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Introduce yourself (2015) (Archived)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Shane, Jan 19, 2015.

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  1. Merlitz

    Merlitz New Member

    Hey Everyone, my name is Litz, I've been playing UO since 1998 when a buddy of mine got me addicted to the game. I am a United States Marine and work a lot, but I try to find free time to play. I used to play in Napa Valley in the original UO servers. I just started to play a few days ago and already have a few GM on some skills. Hopefully to meet you all soon!
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  2. AndimalFresh

    AndimalFresh Member

    whats up everyone !!! Been playing since 98 off and on from Catskills to AlphaShard to Metropolis to Hybrid and now to here. Love this game !
    Good to be back ran under the charname LiQuidSin for most of that time .. now under Andimal/AndimalFresh with some dumb tamer/crafter names like WolfEelCrusher/The Wiggle Man ...
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  3. Fink Angel

    Fink Angel New Member

    i go by fink angel. i started a mage last night. i havent played this since high school on a 56k connection. i felt a little overwhelmed jumping back into uo. when im not playing im at work mostly. i work weird hours. if i can get the hang of this again im going to try to get my gf to give it a try! if you see me in game say hello!
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  4. HellGuy

    HellGuy Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    Not much to tell, another addict here. Who could not stay away... I remember my first days with a dial-up connection trying to pick black pearls off the ground so I could get something to cast with...

    Now I am back in ground zero!

    Slipery Mukoz
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  5. rack and ruin

    rack and ruin New Member

    hey all, been playing a few months getting myself set up a bit. mainly played Lake Superior and Atlantic on OSI years ago and a short stint on hybrid. awesome to see such an active server with an attentive staff.

    looking to get into some pvp. probably trash by todays standards but i learn quick. if I cant find a guild i'll probably just join the weakest faction and get solo dumped on haha.
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  6. Helloo! I am Brian and I have been played UO from 1999-2004. I just joined and hope to bring my old guild back too!
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  7. Rza OPP

    Rza OPP New Member

    There was only one guild that "revolutionized" PVP on Pacific pre AOS.


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  8. Galain BloodLeaf

    Galain BloodLeaf Active Member

    Hey i'm fairly new to this server and am coming from OSI ATL also played religiously from 2000-2007 on Lake Superior. Hope to see some of you around.
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  9. Lord_PigFcker

    Lord_PigFcker Well-Known Member

    I am new to UO entirely, some buddies IRL got me hooked when they said i could do nothing but kill people if i wanted to.

    I will make no bones, I am here to PK you. And possibly do some actual pvp but Ill need to actually git gud for that.
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  10. mithrandir777

    mithrandir777 New Member

    hi i ve been playing this game for like 4 months. its maybe the best mmorpg i tried so far.
    i highly recommend it
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  11. vagrantxspirit

    vagrantxspirit New Member

    Here enters Ash D. Wiikifer. I look forward in the future of U.O. I believe it has more heart than most games out there, and you all have my full support..... unless I have a criminal char.... then just beware =P
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  12. Xenophen

    Xenophen New Member

    Heya. Name's Xenophen. I'm new here, and looking to get back into the UO action. Played the official UO servers on Napa Valley for about 2 years with players like Ox, Trinidaddy, Red, and more. Hoping to find myself locked into the game by not only an awesome community, but also some amazing gameplay. Talk to ya'll in game. =)
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  13. I have played UO off and on since it came out. Catskills and Legends were the two shards I played on. Been here for a bit. This is by far the best server I have played on.
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