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Misfits and Fortune

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Wyntr, Mar 26, 2018.

  1. Wyntr

    Wyntr Master

    Dec 8, 2015
    Chapter 1 - Lost But Found

    It had been a long winter.

    As I approached the window the wind blasted against the shutters releasing a flurry of snow. It made me shutter even though the fire was roaring behind me. I looked down into the courtyard, all I could see was the leafless trees, ice hanging from their branches. It was a sorrowful sight, lending not one drop of hopefulness that it would end. That spring would be coming and signs of life would once again return.

    I looked back towards the fire. A large portrait hung on the hearth. The fire flickering, casting shadows about. Mr. Fugger looked well in the frame. Eyes beaming, hair in immaculate order. I often wondered what had happened. Where did he go? Who was he working for now? Would he ever return?

    It had been almost three months to the day since I had heard from Jakob. His last words, sent by raven, were to inform me that conditions were not well and that he was in need of my presence. I took the message, as anyone would, I sent word to the others that he would be returning soon. Everyone was in excitement. The thought of our beloved friend and leader returning brought much happiness to our small quiet group.

    flashes backward

    We had just about everything in order when a knock rapped at the door. It was a messenger from the city of Minoc. He had bad news. You could tell by the look in his eye he was afraid to inform us. Jakob had not been seen or heard from in two weeks. I took it as bad news, the worst news...maybe the large castle had finally swallowed him whole. Took what was left of him and broke him into tatters. I had no way of really knowing....

    flashes forward

    That night still haunts me, the last three months had felt like hell. The dreams stopped after several days but the thought of why? how? no...where could my friend be?

    I had instructed a local miner to keep watch over the castle. To notify me at once if there was any signs of life. It was nestled high in the mountains, close to one of the largest mining camps in all of the lands. Surely if anyone would be able to endure the brutal Minoc winters it was one of their mountain men.

    I knew spring was going to break soon. The coastal regions had thawed and ships had begun to come and go again. I had already sent word to form an expedition. I hired one of the local trading companies to help with navigation through the mountains. As well as some unruly folk to protect us along the way. The journey to Minoc as spring breaks can be a treacherous one. One with many pitfalls. Swamps with alligators as big as a swamp dragon and deserts populated with scorpions. Their poison so strong it would rot out your heart! All of that before even coming to the mountains. Mountains which are said to be inhabited by pixie spirits that cause avalanches without a word of warning.

    Yes it is quite an undertaking to make it to Castle Avalon this time of year but after all he was the single most important man in all of City. Jakob Fugger had led this band of misfits and muggers to become a great force. Reckoned only by the Alliance of the South. Skye and her henchmen had it out for Jakob. They were noblemen from the City of Trinsic. Pretentious folk that wore furs and fluttered around on prestigious mounts. I had often wondered if they had anything to do with his disappearance. Only time would tell and that time was now.

    I had only one week left to prepare for our journey. Almost all of our provisions were in order. The trading company had given notice that their transports from Britain to Vesper were on time. Our mountain supplies would arrive just before we were to set foot into the forests of Covetous. We could have taken the ships but there was a man we needed to see. An old man. Supposedly he had information about Jakob's whereabouts. I had received a well timed tip by courier from the mountain man I hired in Minoc. He had heard of a portal in the woods that led to the fearsome Buccaneers Den. Allegedly where this old man lived. Buccaneers Den is a murderous hive of wenches and thieves. Full of vile vultures that would peck the eyes out of a still living sailor.

    As much as I did not want to go to such a place, I wanted, no NEEDED to find out what happened to Jakob Fugger.

    To be continued?
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  2. Wyntr

    Wyntr Master

    Dec 8, 2015
    Chapter 2 - Beware The Gurgle

    I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping. The ground was hard and cold but I had slept well after two nights travel from Britain. Our party had reached the portal the night before. We decided it was best to camp a few fathoms away lest some murdering wretches come through it while we slept.

    The air was crisp with the hints of roasted venison in the air. The cook had started our breakfast. It was a comforting feeling, knowing our belly's would be full before we crossed the threshold of the magical portal. Stepping foot on the island of vice was not a pleasant feeling.

    I wandered over to a clearing, through the trees and across the road you could make out the silhouette of the brick portal. It stood two men tall, with a sign at the top, “to Buccaneers Den” it read. It looked as though some noble man had sent an illiterate peasant to inscribe it. Hell, it didn't even have the first word capitalized not much less the matter at hand, it did not mention the true dangers that lay below it in its magical grasp.

