Living Environments & Wayward Journeys

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To be released the evening of Friday, January 19th, 2024.

Living Environments... What is it?
It's almost impossible to fully explain what Living Environments is as it is continually growing, evolving and changing.
It is totally dynamic. What you experience one time may or may not be what you experience another time, or possibly ever again.

Below is a sliver of what additions Living Environments adds to the world.
To put this into prospective we took these screenshots a month ago and already all of these situations have evolved dynamically.
We will be posting a lot more about this going forward, so keep an eye out!

// Smash & Grab
Imagine you’re in the middle of a dangerous adventure through a dungeon, and you notice your gear is running low. Recalling out may mean you’re going to miss some epic loot! Finding some spare bandages or extra reagents can be the difference between going home empty handed or making out with unique epic drops! Keep your eyes out for some containers you can smash and grab loot!
Get anything good?!
Thank God! We needed some bandages!

// Guardians of Sosaria
Although you can destroy your surroundings. Understand that it will not go unnoticed! Be ready for anything when you are trying to be destructive... You never know who or what is guarding it!

// Disrupt Ancient Grounds
Looks like something isn't pure here. Complete the sacrifice, and call forth a horde of daemons which has sparked a Wayward Journey!

// Plunder Hidden Treasures
You will be able to interact with many items and objects that you always thought was impossible. These objects may have tremendous loot but be careful! It's not always a safe bet.

// Destroy Your Way
You may come across certain walls, passage ways or more that seem "out of place". Try attacking them, it could be an opening to a Wayward Journey.

// Harvest New Resources
Be on the lookout for new resources. Is that an ice formation over there? Maybe you can mine it!
While harvesting those delicate minerals be careful, as you never know what you may unleash onto the world of Sosaria!

// Thwart Criminal Plans
Bandits, pirates and murderers. Destroy camps of the dastardly criminals.
What booty can this hold!? Secure your title as a ruthless pirate by blowing up buildings off the shore!

THAR SHE BLOWS! What wonders do these structures hold? Rare booty? Sea gear? Combinable ingredients? Maybe even a hidden entrance to a new journey!

// The Possibilities Are Endless.
Imagine entire parts of the map had been destroyed and you, the citizens of Sosaria will have to aid in rebuilding and restoring it back to it's original structure, or perhaps an upgraded, new structure. All of this and more in a completely dynamic way that always changes.
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What is a Wayward Journey?
Certain Living Environments will unleash a link to a another dimension with a challenge. These challenges are called Wayward Journeys, but be wary they may be unstable and only open for a short period. The rules of physics may also change in these Wayward Journeys.

We want more information!
For now, we would like players to experience and explore this for themselves. Remember, there is what is seemingly an unlimited amount of dynamic variables of how each Wayward Journey works. Be smart and be vigilant! Again, what you experience one time, may not be what you experience the second or ever again. Note also that these ARE NOT RDA's (Random Dungeon Adventures). Although they may have some similarities they are far from static type content like RDA's. Some Waywards can take a long time to do and have many puzzles, bosses, levels and much, much more. All of which that can dynamically change as you go.

// Treasure

The loot that will be obtainable from both Living Environments and Wayward Journeys will vary from skill scrolls, power scrolls, relics, title scrolls, RDA Frags, event crystals, unique clothing, cloth and many things in between.

Special items that have not yet been seen as well as rare items that will be needed for quests, other living environments or wayward journeys and upcoming achievements. Perhaps puzzle pieces that are needed to be combined to open a wayward journey found deep in a dungeon that reveals a new tamable or items that you need to utilize those "barely used" skills on to show you the way to more treasures.


The possibilities are endless and always changing, but the treasure is vast.
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