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Knights of the Living Dead Invasion

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Faytality, Oct 23, 2019.

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    Aug 23, 2013
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    Starting Oct. 26 and lasting several days!
    Pulling his knife out of the zombie's skull, Stan leaned back against the wall, attempting to catch his breath. A large man, he wasn't fast but he was strong from years of working on the Papua docks.
    He had heard tales on the ship of a pentagram in the reagent shop in town that when someone spoke the word "Recsu" it would take them to a faraway land. Stan never bothered seeking out the pentagram before. He preferred to travel on the seas.
    But today was different.
    The stairs to the reagent shop were just a few feet away. The building, like most in Papua was up on stilts as the land often flooded when the tide was high from a storm. The walls were made of rattan and the roof of palm fronds. Like most of the structures, it was heavily damaged. However, the stairs seemed to be intact. Taking in a deep breath, Stan jolted out into the road, running for the stairs.
    Making it to the door, he ran inside. The stench was almost unbearable and he gagged. He could hear the grunts of zombies inside the room. They were eating. They were always eating. Most of the town's population had become their food supply.
    Their distraction made Stan's job easier. Quietly walking to where four of the undead tore at the body of some poor soul, he quickly used his knife and ended their existence for good.
    Wiping his blade on his pants, he peered around the room. In the corner, a light came through a hole in the dirt floor. Carefully walking toward the opening, he peered down. On the ground below, lay the pentagram in pieces. It had broken through the floor. Corpses covered the floor along with it.
    "Idiots," he whispered to himself. Too many had stood on the pentagram in desperation trying to leave and caused the ground to give out.
    What sounded like sand pouring from a bottle caught Stan's attention. It was dirt from the area around the whole falling to the ground below.
    "This whole floor is about to go," he said.
    He needed supplies. He walked to a table on the other side of the shop. There were various labeled bottles filled with reagents. On the corner, was an old leather book. Stan picked up the book and looked inside.
    "Spells," he said quietly. He quickly thumbed through the pages until he saw the words "Gate Travel." Underneath was an incantation and a list of ingredients needed to cast the spell – black pearl, mandrake root and sulfurous ash. Quickly rifling through the bottles on the table, by some dumb luck, he found all three ingredients. He grabbed a bowl and combined them.
    "Here goes nothing," he said and muttered the words, "Vas Rel Por."
    The already damaged building started to shake, knocking Stan off his feet. A bright light formed a few feet away and Stan watched in amazement as a large portal opened before him. He stared for a few seconds until he felt the ground beneath him give away.
    He landed with a thud and a sharp pain wracked his body. His leg was cut open and was bleeding badly. The building started to fall around him, yet the portal remained. The sound had attracted the undead and Stan could hear them walking toward the rubble – and him.
    With the last of his strength, Stan crawled toward the portal and threw himself inside.
    Moments later he found himself laying on the green grass. He crawled several feet away and leaned up against a large tree. He quickly tore his shirt and wrapped his leg to try to stop the bleeding. The portal remained open and within minutes, zombies started making their way through the gate.
    "Crap," he said, this time loudly.
    He made his way to his feet and groaned loudly from the pain. In the distance, he saw what looked like gold mountains, shining in the early morning light.
    He was losing a lot of blood. The undead smelling their next meal and pursued the limping Stan. Falling, Stan looked toward the golden mountains, suddenly realizing they were buildings. Big, beautiful sandstone buildings. It was a city.
    "The city of Trinsic."
    He smiled. He had heard of this place. He would never see it.
    He took out his knife and ended his life before the horde devoured him.
    Behind him, the portal remained open for several more minutes, allowing hundreds of zombies and undead to arrive in Sosaria and head toward the golden city of Trinsic.
    In their path also lies a moongate leading to cities around Sosaria.

    Story by Skye Wolfbane
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