    Everyone packed up camp, our hunger satiated after the long road behind us. We had made it through the swamp and past the crossroads without much trouble. Once we returned from Buc's Den (as the thieves call it) we would meet our ships in Vesper and begin the trek to Minoc and farther into the hinterlands of the High Steppes. I had spent much time worrying about my friend Jakob Fugger but that feeling had been over taken by what was going to happen next.

    We all lined up in front of the portal archway. Our warriors in the front, followed by two archers and myself. A few remained behind to watch the horses and tend to our camp. We stepped in one by one. It was an indulgent feeling as the magic enveloped you. It was like swimming in a pool of water that held you in place, with no sound, nor feeling of any kind. As if the mind separated from the body, it seemed like an eternity but was over in a moments flash. I stepped out of the archway, now in the dreadful city of pirates and buccaneers. The smell of rum filled the air, wafting across our meager group. From a distance you could hear the sounds of laughter and singing. It wasn't 5 minutes past 8o'clock...Yup, we were in Buccaneers Den alright.

    Luckily for us, the Tavern was across town and could be avoided, for our destination lay at the Peg Leg Inn, supposedly the old man had a room there. We had hoped to speak with him in much haste and leave as soon as possible. We made our way to the Inn, walking past several riff raff that had attempted to make it to the Inn from the night before only to pass out where they lay, sleeping off their hang overs. As we walked into the establishment, the inn keeper looked straight at us and simply pointed down the hall. His thousand mile stare beat against our backs as we traversed the hall. It was dark and musty. The doors to the rooms were all open save for one. One of the hired archers looked back at me “This must be the one.” We gave a knock and the door creaked open some.

    “What do you want!” a voice called out more as a statement than a question. “We are looking for a man” I answered back. “A man you seek? There are no men here, just shadows and traitors!” he shrieked.

    “Sir, we have brought something with us in exchange for information on the whereabouts of Jacob Fugger.” A shadow flickered from the candle inside, you could tell his demeanor changed. He was no longer moving but was still as the summer sea.

    “What kind of something may you have for me?” he said with a coy shiver in his voice. “We have brought 30,000 shillings of gold and a case of the finest rum, but you must first tell me where is Jakob Fugger?”

    He peeked around the corner, one eye showing from behind the door frame. The door opened fully now as he grinned ear to ear. “Well, that is a little something, now isn't it.” he paused “I can tell you, where Jakob is, I suppose” he slithered out. We backed up a few inches as the stench from his body hit us. His hair was unkempt and his cloths filthy. He motioned for me to come closer to him. I gave one step toward him. The smell was overwhelming as he leaned into my ear and whispered “The ravens don't go where the fishermen gurgle!” Cackling with laughter he reached in to grab my neck. I lunged backward as his hands came together. He rubbed them against each other and began chanting.....”Yo Ho, Yo Ho, and a bottle of rum. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, give me my rum!” We tossed the loot at his feet. Landing with a thud and a clanking. He opened the gold coin and dropped it over himself at the same time as he poured rum into his toothless grin.

    We had had a enough. We sprinted out of there as fast as possible. Our goal was to make it off the island before the tavern-folk became aware of our presence. As we crossed the road, I looked behind us. The old man was standing in the door way of the Inn now. He looked me dead in the eye and shouted...

    “Beware the Gurgle!, Don't let the Admiral catch you alive!!”
  3. MaryRuthless

    MaryRuthless Apprentice

    Aug 25, 2017
    Mary Ruthless, Comanche Squaw, Mary Ruthlass, Dame Trickerty
    Chapter #2 (Addition)

    I stood there, in the early morning, dewed-over grass, mumbling to myself.... "Those dastardly knaves left me behind, yet again!"... I paced over to where they had left the horses hobbled and shook my fist in the direction of the magical portal they had passed through. "I will get them for this.. Mia, come help me gather some turmeric, to season the stew, for their return"... Mia lowered a questioning brow in my direction and replied, "But doesn't that cause the trots?" To which I smiled and answered, "Yes ma'am it most certainly does."

    As we went about our herb search, we heard the horses growing restive and as I looked up, I saw a huge black wolf approaching from the swamp.. I quietly handed Mia my sack of herbs and pulled my bow around, notched an arrow and let it fly... all we heard was one high-pitched yelp, as the huge beast went down. I was thinking to myself, that sure would make a nice wrap for next winter. Mia gasped from behind me and as I whipped around, everything went black.

    The pain was coming in waves... as I tried to lift my eyelids... then darkness once again....

    I felt something cool touch my forehead and Mia whispered,
    "Just lie still... he promised not to hurt us..."
    I felt the rocking of a boat beneath me and I could smell the sea....
    Then I heard gurgling laughter just before the darkness claimed me again.
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