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Meta Dexxer Talisman Relic Definitions

Discussion in 'News Archive' started by Shane, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. kanzo

    kanzo Well-Known Member

    I found this about meta pet relic:
    "You man apply 1 relic at levels for a total off 4 relics. They cannot be removed without destroying them once applied. " This is true for meta dexx too? I recently apply an infected relic to my berserker totem but don't like it very much and thinking to trade with a double strike. Could I remove it from my totem and find in in my bag or it will be drestoy ?
  2. Ariakan99

    Ariakan99 Well-Known Member

    If you remove it - relic is gone.
  3. kanzo

    kanzo Well-Known Member

    Ok. Thanks a lot for info. Still not understand how someone in staff has a thought to implement possibility to remove a relic if it would be destroy. Who want to lose a relic that has a value of 2 or 3 mil at least?
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  4. VFingerDiscount

    VFingerDiscount Well-Known Member

    Because on a pet there is 5 possible relics to apply therefore you need the ability to swap out if you happened to not like one of them.

    I guess for future use as well if they developed additional relics.
  5. kanzo

    kanzo Well-Known Member

    It's a good replay, thanks.
    For the future I hope they develops possibility to remove relic without lose it IMHO this could gives benefits to relic owners and to relic trade market both, but I'm the last of PvMer so it's possible I'm totally wrong
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  6. TheFallen

    TheFallen Well-Known Member

    Phase shift says it takes hiding and stealth into account. Any chance we could get some more details on this?
  7. Cheapsuit

    Cheapsuit Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for bring up this thread but it's bugging the crap out of me...... What is CTFL?
  8. TheFallen

    TheFallen Well-Known Member

    Capture the flag league.
  9. Lailoken

    Lailoken Well-Known Member

    Sounds to me if you could remove them and reuse them then they would no longer be a 2mil to 3mil item but more like a 200k to 300k item as they would soon be all over the place like power scrolls.

    I have yet to get one so until then I'm really just playing devils advocate.
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  10. Alucard

    Alucard Well-Known Member

    Please help! how I can throw in the trash - a virtue stone from the backpack?
    annoying!!! It takes place in a bag, I realized that for Archer, the Talisman does not give any profit - Archer Provo is much better
    it would be nice return it to the statue...with a small cash back :D (I believe that this is indeed a good thing, but it turned out to be wrong)
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  11. Decreamos

    Decreamos Well-Known Member

    Sorry guys....may have been asked already but...how do I obtain these totems and relics? I'm just returning to the game. Thanks!
  12. ProdigyOsi

    ProdigyOsi Well-Known Member

    Here is a resource on the wiki: http://www.uoforum.com/wiki/index.php?title=Meta_Talismans

    TLDR version:
    1. Go to Valor shrine, walk to the near-by statue, and say something (doesn't matter what you say, the gump is triggered by speaking).
    2. Accept the quest to sacrifice 30 vanq weps (Always available here if you need!). You just double click the stone you got from the last quest and target a vanq wep to sacrifice it.
    3. Go back to the statue and speak again. Accept a quest to kill 100 evil creatures. Best creatures are drakes, daemons, and deep earth eles though many others work.
    4. When you have killed 100 go back to the statue and speak, accept the quest to kill the Arch Demon.
    5. Get at least 1 damage on the Arch Demon in Wrong Dungeon and be alive when he dies. You will get a blood (100% drop rate and blessed).
    6. Use the blood on the stone in your bag.
    7. Go back to the statue and speak, select one of three talisman.
    Note: can be repeated to get more than one!
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  13. Lothar

    Lothar Well-Known Member

    Question for those people who've already hit lvl 10 on their Meta Dexxer.

    Does anyone have the experience requirements for each level? I just hit lvl 3 so far, and noticing that the experience to hit the next level gets progressively larger.

    Level 2: 20,000 XP
    Level 3: 32,000 XP
    Level 4: 45,000 XP
    Level 5:
    Level 6:
    Level 7:
    Level 8:
    Level 9:
    Level 10:

    Would be great if someone could help fill in the rest and then have it added to the Wiki Page.

    Also, as I don't yet have any Relics because I'm broke, follow up question:
    Do Relics level up at the same speed as the Talisman itself?
  14. Ariakan99

    Ariakan99 Well-Known Member

    Fairly sure lvl 4 is 48000 - and if I remember right - each level is the previous level plus an additional 16k. Lvl 5 is 62000 on my defense character.

    Relics level differently to the talisman and you will see the required activations as it levels. Starts at around 800 and ends at 3200 for max level on any relic if I remember right.
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  15. ProdigyOsi

    ProdigyOsi Well-Known Member

    Relics level independently from the talisman. They gain XP each time the proc.
  16. Lothar

    Lothar Well-Known Member

    So presumably relics are faster to level it sounds like?

    I'm worried of not getting my relics now before I level further as causing way more work than leveling together.

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  17. Young Star

    Young Star Well-Known Member

    Having the relics just makes it easier to kill monsters. Having your talisman leveled ahead of your relics isn't going to make it slower to level your relics when you get them. Relics will level every time they activate so as long as you are engaged with a monster every time the cooldown ends it will level consistently.

    My infectious wounds for example using it in shame I just run around swinging at everything and looting the lesser poison potions as I kill scorpions to always have poison with me.
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  18. G_North

    G_North Member

    I've looked through this thread but found no answer. Can someone explain to me as though I'm a five year old how to gain experience with the Totem of the Beserker?

    I've removed all armor and killed several monsters with my katana and pet demon but gained 0 experience. Is there something particular I have to be doing or certain types of monsters that give experience gains? Thanks.
  19. ProdigyOsi

    ProdigyOsi Well-Known Member

    You have the totem equipped and you have the berzerker one, not the phylactery of resilience, right?
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