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Launcher Download Issues

Discussion in 'News' started by Shane, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    This issue has been fixed, if you are still having issues with the launcher please re-download from our website and it should work fine now.

    Hey everyone,
    We are aware of the launcher download issues we are currently having.

    I thought i'd make a post to communicate that this will be fixed right away here. We have been having a large influx of new players joining UOF resulting in a ton of downloads.

    Apparently "unlimited bandwidth" with hosts doesn't mean unlimited bandwidth! Who would of knew?

    Growing pains! It will be back up ASAP!

    Happy Valentines Day from us on staff!

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  2. Peav

    Peav Well-Known Member

    You should edit that the UOF Launcher actually is in need of having NET.Framework 4.5.2 instead of 4.0 as it is listed on the download site. I tried downloading it on my XP and failed since Windows XP doesn't support the 4.5.2 version. Either it's a bug with your launcher or all the XP users which will try downloading the launcher will be fucked.

    Just a tip.
  3. Shroude

    Shroude New Member

    Is this still down its actually crashing my client saying... UOForever Launcher has stopped working... A problem caused the program to stop workind correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.
  4. Kuggar

    Kuggar Member

    I just updated to 4.6, so I imagine the crash is because it can't communicate with UOF's download server(?).
  5. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    It is still down. It should be fixed later tonight here.
    Busy day for staff IRL!
  6. The Real Jenova

    The Real Jenova Well-Known Member

    Will this work for Windows 10?
  7. Swayze

    Swayze Moderator Staff Member

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  8. The Real Jenova

    The Real Jenova Well-Known Member


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  9. The Real Jenova

    The Real Jenova Well-Known Member

    Do u know when will this be finish?
  10. Kuggar

    Kuggar Member

    It's working!!
  11. bran1986

    bran1986 Member

    i can't even boot up the launcher now without it crashing.
  12. Kilike

    Kilike Well-Known Member

    How do we get the new cilent to automatically download steam and sallos?

    Edit: installed new client,uo, and razer just fine. Haven't logged in yet, to test anything else though.
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  13. Shroude

    Shroude New Member

    Finally downloaded the client but now I am getting the error..

    System.InvalidOperationException: This Razor installation is corrupted.
    at Assistant.Engine.Main(String[] Args)

    Not sure what to do... ive tried updated it directly from the folders themselves but it does not work.
  14. bran1986

    bran1986 Member

    at least you get something, trying to load up the client crashes, day before yesterday i could open it no problem and it would just crash on trying to install the game,but now i cannot open it no matter how much uninstalling and reinstalling i do.
  15. a_roll_of_sushi

    a_roll_of_sushi Well-Known Member


    It is okay to let go.

    XP will understand when you upgrade to a newer OS.
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  16. Skye Wolfbane

    Skye Wolfbane Governor of Trinsic

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  17. bran1986

    bran1986 Member

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  18. Trojandrew

    Trojandrew Well-Known Member

    if youre still crashing try removing everything with uo completely and redownloading it. it should be working atm (at least for razor). also make sure your installer is up to date (any updates will be shown if you click the updates tab on the left side) and dont fiddle with any settings until after you have it up and running to make sure the default is working.
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  19. Shane

    Shane Administrator Staff Member

    We just fixed a DNS issue with the launcher last night, we will put up a new launcher that people will have to redownload.

    Also we are almost done an entire new launcher that is designed around the wow type system. It will be much better for what we plan on in the future.
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  20. Kilike

    Kilike Well-Known Member

    Wow type? You mean like the battle.net app?

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