New rare monster drops, removing stealable rares.


No. I was one of the people who spend millions buying them with the assumption that they will remain rare (bad foresight on my part).

But thank you for your sympathies.
Any confirmed cool pickups yet? :)
What mob / item dropped! Show me your dirty pics *groan*

Got this off a named fey that spawned with Lord Oaks


@Shane and @Adam well we see any of the new rares out at sea on the water or deepwater monster or on Osriadon or did you just put all of the rares on the land monster and the champs


It would be a great idea for a dedcated member to start an updated thread/list of which rare drops players have found and from which type of mob.
I know the arrows and stacks of logs come from forest critters, but I will pay more attention to specific mob/rare drops in the future.
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Mine is easy as I've only gotten a few.

Flox flowers from fire ele are a personal favorite.

Aside from that? Two reverse backpacks. One from an undead executioner, the other from a vampire.

Yea boy.


Make TRUE stealable rares, rares that can ONLY be stolen from mobs. it will get thieves out of banks and into dungeons, certain monsters have rares on them that cannot be looted a thief will have to steal from hundreds of monsters for a chance to get a rare steal. This was my idea for stealing powerscrolls a while back.

Cash is King

I'll contribute the rares I've gotten and the mob I got them from no problem. Two years of farming and no rare drops from anything. Your welcome.