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Meta Dexxer Talisman Relic Definitions

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Shane, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. G_North

    G_North Member

    Didn't realize it had to be equipped. I just had it sitting in my backpack. I'm good now. Thanks!
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  2. Ariakan99

    Ariakan99 Well-Known Member

    Totem must be equipped on your paperdoll and not in your pack - like Calsifer said - this is the only reason I can think of for not gaining xp.
  3. Lothar

    Lothar Well-Known Member

    You have to have the Totem equipped on your papredoll. Also, if you die, re-equipping it gives you a 15 min cooldown where you can't gain exp with it or get its benefits.
  4. Arch Enemy

    Arch Enemy Well-Known Member

    unless you go back to the meta dexer shrine where you started the quest and say "I wish to pay tribute". It costs 10k (you don't need the gold on you) but will instantly remove any remaining cooldown from dying or unequipping your talisman.
  5. Delvorin

    Delvorin Well-Known Member

    You don't gain benefits but you do gain exp, unless they changed it the last 3 days. Was gaining exp right after I ressed and equipped the tali.
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  6. Young Star

    Young Star Well-Known Member

    Yes you still gain experience on the talisman during cool down. Any relics attached will not of course since they only gain when proc'd and are not active in cool down.
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  7. Winstonian

    Winstonian Well-Known Member

    Talisman question (from a player new to talismans): I understand why the talisman bonuses shouldn't apply to a provoker, but will a change ever be made to allow a PvM disco dexer to use their benefits?

    Example of changes:

    "the talisman cannot be equipped by any character with greater than 50 Provocation..."

    "To gain experience the creatures cannot be under the influence of provocation and..."
  8. Lothar

    Lothar Well-Known Member

    You'll never see changes to where a bard can use a Talisman.
  9. Winstonian

    Winstonian Well-Known Member

    Fair enough. I guess I don't understand why a Discord Bard would be included... it's a skill that gets minimal use as it is. I understand provo, but not disco.
  10. Ariakan99

    Ariakan99 Well-Known Member

    Disco on a berserker with relics would be brutal - could cut down tons of high level mobs super easy.
  11. Winstonian

    Winstonian Well-Known Member

    Is Discography really that good, and is it already seen that often in the PvM world?
  12. girana

    girana Well-Known Member

    its pretty good and underrated
  13. Winstonian

    Winstonian Well-Known Member

    Underrated, as in not often used?

    Because my issue with this notion that a disco meta dexer would be this elite PvM force is that disco isn't being buffed in this build, yet we rarely see disco in PvM anyway. If disco was this elite, incredible PvM skill, groups would bring one along at all times. They don't... because it isn't.

    It would just be another PvM option. Instead of increased survivability or utility, they'd get a chance to weaken a monster.

    I get that it will probably never happen, but let's not make discord something it isn't.
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  14. Lothar

    Lothar Well-Known Member

    Discordance at GM = 20% reduction in ALL Stats (STR/DEX/INT) and Skills. This coupled with a Berserker would be OP. The point of the Talismans was to beef up pure Dexxer Warriors or Pure Mages to be someone viable versus a Bard or Tamer. Shane and Adam would never modify additional bonuses to the system they already created as that was not the goal.

    P.S. - Yes, Discordance is rarely used. That's because it doesn't fit in most templates.
  15. Winstonian

    Winstonian Well-Known Member

    That's exactly my point. You just posted how great Discord is, then admitted that it's rarely used. There's a reason for that, and changing it wouldn't create this unbelievable imbalance: would players honestly drop their tamers, meta mages and provokers to make a... Discord melee char? No. They'd still be a lightly used template.

    I've heard that magery is a must have for meta dexer builds. Well, wouldn't be able to have it with discord. Not to mention that the fail rate for discord against mobs of significance is high.

    If discord was a game-changer, PvM groups would want one with them. It's still rarely seen. There's a reason for that.
  16. girana

    girana Well-Known Member

    just saying discord is crazy good in rdas
  17. Winstonian

    Winstonian Well-Known Member

    I'm now making a disco/bandaid dispenser. All he'll do is heal others and use disco on mobs.

    Resisting Spells

    Full plate and shield.

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