultima vs. Albion. I plan to stick around for awhile and do some research before I start playing to get to understand the gameplay mechanics and rulesets, that's about it for now.
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  15. Jibreel_kills

    Jibreel_kills Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the World of Ultima! Especially UO Forever! If you need any help I can try to help you as much as I can! Whats your name in-game so I can make sure if I see you I can help!

    Also! Jumping in the IRC where tons of the Server people are will help with your questions!
    This will help you get your IRC Set up!

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  16. Ayeeeelol

    Ayeeeelol New Member

    I have not actually downloaded the game as of yet. I plan on doing some reading into gameplay mechanics and lore and history to make sure I am well equipped with knowledge and not feel overwhelmed. I don't want to dive in headfirst and not know what I am getting into, haha. Thank you for the warm welcome, the community seems great so far.
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  17. Ephiny T'Sarran

    Ephiny T'Sarran New Member

    Hi! I will be Ephiny T'Sarran in game. About to get started. Anyone out there keen on sponsoring me for their friendly and helpful guild? I was mainly a crafter back in the day...been years since i played, but looking to get back into it. Will need some help to get started but i promise you, i am a veteran UO player...played for 10 years and the investment in me will pay off. You can message me on FB or replay here :) FB is Susan Barwan (aka TornadoChick)
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  18. Delwin

    Delwin Member

    Hi all

    After many (+10) years of break from UO I have decided to play Again, and so far I am having lots of fun. Started on Catskills, but mostly played on the Europe server. I look forward to having fun here, join a guild and doing some RP'ing mixed with PvE and PvP.

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  19. Kayro

    Kayro New Member

    Hey folks,

    I'm Kayro - Just coming back into UO after being gone for a couple of years, schedule has allowed me some more time to play. Glad to be here, looks fun, can't wait to get in game!
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  20. K A Z

    K A Z Well-Known Member

    fuckin' awesome to see so many new faces! hello to everyone, and may you not be sad should I kill you (and don't loot you, looting is for noobies)
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